Saturday, December 18, 2010

One of My Oddest Flings

A few years ago I started dating this man Dr. Y on his first year out of residency, very smart man and cute as a button with dark hair and dark eyes and good know the kind you just want to run your fingers through dark and soft longer on the top and front so he could style it.

Dr. Y, was 35 never married, no kids, and still lived with his mother...ok well his mom lived with him technically, but still you get the concept....There was obviously something wrong with this man !

Single and gorgeous, a 35 yr old never married doctor with no kids, asked me out in the hallway at work! Of course I said YES!

Oh I quickly found out why he was still single. He was very attentive and sweet, but the man had some issues. So I was thinking it could probably over look somethings....not everything!

First of all he had a foot fetish, ok I can deal with that since I love my feet getting massaged, touched, rubbed and such. So that one wasn't bad at all.

Second, he was OCD about his routine. He only took certain roads and he always took the same route. He always left work everyday and had to go to Best Buy to buy joke he would buy something everyday. Usually something electronic of something that goes with or on or in something electronic.

Third one was way worse he had an anxiety disorder, yes a doctor with anxiety about crowds and people! It was July 4th and I was all dressed up to go out somewhere when he called and me to see if I wanted to come keep him company and go out to dinner, I said sure. I went to his place and he says , "why don't we just stay in tonight", I say No I didn't shave my legs put on a mini skirt and fix my hair and makeup for sitting at home. Then he said well a friend of mine is having a cook out and fireworks show at his lake house, do you think you'd like to go? Sure, so we head that way.....

When we arrived there were already four people there and the two of us made it six and I could see his face changes with the thought of more people showing up. Then two more, then two more......Here goes the attack...started with a nose bleed, then a shortness of breath, and a full panic attack because too many people were there .......

I can deal with and over look many things but I'm no hermit...I need social events just to vent sometimes, even if its just to go window shopping. I like to get out and walk downtown and look at the old buildings, the architecture elements and angles of them are beautiful. He couldn't even do that for fear that too many people might get too close. Seriously!

I did tell him, your a doctor don't you know they make medicine for those kind of issues. He wasn't amused but I was right! Well that relationship didn't last very long at all...we are still friends though but we never go out he always insist on cooking me dinner, which isn't a bad thing since he is a good cook.

Since then he has bought his mom her own place and no lives alone with all his techno computer gadgets and things. Still single and still texts me but I let him know that I have found a man and I have fallen in love.

A Look Back At A Creepy Jerk!

A few years ago a cocky skinny tall descent looking man (3yr gyno resident) walked into our department and began talking to me about one of his patients. My younger co-worker H was so in "awe" over him, I just didn't see it, I guess! Once he was satisfied with the patient information, he asked about my status.....really?....we are at work and I'm not interested! So I politely brush him off and sent him on his way.

A few days later he returned when I wasn't working to inquire about me. My friend and younger co-worker H still in "awe" was all jealous over him, but she tells him I'll be back in a few days and he can find me then. Sure enough he came back. Ugh I know I told him in English that I wasn't interested so why is he here again? So he was standing in my office telling me why I should accept a date from him, all while H was drooling over his shoulder and trying to get his attention. He finally talked me into a drink after work just to talk and see how it goes...(I knew how it would go, I wasn't into him).....

He picked me up after work, took me to a little Mexican restaurant with a live band and we sat down at the bar. I asked him a few questions while drinking my drink and didn't like any of the answers, of course. I finished my drink and asked him to take me back to my car. I thanked him for the drink and went on my way.

So he came back around our department but not to see me, he was hovering over H and seeing what she wanted. She wanted a relationship....well that wasn't his style.....he dragged her along for awhile pretending to like her, all while being a jerk and a major ass to her...

then one day out of the blue about about six months since he talked to me I got an "unavailable" call it was from him.......He said hi this BA and I said ok what do you want....he said I was talking to my best friend and was telling him about you and told him that I took you out and then never called you and he said that I was being rude and that I should call and apologize to you because I wouldn't have liked to have been treated that way by you. . . . . .I said "what"? ...."look I am not interested and I never was and I haven't even thought about it since then, you don't for any reason owe me an explanation or an apology. We aren't compatible so we went our separate ways. ..............Then there was silence ........He then said so can I take you out to make up for being rude to you........NO.......I'm not interested! Ok then well don't tell H that I called you please.............Whatever dude.....grow up. BA was 38 at the time and H was 23, he had been married and divorced and had 3 kids he didn't see but one weekend a month if that and he talked down about his kids mom....I was so telling her what I thought about this creep, but it didn't matter she was inf actuated with him.......ewe! Why?

Why do guy's act like that ? Why are there women out there who can't see through that? Does it come with age, our intuition about a creepy jerk? I wish younger women would have the balls to tell off jerks like that!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My No Special Occasion Night

There was no special occasion last night, but it was such a wonderfully special night! D called and wanted to know if I could come over after work and of course I said YES!

On my way over there he texted me to say "when you get here there is a surprise on the door, take it off and go back to your car then call me form the car". So I drove over after work and taped to the door of his home was a card that was perfect and sweet and just fit us, I did as instructed and read it in the car. Then called and him and he met me at the door.

He opened the door and looked so damn yummy, I wanted to attack him right that second. He was wearing his new birthday shirt I had bought him and the entire place was lit by candle light. I swear there were 30 or more candles in his place, it was so damn romantic!

He said have a seat on the floor, he had set out a nice candle light setting on the coffee table and so I sat down as he served me spaghetti and meatballs with salad and garlic bread. Before he sat down he pressed play on the dvd player and guess what was playing....Lady and The Tramp! Yes see how romantic and cheesy he is! GOD I love him!

We ate by candle light and watched the ever so cutesy movie! Then as he cleaned up I went to shower. When I got out of the shower he had the bed room lit by candles and asked me to lay across the bed naked and proceeded to give me a full body massage from my head to my toes. He lotioned every inch of my body with his hands. All the way down to my toes and across to every one of my fingers.

I was so damn relaxed when he got finished with my full body massage I sat up and laid him back down as I kissed him from head to toe. Making sure to show special attention to his manhood. Wrapping my lips around his hardness, sliding my lips down his shaft, engulfing him and feeling his heat on my tongue. As he was moaning with pleasure while I was licking and sucking his every inch of manhood, he said please let me inside you, please, please.......

So we changed positions as he is looking into my eyes telling me how beautiful I am and how sexy I am. I couldn't describe to you how very sexy and hot and desirable he is to me. I thought as I felt him enter into my wetness that I would explode that very second, it took my breath away. I could feel his every inch as he was getting into a rhythm and getting faster with every stroke. I felt his sweat dripping slowly down his chest on to mine and we were sliding across each others body in a beautiful rhythmic motion till we both are breathing so deeply trying to catch our breaths till point of climax over whelmed us both into motionless heaps of hot sweaty bodies breathing so hard that you could see our chests rising and hear our heart pounding in our heads.

I am so in love with this man! We have awesome passion and love and lust and desire!

I Love Him!

I have the most amazing week ever! Thursday was D's birthday, so after dropping my youngest off at school I drove to his place. He lives 55 miles from me in another state, but so worth the drive!
I showed up with gift bag in hand. I bought him a button down Alabama embroidered dress shirt and five packs of gum (he quit dipping 10 days ago), and of course a nice sweet birthday day card. He opened his gift and was delighted that I had gotten him something. So still nervous about moving this relationship to the next level, I straddled him on the couch and began kissing him. Then suggested that we head upstairs and he show me his bedroom. That was the first day I had ever been to his place, every other time he had drove to see me. So yes we went upstairs and undressed each other, and revealed our passion for each other. It was amazing!

We then got up and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with the biggest, sweetest smiles on our faces ever! After breakfast we drove by the Harley dealership to window shop and just walk around holding hands. (are you rolling your eyes yet?) We then left there and walked around the mall hand in hand with the biggest smiles on our faces! I am so in love with this man!

Back at his place we took a short nap then more awesome sex, then a shower, before his daughter got off the bus from school. We then all went out to dinner, where he told me I had given him the best birthday ever and that he loves me and couldn't see his life without me! I wanted to melt right there! (I bet your rolling your eyes I am smitten, and so in love with this man. I never knew I could love someone this much!

So this is going to have to be two blog posts because you couldn't have imagined the night I had last night with D! To Be Continued...........

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Weight Issues

My struggles with weight began when I gave birth to my first son at age 16. I weighed 109 at my first visit to the doctor at age 16 when I first found out I was pregnant. Ever since then I just sort of took it as it came....
After my second divorce at 29 I joined the gym in town. I needed to find myself again and find the strong woman that I knew I was! At 30 I was in the best physical shape of my life, and now at 35 I find myself struggling again.
I was never one to weigh myself...I never thought that the number on the scale quite told the entire story of my health or my body type....I am very curvy and just because I weigh more than someone else doesn't mean, I am not as well fitted in my clothes...
So I joined the gym again a few weeks ago, and I love it! I love feeling my body tone up and see the results happen before my eyes. I have lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks. It's not the speediest process but it works and more importantly I feel better. I have always been comfortable in my skin....even at my heaviest weight of 162 I rocked a string bikini. Oh yes I did! I did it quite well also! My curves hid my You see I have a love of food...I love all food. As Queen Latifah put it "I'm not one of those salad eating chics"
So now I'm 154 and feeling much better! I still have a little ways to go but I will make it!
My goal is to be 145 by Christmas! Yes I can do this! I want to be at my best when i meet D's parents and family at Christmas. It's crazy that I want to be better for him, but I do! He thinks I'm crazy because he likes me just the way I am, which is so sweet, but this isn't about him, its about me! I can do this I AM A STRONG WOMAN!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Did You Know?

A few things you don't know about me.

  1. I am terrified of spiders, scary stuff (everything scary,movies,books,people,things), and thunderstorms (because I grew up in FL and lived through several tornadoes and a few hurricanes).

  2. I have never had a wedding (even though I've been married twice) or been to prom with anyone!

  3. I loathe stupid people! I just don't understand how they are make it through life without "common sense"!

  4. I love pedicures! I love for my feet to be pretty and my toes to be painted pink!

  5. I love my toes to be polished but I can't stand my fingernails to be painted (it makes my fingers feel heavy, I know it sounds silly but it does!)

  6. Growing up I always thought I'd go to college to become a Lawyer

  7. It took my 11 years to get my associates degree (off and on while being a mom to four kids and working two jobs) and only 18 months to get my bachelors.

  8. I grew up white trash but I have never let it define what I do or who I am (even though I was a teen-mom)

  9. I don't have "daddy issues" (even though my current boyfriend D has the same name as my father, weird huh!)

  10. My youngest sister is my very best friend and I couldn't live without her!

A few things I want to do in life....

  1. I want to spend a week or two in Bora-Bora in one of those over the water bungalows.

  2. I want to learn how to drive and buy my own motorcycle.

  3. I want to own a house on the beach that also has a pool.

  4. I want my eyeliner tattooed on (I don't have any tattoos but I want my eyeliner tattooed on )

  5. I want to run a marathon one day.

  6. I want to go to Mackinac Island and spend the week without technology.

  7. I want to go to the Grand Canyon

  8. I want to visit Niagara Falls

  9. I want to have season tickets to all the Alabama football games! (I love Bama football I am a true fan, win or lose I love them)

  10. I want to write a book about my life. (and maybe a few articles for playboy/

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ugh! Mother Nature Tryed To Kill Me !

This morning I woke up to find that mother nature has dropped in for her monthly visit. Not my favorite visitor however I am use to her so I know the drill. Only one problem, I'm at work .....and guessed it I have only one tampon. I know you guys out there wonder why we aren't always prepared for this since we do know it's coming, right? Well I don't have an answer for that other than I could buy a semi-truck load of tampons and they would be all used by the time mother nature decides to depart.

So anyway, I had to leave work this morning and head to the nearest store. I was thinking Walmart (the devil) but then my co-worker says go two blocks past the hospital on the same road and there is a Dollar store on the right. Sounded easy enough, right?

A little background information, I don't live in this town I live thirty miles down the freeway in a one-horse town. So imagine my surprise when I leave downtown and end up two blocks down in the middle of the ghetto!

Yes I'm serious. So sure enough I see the dollar store on my right and I pull in to a completely gated parking lot surrounded by a 10 foot high iron rod fence! Yes a gated dollar store. Then look up to see all the windows and doors have bars on them and there are cameras on every centimeter of this place. WHF

So this is not the time to be picky, especially since I have left work and I am in desperate need of some tampons! So I hop out of my car and immediately lock the doors and walk briskly to the door past the three thugs standing on the sidewalk with sunglasses on (it's raining and stormy and dark outside btw).

I open the door and this voice from overhead called out and it scared me SLIGHTLY lol to a jump. It was a recording with an alarm "WARNING......all actions are monitored and recorded" ! REALLY at a dollar store! A dollar store people, is it really necessary to scare the Jesus out of me at the dollar store? I only went to get tampons I wasn't prepared for a cavity search or to be shanked!

WOW this definitely makes me glad I live in a one-horse town.

I did make it back to work safely with my tampons!

That Little Bastard Cupid

D is amazing, almost surreal. He is 35 and will be 36 on Thursday. He is in good shape and loves life. He use to be a soccer player, a ballroom dance instructor, and he still surfs! He is educated, smart, funny, and very sexy! He is a single dad of a ten year old daughter that he has had full custody of since his divorce 9 years ago. He has a great job and a truck. I swear I couldn't have dreamed him up any better..cheesy huh!

I know already....I am being the cheesiest person ever about this man and the great thing is he is doing the same thing at the same time!

I always said "no one feels the same way you feel about them at the same time" ,well if I was right, please do NOT wake me or pinch me!

Usually at this point in a new relationship if the man brought up the relationship talk I would be running, not walking, but in a full blown run in the opposite direction. So why am I not running from this man? We have had a few conversations about us being exclusive and it doesn't frighten me at all.....I'm serious I am a commitment phobia person!

There is something that is so right about this man! I have not seen not one flag! Usually by now I've found 20 or so things I'm not sure about, that I have to ponder over, or just plain can't get over either way I am usually one foot,or both feet out the door by now!

So this week, face to face we are having the relationship/commitment conversation and I'm smiling about it! What the hell is wrong with me!

I was perfectly happy being single, I love the single life! So why can I not see myself without this man now! I think that little bastard cupid snuck up behind us while we were too busy staring at each other and shot us with those damn tiny arrows of his!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Can't Stop Smiling!

I literally can't stop smiling! I am generally a smiley person, but this week has been wonderful! I have been talking to D.

We went on a nice dinner date on Tuesday night where we literally couldn't stop talking, touching, or smiling. In fact we sat there in the restaurant till the staff had put up all the chairs and the manager came out to politely tell us that we didn't have to go home but we couldn't stay

What the hell has come over me! Let me start by saying first this week started off like this....for the first time in over 5 years I turned T down for sex! OMG I didn't even think about it I just did it, I told him no.

Then after the dinner and conversation on Tuesday he asked if I'd like to have dinner with his parents next week for his birthday (which I have already gotten him a gift for..shhhh)! I didn't even hesitate to say yes I would love to.

What the hell has gotten into me...I think I have been possessed by some giddy smiley teenager!

Then he says "want to take the kids to dinner and a movie this week?". Again I said yes!

So tonight we met at dinner with my 12 year old son and his 10 year daughter. We had a nice dinner and everyone got along great. Then we went to the theater to see the new Disney movie Tangled, which was great! After the movies we stopped by the game room for the kids to play arcade games and where we played a game of air hockey and he beat me badly, only because I couldn't stop laughing! (OK he beat me fairly lol) .

After the dinner and a movie and games, his daughter and I decided that we should all go for ice cream. Secretly it was my plan to offer it so that I could spend more time with him :) OMG what is wrong with me! So we all go get ice cream (which totally screwed up my week I spent at the gym this week and sit for another 45 minutes laughing and talking.

Unfortunately both the kids have to go to school in the morning, so being the responsible parents we are, we called it a night!

Wow, I can't recall ever feeling this way this fast about anyone, especially anyone that returned the feelings. I only remember having this feeling for T after our first date over 5 years ago and he quickly shot it down! I am totally in unmarked territory! I am freaking out! I haven't even had sex with him yet! I don't want to screw this up! I screw everything up!

Why now?
Why him?
I wasn't looking!
I was happy being single!
Someone stop me from smiling my cheeks hurt!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Case of The Disappearing Socks!

My fellow blogger mom Sandra over at Absolutely Narcissism , is so funny and completely blunt in her blog. I have to pimp her out today for the blog she posted about the word "vagina".

I have to say I do the same stuff with my boys. I scare them into not wanted to have sex without a condom and making sure not to get anyone pregnant...lets face it I have no other options..I can't put my boys on birth control!

This brings me to the time I took my oldest to his 11 year check up. He had just turned 11, and I was thinking this would be like any other day at the pediatricians office...I was so very WRONG!

His Doctor turned to me and said have you had the talk with him about masturbation. What The Fuck? He is 11! Then she proceeded to tell me with my terrified looked on my face that boys start masturbating about the age of 11. OMG isn't this his dad's job to talk to his son about masturbation? No she said boys and their dad's are to embarrassed to talk to each other about masturbation.

Oh shit, I know nothing about boys masturbating except for the fact the I had to buy my second ex husband 3 pocket pussies cause he kept wearing holes in them. This would be different she said cause I shouldn't under any circumstance buy him a pocket pussy! lol Why not? They are easily discreet and washable and make life a lot easier for me!

I ignored the pediatrician, I figured it would come along soon enough and I would deal with it then. Oh but I was so wrong! I should have dealt with it when she told me to.

I started finding crusty socks stuffed behind his bed and under his bed and in his closet. OMG GROSS! Then the unthinkable happened! Yes I walked in on him masturbating! He had not locked or even bothered to shut the his bed room door so I didn't think nothing of walking right in to deliver his clean clothes from the dryer for him to put away! OMG! I never again went into his room .
I did however sit my then 12 year old and my then 6 year old sons down ...Yes the youngest was six when this conversation took place....brace yourselves!

This is how it went!
Look I know boys have needs and they sometimes want to explore their bodies and that their penis does funny things when they touch it, however I am telling both of you that doing that in your bedroom isn't allowed! They make showers for that so that all the evidence goes down the drain , and if I find one more crusty sock in this house I will serve it to you for dinner!

The oldest was laughing at me but stopped laughing when I told him I would make him eat the nasty crusty sock, the youngest was locked on every word but never said anything.

So this brings me to my now 12 year son taking a damn hour and fifteen minute shower the other night and then getting up before the alarm went off the very next morning and getting back into the shower for another 1 hour long shower! OMG

Why did GOD bless me of all people with boys! So the point of this blog is that kids pay attention to everything that is said no matter their age and thank GOD cause I swear if I start finding crusty socks again I will puke!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Head Hurts From Thinking!

D has been texting me all day while he and I have been at work! We have so much to talk about. He told me he was in "like" with me(it's like a school yard crush ;)). He also said that he has been bragging to his buddies that he has a "hot" new lady who likes him!

He was so cute the other night when he came over. He said I have a surprise....really? ....he then pulled out his camera and said I have something you need to when he turned it on the pictures from the night we met were on it and a video of us at the bar we met in.

Yes 3 years ago, on a chance meeting because I got stood up, when I ended up at the sports bar in my evening gown, were our pictures together of two strangers striking up a romance from the start.

I was amazed ...what is even funnier he had a friend with him at the bar taking the pictures and video of us that night and I don't even recall him having a friend with him that night, I only remember him!

WOW...I'm pretty excited and anxious, he invited my son and I to a movie Thursday night after school and to dinner. I think it will be fun so we made plans to have a kids night out with the two preteens- his ten year old daughter and my twelve year old son.

I think he likes me! I'm super excited..

So now when do I move it to the next level?

How do I give up T and when?

I'm am really nervous...OMG I need to calm down and go with the flow or I will scare him off!

Shit I want to jump up and down with excitement already!

I have officially gone crazy! I think I'm way over thinking this already, but he is keeping a smile on my face!

Oh and he just texted me and said by the way on my way home tonight I stopped by the theater and got all of our tickets for the movie on Thursday! I'm impressed, he must be really thinking he is going to stick around and make me fall for him! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is He A Misogynist?

I'm not going to lie, I had to google misogynist, I had no clue what it meant...OMG This definition sums it up about it...

WARNING:....A man who hates every bone in a woman's body, except his!

I seriously found this definition on google at

So I sent this definition to my friend and fellow blogger OilField Trash

He had stated in his blog that he had been accused of being a misogynist several times. Now I can't say that I have ever called anyone this word since I personally didn't have a clue what the hell it meant. However I'm pretty sure my ex-husband fits this definition perfectly! I think I should post a picture of him beside the definition on the urban dictionary website! So the opposite is called misandry, from the Greek, literally, meaning hatred of men. ...

Now O-T said "I'm not really one" and my response to him was "not really..makes you sound guilty?!" I went on to say I think that he may just be saying things that they don't want to know the truth hurts kind of stuff!

I think some PEOPLE need to grow up and listen sometimes. Not everything is a personal attack, and not every criticising opinion is bad, maybe its just a suggestive critique. Now I know men are sometimes PIGS...but seriously if every man you meet is a "misogynist", maybe your negative karma needs a shift in the moon alignments or something.

I have had my fair share of Misogynists, but as I get older and my brain is maturing I realize maybe I judged someone wrong. Maybe I jumped the gun and had an opinion formed just because I didn't want to form any other opinion.

There are those women who are man haters...not me of course I love men, and those men who are women haters! Those who would rather chew you up and spit you out than look at you. Yes you know the type!

However if jumping the gun and judging someone is a prejudice reaction, to something that they said or done, do they deserve a second chance?

I have a hunch that very few men or women are actually misogynists/misandrists . I mean I'm pretty damn sure Uran Vandersloot is definitely one and John Gardner is also and all of the other men/women who rape and beat and kill men/women are all misogynists/misandrist. I will by no means defend them or their actions.

A normal man/woman in your everyday life that isn't raping you , beating , or killing you probably isn't a misogynist/misandrist.


Not everything said is going to be your way ..this isn't Burger King! Also The truth isn't always your favorite flavor, but swallow it and get over it! Your not going to like everyone or even what everyone says or does, so why the HELL do you let these people dictate your feelings and your day?!

We should all Love our fellow bloggers! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Man That (almost) Kissed Me On New Years!

So Thank you to all who understood and commented on my boredom post the other night. My evening didn't turn out as boring as I thought it would. You see back in May when I moved out and broke my engagement off I also downsized material things in my life.

The first to go was my Blackberry (crack-berry). Yes I went backwards from technology and got a regular no internet flip phone with NO perks! I thought I would die without my blackberry, I swear it use to be glued to my hand. In reality I survived without it!

When I down graded I had to upload my contacts back onto my new non-techno phone. Now if you have ever had a blackberry it's a different system that keeps your contacts than the regular one and since I had gotten engaged I had deleted most my old contacts off my blackberry.

However when you down grade and need your contacts put on your non-smart phone (it's cheaper and works better so I think it's a smarter phone), you have to go back to your old contacts list which included people that I truly hadn't talked to in years and some I didn't even remember.

So if you read my previous post In A Sports Bar In An Evening Gown you would have noticed maybe that I mentioned my evening which included two kisses from random strangers, however I was completely wrong I was only kissed by one stranger. Yes I still had one of their numbers and when I posted that post I texted D. The good looking man at the bar beside me that had wanted to kiss me but another man beat him to it out of the blue and shocked me.

D who is a single father of a 10 yr old girl, who has a good job and two bachelors degrees, texted me back , within seconds. I was shocked he still had my number. D tells me he recently got dumped by his fiance because she left him for a Miami Heat Player! I couldn't help but laugh. That has to be a pretty cool story to tell as a man! LMAO...OK maybe I'm just being mean!

So the other night while bored the night before Thanksgiving I invited him over. He said sure even though it was late when he got off work and he would have to leave and go straight to his mom's for their family dinner the next morning.

So D arrived at my apartment at at 10:15 pm and sat on the other end of the couch from me. We talked and talked and talked.....3 hours! yes 3 hours later after 1 am we were still talking. WOW he is truly a gentleman and could even carry on a conversation. On top of that he loves college football!

OMG! I may be jumping the gun here but I think he likes me! He called after-wards and said how much he enjoyed our conversation and then texted all the next day while at his mom's.

Seriously I'm super excited about this guy! I'm not sure why but he made me a little nervous but completely comfortable! Woohoo I will keep you all posted.

Wow I spent an entire evening with a good-looking, intelligent, funny man without getting bored to pieces!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nothing Important or Even Interesting

While I'm sitting here waiting on Criminal Minds to start on the east-coast. I'm wondering how I ended up alone again on Thanksgiving? My youngest son is at his dad's, my oldest is at his girlfriends/flavor of the weeks, and I'm here all alone....
I don't mind it, it's just quite...unusually quite!
My neighbors moved out a few weeks ago, so it is quieter than normal around here...

I did make two beautiful cakes to take to my brothers tomorrow. A strawberry cake with fresh strawberries and whipped topping on top and an Mandarin Orange cake with crushed pineapples and whipped topping on top...

Making desserts are way more tiring than making dinner...there is so much effort and attention that you have to give them! It's like entertaining men...lmao Yes I'm serious if you give them attention they are receptive and act right. If you ignore them they misbehave and fall.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and eat lots of good food! I'll be back to my less boring self tomorrow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Missing My True Love

Here's a picture of me in my favorite place in the whole world!

Yes I know it's not healthy but I don't drink and I don't smoke and I have never used drugs so get over it! My first love is the beach! Above all else of material things I feel at home at the beach. It's my place of solitude and solace. It's my place of complete relaxation. I can be there with anyone or all alone and feel completely at ease with life.

I spend all my vacations at the beach. I try to go at least 4 times a year. The 6 hour drive or 10 hour drive depending where I'm heading is always worth it!

You might be wondering why I am blogging about the beach in the middle of the holiday winter. Well the truth is , I miss it! I miss the sand between my toes. I miss feeling the ocean breeze swirling around my body, while listening to the seagulls squawk and watching the pelicans swooping down into the waves. Feeling the waves roll in across my feet and hearing them roll upon the the shore. I absolutely love feeling the sun kissing my body it is the most relaxing feeling I could ever feel!

I miss summer, I miss the beach! I hate to be cold! Yes I know I'm spoiling all those winter lovers pictures and posts but I can't help it...yes snow is pretty but way too cold for me! I much rather prefer the sandy beaches, and the HOT summer sun!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Taste Of A Man

I want to tell you about my love for the taste of a man. How I love to savor his scent and texture. How I love to lick, suck, engulf, and wrap my lips and tongue about his manhood.

Yes I love to give oral sex to a man. I love to feel him harden with my touch and start throbbing with the warmth of my breath, and become slick with the juices of my mouth!

I love to feel him shift his pelvic while I'm licking him. To feel him lifting himself off the bed to penetrate further into my wet, dripping mouth, that is engulfing his manhood.

I love the sound of his pleasure seeping out of between his lips while moaning how good it feels.

I love to feel my lips wrapped around the tip and licking the head with my moist tongue and slowly engulfing him sliding my lips down his shaft to taste every inch of him. Feeling him throbbing inside my mouth and the heat from his excitement while he is seeping with wetness from fucking my mouth slowly at first then faster and while I'm caressing his jewels and massaging the base for his pleasure.

I love to feel how he stiffens up and is throbbing with excitement telling me that he is about to cum. Until I feel the warmth of his explosion on my tongue while he is having muscles spams and trying to catch his breathe.

Yes, Just the thought of it sends me to a cold shower and I loved it! Don't be alarmed,lol, it happens to me quite often!

I could feel my pussy throbbing and my wetness seeping out through my panties while writing this!

I had to excuse myself and take a shower while the water poured over my body I was touching myself with one finger then two feeling my clit fill and get hard with pleasure . I continued getting faster and the shaking in my legs made me weak as my pussy tightened and spasmed and I cum, while the water washed over me and I stepped back and leaned against the shower wall to balance myself from falling!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Most Pleasurable Birthday Memory!

I was asked by a friend of mine the other day if I had ever had sex with two men at the same time. My answer was NO, have you? His answer was NO, I was hoping you had so you could tell me about it. What? Just because I'm a sexual person doesn't mean I would have sex with two men at one time. Besides why do my friends try to live through me....

Then I decided to tell him about my birthday a couple years ago. I never had the desire to sleep with two men at the same time. I would think it would be odd for the men? I'm trying to picture what they would be doing and I just can't get it to fit in my brain.

Anyway I had to work on my birthday which is never unusual, since it's not officially been declared a national holiday, yet. While I was sitting in at my desk at my second job, my friend and co-worker asked what I would be doing that evening for my birthday and my response was having sex. Her response was, with B or T.

You see my friend knew my obsession with T and that I was still seeing B as well. So when she said B or T I got this Cheshire cat grin on my face and said BOTH! Her young mind couldn't process that kind of information. With a confused look, she said "what? both?". Yes, I replied both. Then it hit me she thought I meant at the same time. Oh my NO!

You see they knew about each other but they did not like each other, to say it nicely. lol...Yes I did mean they actually knew about each other, they also knew that I was having sex with each of them also, BUT they probably, and hopefully will NEVER know I had sex with them in the same hour of each other.....

Ok cut me some was MY birthday! I left work after 8.5 hours in a cubicle with no window and called B. I told him I wanted sex as my birthday gift! Of course he was just fine with that, so before getting home he met me on a dead in road in our town.

The road was deserted and turned from pavement to red clay at the end of it. He met me there and we laid down the tailgate of his truck and out in the sexy outdoors under the July summer sunny sky I was bent over his tailgate while we had some great hair pulling ass smacking from behind fucking! It was great!

I left there and it took me five minutes to get home and straight to the shower I went to get washed up and get some clean clothes on. When I got out of the shower I had received a text from T. He wanted to know my plans for the evening and I said well I was hoping to get with him to get some sex for my birthday!

Woohoo....5 minutes later I was over at his place naked and straddling him on the couch, till he flipped me over and I got some more great hair pulling ass smacking from behind fucking! I love it from behind! There is nothing that feeling so damn great!.......ok well maybe being licked into submission but that was already established in another post.

I so enjoyed my birthday that year, and I would love to do it again this year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Turkey Story

First I'd like to thank Semi True Torystellar at Can U Relate? for this prestigious award. I am very honored. I will post it with my other awards that I have been blessed to receive from everyone on my Awards! Thank you! Thank you. post!

Last year was the first year that I hosted Thanksgiving at my house. Yes I was a Thanksgiving hostess virgin! So against better judgment I invited my entire family to our (mine and R's) home for a day of family, fun, and food!

Now his home is full of collectibles, glass, pictures, vases, lamps, a sort of magazine perfect living area. Not really(meaning not at all) kid friendly, this didn't help the fact that my family hated (and still does) R so you can see why I say against my better judgment.

My brother and his new girlfriend show up with her 2 year old son. My middle sister shows up with her family which includes two kids and my youngest sister showed up with her family which included three more kids, and R's brother showed up with two of his kids. It was a packed house and all was going fine, except the 2 year old!

Yes my brothers new girlfriend brought her two year old but wasn't watching him, chasing him, controlling him, or even taking care of him. R kept coming to me while I'm trying to cook telling me "she needs to get her kid", "she's not watching her kid", "could you get your new sis-in-law to handle her kid". OMG i wanted to scream. Seriously my stress level was through the roof!

Then the 2 year old broke a glass globe! Yes on top of the stress now there was anger!

Anyway back to the turkey! I have never in my life cooked a turkey, and I'm not a fan of eating turkey, because it's always so dry, but I started looking up recipes. I came across a recipe on how to cook a turkey in a crock-pot. Perfect, put the turkey in my big ass crock pot, season, and let it cook it's self. That I could do!

I must say I was impressed and so was the family. The turkey turned out beautiful, and moist. The only problem I had was getting that damn bird out of the crock-pot in one piece and onto a serving platter. Every time I attempted to pick it up, it was falling apart. So I had this brilliant idea! I would drain the crock-pot turkey juice into a baking pan and then put my platter upside down on top of the crock-pot and then flip it onto the platter! Great! the turkey was then on the platter in one piece....all except it was upside down! ugh! OK new plan, this time get another platter (good thing R is a hoarder and had like 8 of them), and flip the new platter upside down on the bird and flip it over.....worked perfectly!

I had the most beautiful turkey ever! It was browned perfectly, moist, and fully cooked to perfection! I was so very proud of myself!

The day was long, the food was great, and the family was happy. All except for R, he was still furious that kid wasn't being watched and had broken one of his 10 billion prize possessions! I swear to everyone I never heard the end of that rant. He even asked me the other day if my new sis-in-law had gotten any more parenting skills since the new baby had come into our family!

I'm thankful to say that this year we are having Thanksgiving at my brother's house! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odds & Ends II

I still haven't talked to my psycho sister, except to say, while laughing, congratulation, because her and my bro-in-law S are getting married again! I thought I was going to fall in the floor laughing when she posted that he had asked her for the fourth time to marry him. This will be their third marriage to each other!I'm serious after filing and paying for 3 divorces and completing only 2 of them! LMAO who does that? What a dumb ass he is!
J has been hanging around after apologizing for being crazy and we sort of fell back into the swing of things. Even though I know it won't go anywhere he is great in bed!
R (my ex fiance) has been lingering around and trying to get me to spend time with him, which I did on Thursday, I couldn't help myself. I had been "out of order" for almost three weeks and I needed some sex, and he knows how to please me!
E (the much younger co-worker) was trying his best to get me to go out with him, and his friends last night. A night of drinks at a local restaurant seated at the bar, then to the local pool hall for some fun with his 20 something year old friends all drinking and smoking, just sounded like too much fun (sarcasm) for me. I turned him down rather quickly. Lets face it, I'm not into boy-toys, drinking isn't my thing, and I like my air straight up not tainted with carcinogens!
My 12 year old son got in trouble at school Friday, which I will have to address on Monday, since I work all weekend every weekend.
I have noticed several blogs this weekend out the lack of luster on the weekend and/or the slow down of their blog comments. I don't know about anyone else but while I'm at work which is every weekend from dawn to dusk (yes I work Fri sat and Sunday double shifts), I can read blog posts but not if they are marked adult content (like mine lol) and I can't post comments on them unless they have those pop up comment boxes....I have no idea why but for some reason the comment portion of blogging is blocked on my work computers.....So rest assured I am reading your weekend post and will catch up on comments on Monday.
On a happier note I have taken some time off for next month to go spend some time with my best friend and youngest sister, and I can't wait! We always have fun and get to catch up in person on each others lives. You know girl talk, a night of dinner and drinks without the kids, and a few days of after Christmas shopping....I so can't wait. I only get to see her about 3-4 times a year since we live quite far apart. :(

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I Love Blogs!

I love reading other people's blogs. It gives me a glimpse into their thoughts and life. I get to be apart of their thought process without being a part of their life.

I like the benign objectivity from others not just to justify my train of thoughts but also to bounce ideas and pathways of situations off of!

Its about the randomness, of almost having the super power of invisibility and peeking into someones soul!

Yes it is much easier to be fully uncovered in blogs as well, not because we are ashamed of who we are, it's because we desire a place to vent the person we are without biases.

It's a virtual diary, a play by play projection of our life and soul, it's an open honest completely unbiased untainted unwrapped conversation that you would have with your best friend .

It's a reflection of ourselves, that show our beauties, our flaws, and occasionally our claws.

It's who I am, regardless of who you are.

It's a version of me that isn't tainted by my surroundings, rather it's a product of my experiences.

It's a vulnerability that nemesis our lives at times and it's also a gateway that deepens the journey, either by tip toeing or walking boldly into the authentic you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creep Factor

So I have this saying that some people just ooze creepiness and definitively have the creep factor!

I had to go pick up my son early from school today, take him to the Doctor's office then stop by Walmart to get his prescriptions filled.

While waiting for his medicines to be filled which was 45 minutes we walked around the store a bit. He led me to the bikes department where we passed by this man who was talking loudly on his phone, at that point he turns his phone up towards the ceiling (like that stopped the person on the other end from hearing) and says straight at me "damn your a beautiful woman, and you must know that", then brings the phone back down to his mouth where he says "yes baby I was talking to you who else would I be saying that to" as he was winking at me and my son said mom lets get out of here. Which we did!

Seriously what a creep.
First of all I was walking around Walmart with my 12 year old son. I'm not by far a drop dead gorgeous woman, I'm really your average girl
next door kind of pretty, so I guess that means anyone thinks they have a chance...lmao
Who does that! While they are on the phone with their significant other or otherwise, What a creep!

So this leads me to the man that works as one of the janitorial staff at the hospital he is all kinds of Bates Motel creepy! Every time I pass by him I get creepy skin crawls!

So one day I was sitting in my office calling patients to remind them of their appointments the following morning and he walked in the door behind me while I was on the phone.

I announced who I was and who I was trying to reach and at the other end of the phone conversation the woman politely says " I believe you have the wrong number dear this is the county jail." I said Thank you and hung up. While I mumbled to myself huh well I guess we have the wrong number for this patient since I just called the county jail, at which point the bates motel creepy man says oh I know the number and rattles off the number of the jail perfectly! OMG!

I freaked out, I said nothing as I got up and took my list out of my office. I purposely avoid that man every time I see him , eww he even looks like Norman Bates!

Men Being Led Around

Let me start by saying not all men are dumb but even some of the smart ones make dumb choices, when being led around by their penis!

I was at a local comedy club with my sister and brother-in-law two years ago. We walked in got seated and was having appetizers when two couples were seated in front of us. Now this is a very very small comedy club but very popular the seats are practically on top of each other and there is no room to breathe. The small round tables were inches apart and so the couples in front of us were in our bubble so to speak, but so was the entire club.

The man directly in-front of me kept eyeballing me, he would wait till his date looked away or was talking to her friend and then flash a smile and a wink my way. When I didn't respond he slowly and ever so sneaky shifted his chair back further into our bubble reaching around with his arm on the other side of his body away from his date and preceded to rub my leg! WTH

My bro-in-law was furious as I slid back to try to get away from the creeps hand on my leg! As I did he looks back and motioned his head towards the bathroom! SERIOUSLY! This guy thought I'd follow him to the bathroom! My bro-in-law instead follows him to the bathroom where he informed him that if he continued to disrespect me and the woman he was with that he would bring his dates attention to the situation. In which the man calmly said "man why are you cock blocking me"! Seriously, this guy had the nerve!

He returns to his table before my bro-in-law returns and slips a napkin with his phone number on my leg just as my bro-in-law sits down at the table he was furious again, he reached over grabbed the napkin and politely handed it to his date by saying "I think you dropped this"! Yes the rest of the night went a little tensely and this guy still tried relentlessly to get me to follow him to the bathroom area to NO avail of course!

What exactly was going through his head?
I wonder sometimes why men do things like this! Then I remember that some of them let their penis control them and lead them around. It's like a penis leash!

This wasn't the first nor the last time my bro-in-law saved me from a creep! Stay tuned I'll post the next one soon!

In A Sports Bar In An Evening Gown

A few years ago (nearly ten) I met this man at a friends wedding. K was with his girlfriend Ta-Ta(one of my co-workers) at that time, and I was married and we were all seated together at the reception.

Let me start off by saying any one who has a wedding on a Saturday in the fall should be required to have big screen TV's with football playing in every corner of their wedding! I'm a huge NCAA football fanatic! Just so happens so was K. While everyone else was eating K and I were listening to the sports broadcast of two separate games.

I didn't think about that day for years, until four years later when I was sitting in the floor outside my college classroom frantically trying to finish my homework, in my proper college attire (my favorite SEC FB team shirt with matching purse) of course, when this man walks up and says something about my shirt. When I looked up to respond to his remark and the awful color of his shirt (of a rival team), he looked vaguely familiar. We chatted for a few minutes, with small talk before we had to go into separate classes.

To my surprise we was waiting on me after class and we chatted some more, after a few days of random chatting he asked me out. Sitting across from him on our first lunch date, it hit me, I knew him from the wedding he had dated my co-worker Ta-Ta. I brought it to his attention and he said I thought I knew you. We laughed and continued our lunch. He said he had asked about me several times after him and Ta-Ta broke up but she wouldn't respond...well duh!

So we continue to date casually just a lunch date here and there and such nothing sexual. Months go by and he had finally wore me down. Don't get me wrong I am extremely attracted to him and would have gave in months earlier except I had this intuition that he was a player. So after months (or technically years) of him chasing me, I gave in. We had the relationship talk.

A few weeks later he vanished. Yes after all that chasing he was gone. I just turned around and started again on my singleness there was no tears, no sadness, however I was a little confused on why chase for so long then run. A few months later he calls and wants to talk so I obliged him and we meet for dinner and we remained friends, no not friends with benefits, just friends. That year we had occasionally dated and had fun together nothing sexual, New Years Eve rolled around and I invited him to a formal party, to of course be my "eye candy" and "arm candy", initially to make T (my lover who I wish would love me!) jealous.

I get all dressed up have my hair and makeup done slip into a borrowed evening gown and head over to his place to pick him up. I get there and he is all dressed in a suit and looking all yummy! I started to just attack him before the party, but we were running late so we went on to the party at a fancy convention center in the closest big town to me. Everyone looked so beautiful and fancy, I think I was star struck! I have never had a wedding or been to prom or anything like this and it was mesmerizing to me!

We walked in, I headed to the bathroom to make sure my hair and makeup were just right and walked back out, while I was in the restroom he said "I'll go get us some drinks for us and then meet you back here to find a seat" . Sounded good to me, but when I stepped out of the restroom he rounded the corner in a full blown sprint and dodged into the bathroom quicker than anyone I have ever seen. I stood there not knowing what to do or what had happened patiently. Ten minutes or more later he peaks out sprinted out and grabs my hand and practically ushered me back to my car saying we must leave immediately.

Confused I said "what is wrong, are you ok?" In the car he doesn't say anything. I try to ask questions but I wasn't sure what to ask and even why , so I said where are we going? He said "HOME" ! Hell NO I'm not going home, I just got all dressed up to go to my first fancy dance and your running away with me! No, so I take him and he gets out, I suppose expecting me to join him, which I quickly shot down, and left. With really no where to go and refusing to return alone to my fancy party I was invited to a sports bar near by with a female friend of mine.

Yes I walked into this hole in the wall sports bar in my navy blue sparking tight cleavage showing spaghetti strapped evening gown and 6 inch stilettos! Everyone starred at me! I walked over to the bar where my friend and her friends were sitting and ordered a beer. Yes in my evening gown with my beer in hand I finished out the old year and welcomed the new one, which included two (really only one, I wanted a kiss from the other) kisses from random strangers (which was weird) but hell it was better than none!

So I still talk to K and recently he has been on this "I love you and want to marry you" kick! WTF! We aren't dating and we aren't sleeping together and I have pretty much kept my distance from him ever since that night 3 years ago and still with no explanation of the events that happened. He wants to date me, marry me and love me....I'm not buying and I'm not stupid!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Was I Thinking?!

Yes, unfortunately I'm officially "out of order". I woke up Saturday morning not feeling so well. I was having a little issue "down-there". NO it isn't an STD, it was a boil that kept getting bigger and bigger, right in the inside crease of my leg. You know where your panties and jeans hit you. Yes right there! OMG it hurt so damn bad I couldn't even walk by Monday morning!

By Monday afternoon I was at the Doctors office in tears. As I undressed from the waist down I was horrified that boil looked like an alien coming out of my skin...GROSS! Just trust me it was GROSS! So I crawled up on the table and it started draining all down my leg and onto the thin ass paper table cover as I pulled the other thin ass paper cover on top of me...(for modesty reasons...yeah right ), I then had to ...yep you guessed it...put my feet in those damn stirrups!

Waiting there flat on my back, because I can't sit on my ass it hurt too bad....and waiting ...and waiting...the midwife comes in that has always seen me for every visit asks my a few questions, the poked her head down there to check out why I was crying on her table.......silence........still silent......then she said "I need to go get the doctor to look this I think it needs to be lanced". OMG! For the next hour I laid on the table crying my eyes out while he "numbed" (which is an oxymoron, because they stuck this huge ass needle in my sore spots and it hurt like HELL) the area was then sliced open drained out and packed, the now bigger wound, with gauze! OMG I hurt !

Procedure was done and I very carefully crawled my way back out to my car, thinking I can make it home! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!
I made it to the Walmart, where I thought my prescriptions would be ready since my Dr. called them in before I left.....again WHAT WAS I THINKING!
I was in so much pain that a woman I know that just so happened to be my ex-fiance's mom walked over to see how I was doing and I PASSED OUT! yes! PASSED OUT in Walmart!
There I was on the Walmart pharmacy floor with 20 or more people around me. Luckily C (the ex's mom) picked up my cell and called my sister to come get me. Unfortunately if you have been following my blog I haven't talked to my sister in over two months, and she told her to call my son.

My 18 yr old son shows up in his junky hoopty non-legal 4 door Oldsmobile that couldn't possibly have a muffler on it, car with a few "gangsta" friends that all smell like POT! I'm serious when I say non-legal not even 6 hours after that, he was pulled over and booked for drug possession and him and his gangsta friends are sitting in the county jail waiting for their court date which is set for Dec 7th. Yes apparently the twenty bucks I gave him for gas (because his car was on E when he picked me up) , went straight the local drug dealers and when his car quit running for lack of gas in the middle of the our town square (IE:the court house in the center of town that you literally have to drive around to get to where ever you go here). The local PO-PO in which I'm fairly close to stops to check and smells POT (shocking! lol). YES My son is still sitting in the county jail and will remain there till court. (don't judge me, he needs to learn a lesson, besides his grandparents and all his family and friends have agreed to leave him there)

Long story short I made it home safely and I am now feeling better thanks to my antibiotics and a bunch of hydrocodones, after my followup visit on Wednesday. I hope to be back in working order by my next followup visit on Monday! PRAY for me!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction Dreams

So this post is because of Jewels, my fellow wonderful blogger. She recently blogged about her dream and I thought I'd give a little insight on my strange dreams as well. I enjoy reading her blog post, she is a definite inspiration for blogging! Thank you Jewels!

I often dream and quite often they are vivid and have something to do with what I seen or thought of the day before.

A few weeks ago when I stayed the night with J and he left for work the next morning I had this crazy dream that a group of men that had just robbed a bank and bombarded into J's house to hide out and was surprised to find me and was trying to decide what to do with me that's when I woke up, grabbed my bag and got out of there as fast as I could! I was scared when I woke up and thought OMG what kind of dream was that! I'm assuming since I blogged about convicts 3 blogs in a row that , that is the reason I dreamed about them.

So Wednesday night I fell asleep after I had watched one of my favorite shows "Criminal Minds". Sometimes there are quite some gruesome story lines. So I found myself in an alley taking care of o badly burned victim and when I turned around to get help Meridith Grey was there to help. Yep from Grey's Anatomy herself straight into my dreams! LMAO...We worked on this patient so hours or at least till I woke up, exhausted!

I hate when I do that! Why do I dream so vividly that I wake up exhausted! If I have to wake up so tired I should have been doing something I love! I'm with Jewels why can't I just have sex dreams!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lingering Lunch Date

So as I mentioned earlier CL stopped by the other day for some lunch. I had already invited J over for dinner that same night and thought what could it hurt if CL came around and 11 am and J wouldn't be here till around 4 pm. Nothing sexual just lunch.

So CL gets here and we head out in his car to the local Chinese buffet place to get lunch and catch up on life since it's been about 2 months since I last saw him. We got to the restaurant around 11:15 and sit to eat and talk.....and talk....and talk....

We finish up lunch and he comes back to my place to drop me off and invites himself in, where he made himself comfortable on my couch with my remote in his hand! Yes by this time its 2:15 and I'm thinking any minute he will get up and excuse himself and head 2:45 I was a nervous wreck! I was thinking this can't be good! J will show up and CL will be here and I will have a cock fight in my apartment.

So I finally get up and I'm getting my purse and things and tell him I have some errands to do and need to go get some groceries and then pick up my youngest son from school that it's time he went home. Slowly he is dragging himself off my couch and it's 3:15 when I get him out to his car and me in mine to go get things for dinner and my son from school. Why oh why was he lingering? SEX, wasn't in his fortune cookie! LOL

I hear that is what some women do at a man's house, just linger? Not me I'm always ready to hit the door and I've always got a time limit in my head and it shortens every time he looks at a clock or gets up to check something in the kitchen. I just assumed he would eat and leave, not linger. Hell I don't know but the rest of the night went nicely with J.

The Non-Commital Man

CL came to see me the other day. He is a smart , is cute, healthy, and a funny college educated man. Never married, has one daughter who is 18 years old. Has a good job and a home and several rental properties. I met him several years ago on and we seem to get along great!
We have dated off and on over the years. Nothing serious and nothing permanent yet we seem to always circle back around to each other. We have fun together. Our kids get along together. And we have a great chemistry that grew on me. Yes I'm serious, it grew on me. When I first met him I liked him but didn't let him close to me at all.
We went several years of off and on again before we decided that we would move to the next level of become sexually involved with each other. And to me, a complete surprise that we had chemistry that was undeniable.

So the dilemma now is what to do next? Of course he has commitment phobia. He is 43 and never married, so I suppose this is why I am attracted to him. The non-committal man that seems perfect is always unavailable either he is married, gay, or a player. However I don't consider him a player . Can you be non-committal and not be a player? Can something that has went on so long as a non-committal relationship ever work as a committed one?

Friday, October 22, 2010


OK I very rarely get road rage but today, I was totally overwhelmed by it! I was on the highway just driving along and minding my own business while singing to myself and thinking about how this was such a beautiful, when out of no where this Honda pulls up beside me and proceeds to come over into my lane!
Now when I say I rarely get road rage I really mean never. I am always calm and respectful and even if someone cuts me off I figure it's not worth a fight and it definitely didn't ruin my day so what would be the point of causing havoc on some moron that can't drive.
So I try to slow down while pushing down on my horn but I had no where to go. The guard rail was on my left and I was surrounded by cars including the one coming toward me in MY lane! So I had to practically stop to keep her from hitting me and I was frustrated beyond believe by that point. I'm sure I looked like some crazy lady screaming through the windshield and holding the horn down and waves my limbs in and out of the windows.

So she never sees me. I'm serious she acted like she didn't have a clue why I was acting so irate! A mile up the road she gets over into the right lane so that she can go right in the interstate split to go north and as I pass her I understand why! She is a blond young teenager that has her seat laid so far back that she couldn't possibly see over the wheel or out any of her windows or mirrors, because we all know it's WAY more important to look cool than be safe! Where the HELL is a cop when you need them!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Porn, Pot, and Ping-Pong!

As the hospital I work for continues to cut workers hours and positions I remembered a situation I put myself in a few years ago. I was invited to a after-work party at a supervisors house. No, not my supervisor, so I decided why not a few other people were going that had been to one of his after-work parties before and I thought, why not.
So, I finish my shift and hitch a ride with a guy friend of mine that works under him and is friends with him and was familiar with where we were going and such.
So we were on our way over and He says "I hope this doesn't freak you out, but him and his wife are a bit freaky". So of course I asked "WHAT do you mean by freaky?"? I was thinking maybe they had monkeys for pets or they had bright pink curtains or something.

I definitely wasn't thinking when I walked in, that there would be 3 big screen TV's broadcasting HARDCORE PORN and that the house would be lit up by black lights and that the entire kitchen would be lined from wall to wall covering every counter top with bongs! Or that there would be naked...NAKED people playing ping pong! I'm very serious when I tell you, I was there less than 5 mins!
I was totally freaked out! I am not the partying type and I have never done drugs of any kind or even tried them! I made my friend take me back to my car immediately! From then on I never accepted another invite to an after-work party unless I personally knew the person , because its perfectly clear to me there is a definitive difference between knowing someone personally and knowing someone professionally!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ouch! They Are Attached!

Why do men want to pull on attached items? OK I don't mind a little hair pulling but please for the love of God, please leave my nipples attached!

Yes foreplay is generally great and in the heat of passion things sometimes can get a little rough, however what is attached should remain attached! This obsession that men have with our breasts is great if they are gentle with our appendages. Yes, I said it be nice to our nipples!

You know as well as I do that they are sensitive and a kiss, a lick, a little nibble, and a gentle roll with the tongue or soft fingers is OK however pulling ,tugging, biting, or trying to dismantle our nipples is NOT OK! Capeesh? We are not matchbox cars you can't dismantle our appendages.

Please Please try to control your urges to pull us apart and refrain from causing us screeching pain!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indecisive Men?

Indecisive, whiny, do what you want men, UGH! Ok then, there probably is a woman out there somewhere that wants one, I'm NOT her!

What is wrong with men like this? Why can't they just make a damn decision on there own. Not everything has to become a brainstorming session. Everything from drinks to sex with these men seems to be someone else's idea.

Example 1:

me-What would you like to drink, I have tea, water, milk, and apple juice.

Man- I don't care just pour me whatever.

Me- I don't have what ever, what would you like out of the options I gave you?

Man-I don't care just whatever you have.

Me-I'm not thirsty so what do you want?

Man- I don't care.

Me- Ok well get up and pour yourself something to drink then!

Example 2:

Man- Are you planning on coming over tonight?

Me- I will if you want me to but I'm not planning on it.

Man- You can if you want.

Me- No shit Sherlock, I know I can I asked if you wanted me to.

Man- Whatever you want I don't care either way, do what you want.

Me- No I'm not coming because your dumbass can't make a decision on what it is that you want.

Man- huh, why is it about what I want now?

Me- It's not now. I'm not coming!

It's pretty damn pathetic if a man can't even make a decision on whether or not he wants sex!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scratching My Head Confused

Last night I talked to J and he said I'm coming over tomorrow night, I said great I'll see you then. At lunch he called and didn't say he had changed his mind. We were just talking about normal stuff and I told him what i was making for dinner and that it would be ready when he got here. So I made dinner I made him a plate and put it in the microwave and 4 o'clock came and went. No call, no text!

5 o'clock I texted him and asked if he was coming and he said probably not! WTF! So I went on about my business although not happy that he stood me up but I had things to do. He sent me several texts in between my errands this evening and my not so timely responses pissed him off! SERIOUS!

Then he sent this "ok I give, ur done w me that's cool needs to b anyway ur to shady 4 me anyhow"
What? Did he just dump me through a text?! We weren't dating and he wasn't obligated to break up or even respond to me and who does that! This is exactly why I don't date younger men (boys)!

Shady? me shady? I'm the most upfront honest female he has ever been with and I must have intimidated him to the point of breakage! Whatever J ...moving on!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sex Addiction?

So I was reading my monthly Marie Claire and in this month's magazine is an article named "Just Can't Get Enough, Can Women really be addicted to sex?". I read the entire article word for word. One of the experts compared it to a heroin addiction, chasing after a high and bingeing on our own hormones. WOW....I don't know what to say about that!

Am I an addict? Huh, I don't think so! Let's just figure this out one step at a time.
1. I have sex because I enjoy sex.
2. I have sex because it makes me feel good.
3. I have sex to fulfill an urge I have for it.
4. I have sex because I want to.
5. I have sex because I choose to.
6. Sex doesn't make me feel bad after!

Drug addicts:
1. Take drugs because they enjoy them
2. Take drugs because they make them feel good.
3. Take drugs to fulfill an urge they have.
4. Take drugs because they want to.
5. Take drugs because they choose to.
6. Taking drugs makes them feel bad after!

So one out of twelve makes it a hung jury! Right?

No I'm not a sex addict. I don't put myself in jeopardy looking for sex. I don't have sex with random strangers, I'm not addicted to porn, I don't masturbate obsessively, I don't have a collection of toys. So No I'm not categorizing myself as a sex addict. I'm just a woman who knows what she wants and likes and enjoys sex!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 My Un-Perfect Day

This was suppose to be my perfect day! My "10" kind of day! I was engaged for a year and a half and our wedding date was set for today! I picked today's date for our wedding because as a kid we always watched the Olympics and 10 was considered a perfect score! I should have been getting my hair and makeup done this morning. I should have been enjoying family and friends and starting a new life with him.

I ended the engagement in May and haven't thought much about till today. So, I'm kind of sad but ultimately thankful I didn't go through with it. Lets face it a wedding is way cheaper than another divorce!

Anyway no wedding bliss or blues here just a short blog to document my un-perfect day, instead of having my perfect wedding today I worked 16 hours at the hospital. I didn't get to see my friends, family or have any fun but ultimately I'm grateful and blessed for this day regardless!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Sexy Outdoors!

I love sex and just about anywhere but outdoors is probably my favorite. You would think I'm one of those people that does the PDA but I'm not really into people watching! I have had outdoor sex a thousand times…ok that may a bit exaggerated. I do love the outdoors and the excitement of outdoor sex. It’s a rush and excitement which is not easily put into words.

I have had sex on police cars, on regular cars, in the woods, on a bluff, on a balcony overlooking the ocean, in a pool while skinny dipping, on the top of a boat in the river, on a hiking trail, on the river walk, at the river park, on a dead end road by the railroad tracks, on the hood of a pick up truck, in the bed of a truck, inside a car in the parking lot, in a bathroom, in a utility closet, in a control room, in a break room, in a hospital room, in a shower, in a hot tub, and in a fire station on the side of a fire truck and I’m sure many more places that I just can’t think of at the moment.

Outside sex is always great. I love being under the sun naked! Feeling the sun touch places it has never kissed before. Feeling the breeze in my hair and the excitement of outdoor sex is always a thrill.

Skinny dipping, which I never understood the name, do only skinny people dip naked? I’ve heard it called chunky dunking, as well, but I’m very average built with very well placed curves so what do I call it? Swimming naked! I love the feel of the cool pool water on my naked body, feeling the sun beam down on all my parts having nothing but the radio on and water wrapping around my body!

There is something so very sexual about being naked outdoors. I love it! I have always wanted to go to a nudist resort on vacation! I’m not sure I would ever go through with it but I would love to attempt it anyway!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Want Brother Husbands?

Have you seen the new TLC series named "Sister Wives"? I pretty much grew up almost like this but not quite.

My parents were swingers! Yes Swingers! My parents swapped sexual partners all the time on a daily sometimes bi-daily basis depending on the day of the week. Strange? Not to me. I never knew it was odd or that every one's parents wasn't like mine till I was in Middle school.

We had people/couples in our home day and night. We frequently went to the nudist colony/community to see people my parents knew and screwed. So as a child up until I was probably about 11 I seen naked people, people having sex, and always had multiple families in our home.

I think I probably got my sexual appetite honestly from my parents. So here's my proposal if men can have sister wives, why can't I have brother husbands? They could work and take care of me emotionally and financially and I could take care of them in every other way!

Sound absurd? Probably would be crazy but hell I would much rather have a house full of testosterone than estrogen. Only if no children were involved of course, if all the children were grown and gone and it was just me, Hell ya I would so be game to having 3 or four husbands!

No I have never been in a polygamist relationship but looks confusing and fun all at the same time!