Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Head Hurts From Thinking!

D has been texting me all day while he and I have been at work! We have so much to talk about. He told me he was in "like" with me(it's like a school yard crush ;)). He also said that he has been bragging to his buddies that he has a "hot" new lady who likes him!

He was so cute the other night when he came over. He said I have a surprise....really? ....he then pulled out his camera and said I have something you need to when he turned it on the pictures from the night we met were on it and a video of us at the bar we met in.

Yes 3 years ago, on a chance meeting because I got stood up, when I ended up at the sports bar in my evening gown, were our pictures together of two strangers striking up a romance from the start.

I was amazed ...what is even funnier he had a friend with him at the bar taking the pictures and video of us that night and I don't even recall him having a friend with him that night, I only remember him!

WOW...I'm pretty excited and anxious, he invited my son and I to a movie Thursday night after school and to dinner. I think it will be fun so we made plans to have a kids night out with the two preteens- his ten year old daughter and my twelve year old son.

I think he likes me! I'm super excited..

So now when do I move it to the next level?

How do I give up T and when?

I'm am really nervous...OMG I need to calm down and go with the flow or I will scare him off!

Shit I want to jump up and down with excitement already!

I have officially gone crazy! I think I'm way over thinking this already, but he is keeping a smile on my face!

Oh and he just texted me and said by the way on my way home tonight I stopped by the theater and got all of our tickets for the movie on Thursday! I'm impressed, he must be really thinking he is going to stick around and make me fall for him! :)


  1. I think if you want to make a serious go of things with D...then unfortunately things with T need to be finished before that can happen. It's not always fun...but you seem to be really excited about the potential of D and you already know that you and T don't work as a couple. To really let D have a chance T has to go.
    The nerves and the jitters are all good means you really like D. You only get that way if you think he has potential. I'm also sure neither of you would involve your children if you weren't serious about seeing where things can go. How exciting!!!!
    DO IT! :-)

  2. Yes I know I will have to give up T to give D a fair chance..I will have to be sure of it first and we are only going as friends with the kids no kiss kiss date..:)I have not felt this way in forever!

  3. I can't tell you how excited I am for you...and only mildly jealous. Enjoy it!

  4. Don't be it only makes it worse when it ends!

  5. What if it doesn't end? You can't think that way. Plus, so what if it does end...never getting hurt means never loving and that's no way to live. You are strong and sexy and even if this doesn't pan out for'll be just fine!

  6. I think it's a great sign he's willing to involve the kids in your first real 'outing' together! Just be yourself and try not to get too wrapped up in your own head, if that makes sense. He's obviously attracted to you - there's no reason to go out of your way to change anything...except dropping T.

    D sounds like he wants to persue a relationship whereas T (if I recall correctly) is just interested in a friends-with-benefits type deal...don't crush a potential with D. He sounds awesome!

  7. Yes, he is super excited about Thursday, he already picked up all of our tickets! WOW does that? lol He did say that he thinks a lot of me and thinks this is the begging of something special and he never lets his daughter meet anyone so she will know that he likes me a lot...That is so sweet! I am flattered and nervous! I feel like Addison on Private Practice..I usually can see the ending before the beginning and I'm super nervous cause I can't see it with him....yet!

  8. I think it's awesome.If you keep it in your head that it will end, than it may not even have a chance to become something. There are great men out there. Just relax and have fun.

  9. Aw, he's cute! good luck babe! just relax, take it easy and be yourself!

  10. Thank you all...I will keep you posted...I'm very nervous about meeting his daughter...little girls are very protective of their dad's!

  11. OH I love the beginning part of relationships! Just don't move forward until you decide you can't wait any longer! That's always been my rule and then there are no regrets that you did it too soon!

  12. Thank you for the advice, good thinking, I will attempt, but you do know how very sexual I am right! lol