Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odds & Ends II

I still haven't talked to my psycho sister, except to say, while laughing, congratulation, because her and my bro-in-law S are getting married again! I thought I was going to fall in the floor laughing when she posted that he had asked her for the fourth time to marry him. This will be their third marriage to each other!I'm serious after filing and paying for 3 divorces and completing only 2 of them! LMAO who does that? What a dumb ass he is!
J has been hanging around after apologizing for being crazy and we sort of fell back into the swing of things. Even though I know it won't go anywhere he is great in bed!
R (my ex fiance) has been lingering around and trying to get me to spend time with him, which I did on Thursday, I couldn't help myself. I had been "out of order" for almost three weeks and I needed some sex, and he knows how to please me!
E (the much younger co-worker) was trying his best to get me to go out with him, and his friends last night. A night of drinks at a local restaurant seated at the bar, then to the local pool hall for some fun with his 20 something year old friends all drinking and smoking, just sounded like too much fun (sarcasm) for me. I turned him down rather quickly. Lets face it, I'm not into boy-toys, drinking isn't my thing, and I like my air straight up not tainted with carcinogens!
My 12 year old son got in trouble at school Friday, which I will have to address on Monday, since I work all weekend every weekend.
I have noticed several blogs this weekend out the lack of luster on the weekend and/or the slow down of their blog comments. I don't know about anyone else but while I'm at work which is every weekend from dawn to dusk (yes I work Fri sat and Sunday double shifts), I can read blog posts but not if they are marked adult content (like mine lol) and I can't post comments on them unless they have those pop up comment boxes....I have no idea why but for some reason the comment portion of blogging is blocked on my work computers.....So rest assured I am reading your weekend post and will catch up on comments on Monday.
On a happier note I have taken some time off for next month to go spend some time with my best friend and youngest sister, and I can't wait! We always have fun and get to catch up in person on each others lives. You know girl talk, a night of dinner and drinks without the kids, and a few days of after Christmas shopping....I so can't wait. I only get to see her about 3-4 times a year since we live quite far apart. :(


  1. Wow sex with the ex. That can be a bad thing.

    I wouldn't fuck my ex if Ed McMann was standing there with a six foot check made out to me for 10 million bucks.

  2. SSW-there is nothing quite like dipping into the ex well when you are having a dry spell. I totally get it. Why go out and deal with a new guy who may or may not be good in bed when your ex already knows all the right buttons to push. It's not always smart...but it's always SO good. ;-) I don't blame you at all. I'm picturing Ed McMann watching people fuck as he leers over a giant check. Just not okay!!!

  3. Getting married 3 times huh? In some countries that's not legal unless the woman marries someone else first. It's a way of stopping people getting divorced for no good reasons, the base it on the fact that men generally don't like other men fucking their woman (and they have to know about it).

    I agree with Oilfield, sex with the ex for me is always a bad idea...

  4. wow sex with the ex (bad idea but you're only human), crazy siblings, etc... we're living parrall lives lol

  5. Jewels-I agree that it isn't all good with an ex but I know he knows how to please me and I am completely comfortable with him.
    Oilfield Trash- There are many ex's I wouldn't go back and to have sex with but all of them know I'm great in bed and they all try even the ex husband which are both married to other people...I will not go there! About ED Mcmann....ummm ya that's disturbing on many
    International Woman of Mystery - yes times is crazy, they are crazy! Both of them!
    Uninspired Blogger- That is odd too I just say don't go there obviously if it didn't work the first or second time with that person, don't waste your time energy or money on a third time!
    "Just Sayin....."- Yes I am human and my whole family is crazy, I swear I was kidnapped as a child because no one in their right mine would have let my parents reproduce or adopt!

  6. I'M GLAD TO REPORT my job changed computer systems and I can now view blogs and post comments from work! Woohoo! Now I can be dually functional lol