Friday, June 19, 2015

I am alive and well

I am about 15 weeks till  graduation with my MASTERS DEGREE! WOW, I have  actually done it.

I have embarked on several new journeys lately.

1. Graduate Grad School with a 4.0- just shy of this goal I have a 3.9

2. Become debt free - with the help of Dave Ramsey I am slowly accomplishing this one.

3. Get into better shape- Cross-fit.....Oh the struggle is real and the pain is real fabulously, so are the results.

4. Retire on a beach somewhere warm year round- working on this one

5. Get back to my blogging that I love so much!- soon very soon I will, just let me graduate so I do not get behind on my work.

I just wanted to touch base and write a short note to let everyone I am still alive and well ..turns out getting a masters degree takes a lot of studying.......