Monday, November 22, 2010

Missing My True Love

Here's a picture of me in my favorite place in the whole world!

Yes I know it's not healthy but I don't drink and I don't smoke and I have never used drugs so get over it! My first love is the beach! Above all else of material things I feel at home at the beach. It's my place of solitude and solace. It's my place of complete relaxation. I can be there with anyone or all alone and feel completely at ease with life.

I spend all my vacations at the beach. I try to go at least 4 times a year. The 6 hour drive or 10 hour drive depending where I'm heading is always worth it!

You might be wondering why I am blogging about the beach in the middle of the holiday winter. Well the truth is , I miss it! I miss the sand between my toes. I miss feeling the ocean breeze swirling around my body, while listening to the seagulls squawk and watching the pelicans swooping down into the waves. Feeling the waves roll in across my feet and hearing them roll upon the the shore. I absolutely love feeling the sun kissing my body it is the most relaxing feeling I could ever feel!

I miss summer, I miss the beach! I hate to be cold! Yes I know I'm spoiling all those winter lovers pictures and posts but I can't help it...yes snow is pretty but way too cold for me! I much rather prefer the sandy beaches, and the HOT summer sun!


  1. Don't hate me when I tell you I had a hot enough day to put the airconditioning on. - 36 deg C. Yeah, ok, we are coming into summer.

  2. I had trouble concentrating on what you were saying after seeing your (lovely, awesome, beautiful, "HOT") picture at the beginning. Just had to get that out. We are only 3 hours away from our beaches in NC and my wife could live there 24/7. I on the other hand love the mountains which are about 6 hours away. We are also in the period of the year when you need heat in the morning and A/C in the afternoon. Good old NC. Thank you soooooooooo much for making my day with this post.

  3. Yes Mynx I secretly want to be where you are right now! I loathe winter I just want the temp to be above 80 degrees year round!
    Odie-Thank you,I'm with your wife you should move to the beach...the day my youngest son graduates I'm moving to the beach permanently!

  4. You know I love you sweetie, but I hate the beach. I know it's not normal...but I do. I hate the sand, hate the ocean, and am terrified of sharks! I never go in the water, rarely go to the beach and loathe sand all over me. yuck.

    That being said I love laying out and getting sun. I agree there is next to nothing better than feeling that sun penetrate just makes you feel alive. I just prefer to do it poolside.

    I enjoy the sounds and smells of the ocean just not the sand, screaming kids, and sharks. haha.

  5. VERY sexy picture. I am in love now. lol

  6. Oh and I love the beach as well. Destin, Florida happens to be my favorite at the moment.

  7. I love the beach...that's why I'm having a palm tree for Christmas! :)

  8. Would you think less of me if I left a crude comment? lol

  9. Oilfield- No I wouldn't think less of you, and thank you. I have never been to Destin. I take my family on vacation every year to our condo in New Smyrna Fl and I visit Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Fl several times a year I love those places!
    A Redhead Named Sam-I love those palm tree Christmas trees, my kids think I'm crazy!
    Jewels- I never or rarely get into the water unless I'm in someplace where the water is so clear I can see everything. I too hate sharks but I never hear the screaming kids once my towel and I are flat on the chair. I would love to do some photo shots of me rolling around in the hot summer sunny sand on the beach with waves rolling up to wash me off! lol

  10. Ok, well you are damn sexy in that picture.

    And New Smyrna huh? My grandparents lived there for the last 20 years or so of their lives. I loved going to visit them there.

  11. Thank you! Yes I have went to New Smyrna my entire life and I take my family every year the entire week of my birthday! My mom use to let us skip school and take us and our friends to New Smyrna beach when we lived in central Fl while I was growing up.

  12. You are welcome.

    I loved that beach when I was growing up. It was just as nice as Daytona and was less crowded.

  13. Yes that is exactly why I love it there! I use to live in Daytona for a short time while I was 16 and I did not enjoy it.

  14. I am with you sista... I love the beach, I grew up on the beach.. I am surrounded by the beach and the ocean... I can drive there in 10 minutes and listen to the crashing of the waves... I am not a sun worshipper, but I so love the beach!

    PS I like the new look of the blog!

    Cheers sweetie pie


  15. Thank you Tracy! I hope you don't mind strangers moving in, I'm on my way! lol I shouldn't be a sun worshiper it is so very bad for my skin, I'm sure my dermatologist has put his kids through school on just my visits..:(

  16. I’ve never been to the east coast of Florida but I was once stationed at McDill AFB at Tampa and lived in St. Petersburg. I didn’t think much of the beach there.

    Alabama doesn’t have a long coastline on the Gulf, but Gulf Shores is a great place to go to with white sand beaches even after that huge oil spill a couple of months ago. My older daughter has a vacation place over at Destin and the younger one has a place on Lake Martin (in Alabama) which is also a great place to go to.

    No sand, but my pool can be exciting at times and a great place for skinny-dipping. :-)

  17. I love skinny dipping should read my post the Great Sexy Outdoors....I love being outside naked!

  18. SSW, I believe SSW must stand for Sizzling Sensuous Woman after reading your “Great Sexy Outdoors” post.

    I noted how many of the places you’ve enjoyed sex were connected with water. Sex and water go together like ham and eggs, tea and crumpets, coffee and cream, hugs and kisses, or cocks and twats ….. regardless of whether it is sex in the shower, a hot tub, or screwing in a pool while skinny dipping. One of my favorite places, though not quite “outdoors”, is in the hayloft of an old barn with rain pelting the tin roof with the beat of a sexual symphony strokes and pokes can be choreographed with.

    You should try it sometime standing up in a canoe while shooting white water rapids. :-)

    Skinny dipping may mean being in water wearing only your skin which may lead to enjoying naked nooky in water if you have a partner with you.