Monday, March 21, 2011

The Abuse of My Nipples!

So last night something funny happened! I thought I was going to pee my pants it was so very funny! I got up out of bed to turn my computer off and when I climbed back into bed over top of D the only part of my body that touched his ribs was my right nipple. The millisecond my nipple touched his ribs a static shock ran from my nipple to his ribs and we both said ouch at the same time then burst into laughter! OMG I swear that was the funniest thing.

So since we are now talking about nipples let me tell you all about the time last summer when I shaved a chunk out of my left nipple! OUCH! NO I don't shave my nor do I shave my chest.

I was at my youngest sister's house and was in the shower and all you ladies know how it is a balancing act to prop one leg up on the edge of the tub while standing in the shower and bending over trying to shave your legs one at a time while standing on one foot.

Ok so I was doing just that when my foot slipped off the side of the tub and my knee jerk reaction sent my hand with my razor up past my knee soaring past my belly button and onto the only appendage sticking out far enough to catch the edge of the razor! Yes my nipple! OUCH I screamed as blood dripped down breast onto the shower floor, but no one heard me. :(

I was in pain but I just had to tell my sister what I had done because I knew she would find it very funny. As she did, and so did my brother in law once we took off to the beach for the day and the salt water from a wave splashed up onto my bathing suit top and seeped right through to the open wound on my left nipple and I screamed in pain! OUCH!


  1. Poor nipples!

    I got into a car accident once and even though I was fully clothed, the seatbelt managed to cut my nipple. :( It, along with all of my other injuries, hurt like a {beep}. Thankfully, it healed very nicely and there's been no sensation loss. That was have been ultimately tragic.

  2. That is two very funny stories. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and thanks for the picture. lol

  3. HAHA! I knew OT would love the nipples photo! I was expecting a comment from him already! SO FUN! I LOve the photo too. What's not to love?! I have to admit, I'm a little envious of the perkiness.

    And ouch! That's all I gotta say about your stories.

  4. When I saw the picture I lost track of what you were explaining. They are lovely, perky and look so inviting. D is sooooooooooooooooo lucky and I thank you for the eye candy.

  5. Oh my goodness! This reminds me of the time my friend went to step over the lip of the tub and was hit in the clit by a stray stream of steaming hot water and it got burnt. OWWW! I can't even imagine that...or shaving off some nipple! OWWW! I'm almost (almost!) sorry I laughed. hehe

  6. Sam-Ouch that sounded very painful as well I am glad you healed fine!
    OT- Your welcome for the pic even though they aren't mine! I stole it from google imagines cause mine are 36DD and wouldn't fit in a blog lmao!
    Cinderita-The perkiness are from small young boobs I'm assumming, Mine are perky but way bigger than those lol Thanks for the sympathy though! :)
    Odie- Your welcome although not mine!
    Jewels- yes very painful but still funny, I laughed at myself too so no worries. I feel very sorry for the burnt clit though, that sounds way more painful! OUCH!

  7. OMG - your poor nips! Made me cringe and I don't even have any. And total agreement with Oilfield Trash, much obliged for the picture, it was definitely needed to get the point across :-)