Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Sexy Outdoors!

I love sex and just about anywhere but outdoors is probably my favorite. You would think I'm one of those people that does the PDA but I'm not really into people watching! I have had outdoor sex a thousand times…ok that may a bit exaggerated. I do love the outdoors and the excitement of outdoor sex. It’s a rush and excitement which is not easily put into words.

I have had sex on police cars, on regular cars, in the woods, on a bluff, on a balcony overlooking the ocean, in a pool while skinny dipping, on the top of a boat in the river, on a hiking trail, on the river walk, at the river park, on a dead end road by the railroad tracks, on the hood of a pick up truck, in the bed of a truck, inside a car in the parking lot, in a bathroom, in a utility closet, in a control room, in a break room, in a hospital room, in a shower, in a hot tub, and in a fire station on the side of a fire truck and I’m sure many more places that I just can’t think of at the moment.

Outside sex is always great. I love being under the sun naked! Feeling the sun touch places it has never kissed before. Feeling the breeze in my hair and the excitement of outdoor sex is always a thrill.

Skinny dipping, which I never understood the name, do only skinny people dip naked? I’ve heard it called chunky dunking, as well, but I’m very average built with very well placed curves so what do I call it? Swimming naked! I love the feel of the cool pool water on my naked body, feeling the sun beam down on all my parts having nothing but the radio on and water wrapping around my body!

There is something so very sexual about being naked outdoors. I love it! I have always wanted to go to a nudist resort on vacation! I’m not sure I would ever go through with it but I would love to attempt it anyway!

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