Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction Dreams

So this post is because of Jewels, my fellow wonderful blogger. She recently blogged about her dream and I thought I'd give a little insight on my strange dreams as well. I enjoy reading her blog post, she is a definite inspiration for blogging! Thank you Jewels!

I often dream and quite often they are vivid and have something to do with what I seen or thought of the day before.

A few weeks ago when I stayed the night with J and he left for work the next morning I had this crazy dream that a group of men that had just robbed a bank and bombarded into J's house to hide out and was surprised to find me and was trying to decide what to do with me that's when I woke up, grabbed my bag and got out of there as fast as I could! I was scared when I woke up and thought OMG what kind of dream was that! I'm assuming since I blogged about convicts 3 blogs in a row that , that is the reason I dreamed about them.

So Wednesday night I fell asleep after I had watched one of my favorite shows "Criminal Minds". Sometimes there are quite some gruesome story lines. So I found myself in an alley taking care of o badly burned victim and when I turned around to get help Meridith Grey was there to help. Yep from Grey's Anatomy herself straight into my dreams! LMAO...We worked on this patient so hours or at least till I woke up, exhausted!

I hate when I do that! Why do I dream so vividly that I wake up exhausted! If I have to wake up so tired I should have been doing something I love! I'm with Jewels why can't I just have sex dreams!


  1. hahaha. thanks for giving me a shout out. Who knows why we dream about the things we do. I think sometimes I read a little too much into them. All I can say is that if I could control my dreams every night you can believe that they would be about sex! hahaha.

  2. Oh, I always look to my dreams for some hidden message that may or may not mean something in my life. Have tried looking your dreams up in a dream dictionary? Common themes (like helping save someone or a burglary, as in your dreams) have meanings that may give some insight into your relationships. I don't know how much stock I put into the dream dictionary, but it is VERY interesting, and, at times, accurate, especially given what may be going on in life at those times.