Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lingering Lunch Date

So as I mentioned earlier CL stopped by the other day for some lunch. I had already invited J over for dinner that same night and thought what could it hurt if CL came around and 11 am and J wouldn't be here till around 4 pm. Nothing sexual just lunch.

So CL gets here and we head out in his car to the local Chinese buffet place to get lunch and catch up on life since it's been about 2 months since I last saw him. We got to the restaurant around 11:15 and sit to eat and talk.....and talk....and talk....

We finish up lunch and he comes back to my place to drop me off and invites himself in, where he made himself comfortable on my couch with my remote in his hand! Yes by this time its 2:15 and I'm thinking any minute he will get up and excuse himself and head 2:45 I was a nervous wreck! I was thinking this can't be good! J will show up and CL will be here and I will have a cock fight in my apartment.

So I finally get up and I'm getting my purse and things and tell him I have some errands to do and need to go get some groceries and then pick up my youngest son from school that it's time he went home. Slowly he is dragging himself off my couch and it's 3:15 when I get him out to his car and me in mine to go get things for dinner and my son from school. Why oh why was he lingering? SEX, wasn't in his fortune cookie! LOL

I hear that is what some women do at a man's house, just linger? Not me I'm always ready to hit the door and I've always got a time limit in my head and it shortens every time he looks at a clock or gets up to check something in the kitchen. I just assumed he would eat and leave, not linger. Hell I don't know but the rest of the night went nicely with J.

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  1. He totally wanted to be around you, maybe hoping for more. A guy that lingers wants to be there with you.