Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indecisive Men?

Indecisive, whiny, do what you want men, UGH! Ok then, there probably is a woman out there somewhere that wants one, I'm NOT her!

What is wrong with men like this? Why can't they just make a damn decision on there own. Not everything has to become a brainstorming session. Everything from drinks to sex with these men seems to be someone else's idea.

Example 1:

me-What would you like to drink, I have tea, water, milk, and apple juice.

Man- I don't care just pour me whatever.

Me- I don't have what ever, what would you like out of the options I gave you?

Man-I don't care just whatever you have.

Me-I'm not thirsty so what do you want?

Man- I don't care.

Me- Ok well get up and pour yourself something to drink then!

Example 2:

Man- Are you planning on coming over tonight?

Me- I will if you want me to but I'm not planning on it.

Man- You can if you want.

Me- No shit Sherlock, I know I can I asked if you wanted me to.

Man- Whatever you want I don't care either way, do what you want.

Me- No I'm not coming because your dumbass can't make a decision on what it is that you want.

Man- huh, why is it about what I want now?

Me- It's not now. I'm not coming!

It's pretty damn pathetic if a man can't even make a decision on whether or not he wants sex!


  1. I totally agree with you here! The only thing worse than an indecisive man is a man who tell you what to do all the time... I tend to date the indecisive ones though and it drives me nuts. I need a strong man with a little backbone!

  2. i couldn't agree more. I want my opinion taken into account but make plans, tell me what you want, be a little demanding now and then. Nothing worse that a wishy washy man with no opinions of his own. Ugh...what a pansy!

  3. Yes I need to feel wanted & needed and if he is wishy/washy about it, that is such a HUGE turn OFF!