Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Taste Of A Man

I want to tell you about my love for the taste of a man. How I love to savor his scent and texture. How I love to lick, suck, engulf, and wrap my lips and tongue about his manhood.

Yes I love to give oral sex to a man. I love to feel him harden with my touch and start throbbing with the warmth of my breath, and become slick with the juices of my mouth!

I love to feel him shift his pelvic while I'm licking him. To feel him lifting himself off the bed to penetrate further into my wet, dripping mouth, that is engulfing his manhood.

I love the sound of his pleasure seeping out of between his lips while moaning how good it feels.

I love to feel my lips wrapped around the tip and licking the head with my moist tongue and slowly engulfing him sliding my lips down his shaft to taste every inch of him. Feeling him throbbing inside my mouth and the heat from his excitement while he is seeping with wetness from fucking my mouth slowly at first then faster and while I'm caressing his jewels and massaging the base for his pleasure.

I love to feel how he stiffens up and is throbbing with excitement telling me that he is about to cum. Until I feel the warmth of his explosion on my tongue while he is having muscles spams and trying to catch his breathe.

Yes, Just the thought of it sends me to a cold shower and I loved it! Don't be alarmed,lol, it happens to me quite often!

I could feel my pussy throbbing and my wetness seeping out through my panties while writing this!

I had to excuse myself and take a shower while the water poured over my body I was touching myself with one finger then two feeling my clit fill and get hard with pleasure . I continued getting faster and the shaking in my legs made me weak as my pussy tightened and spasmed and I cum, while the water washed over me and I stepped back and leaned against the shower wall to balance myself from falling!


  1. Interesting. The part about you playing with yourself, not the man part.

  2. Awesome and that is an understatement.

  3. Yes I wrote an entire college essay on masturbation in my human growth and developement class and my professor thought it was interesting as well, even though he did add that in his 25 years of teaching noone else had ever chosen that topic to write about....I got an A!

  4. I am right there with you on the oral sex thing. There is nothing sexier. Usually in bed I like to give up control...but with oral god I get off on it. It's amazing to know that I am doing that to him/for him. I could do it all day everyday. I don't understand those women who don't enjoy it. It's so sexy. It makes me feel so powerful, so good to know that I'm pleasing him. It's freaking great.
    Great post, dear.

  5. Thank you Jewels. Yes I love pleasing a man! I know that it grosses some women out, but I agree that I think its great to sexy and powerful! I'm right there with you! BTW I can't access your blog it keeps going to the go daddy advertisement page..WTF

  6. Ugh. So sorry. I have been working with blogger and godaddy. sometimes the links work and other times they don't. I have no idea what is going wrong but I promise I am trying to get to the bottom of it all.

  7. I was right there with you until the part when he cums in your mouth. That part not so keen on. I prefer to let him cum over my breasts. Just a personal thing after all :)
    Your posts are HOT

  8. Mynx- I agree I'm not fond of it either once I taste a smidgen of a drop of it I'm in retreat mode! lol

  9. Whoa. I sure am glad it's not just me. On all counts.

  10. Cinderita-I'm pretty sure it is normal in most sexual women, if not I prefer to stay abnormal! :)

  11. I’ve known 2 ladies who loved giving me head so much they would have wonderful orgasms while doing it. They swallowed and told me my cum was delicious. I always wondered if they were the only ones who enjoyed it so much that they got the BIG O just from sucking cock. Now I know.