Monday, November 15, 2010

My Turkey Story

First I'd like to thank Semi True Torystellar at Can U Relate? for this prestigious award. I am very honored. I will post it with my other awards that I have been blessed to receive from everyone on my Awards! Thank you! Thank you. post!

Last year was the first year that I hosted Thanksgiving at my house. Yes I was a Thanksgiving hostess virgin! So against better judgment I invited my entire family to our (mine and R's) home for a day of family, fun, and food!

Now his home is full of collectibles, glass, pictures, vases, lamps, a sort of magazine perfect living area. Not really(meaning not at all) kid friendly, this didn't help the fact that my family hated (and still does) R so you can see why I say against my better judgment.

My brother and his new girlfriend show up with her 2 year old son. My middle sister shows up with her family which includes two kids and my youngest sister showed up with her family which included three more kids, and R's brother showed up with two of his kids. It was a packed house and all was going fine, except the 2 year old!

Yes my brothers new girlfriend brought her two year old but wasn't watching him, chasing him, controlling him, or even taking care of him. R kept coming to me while I'm trying to cook telling me "she needs to get her kid", "she's not watching her kid", "could you get your new sis-in-law to handle her kid". OMG i wanted to scream. Seriously my stress level was through the roof!

Then the 2 year old broke a glass globe! Yes on top of the stress now there was anger!

Anyway back to the turkey! I have never in my life cooked a turkey, and I'm not a fan of eating turkey, because it's always so dry, but I started looking up recipes. I came across a recipe on how to cook a turkey in a crock-pot. Perfect, put the turkey in my big ass crock pot, season, and let it cook it's self. That I could do!

I must say I was impressed and so was the family. The turkey turned out beautiful, and moist. The only problem I had was getting that damn bird out of the crock-pot in one piece and onto a serving platter. Every time I attempted to pick it up, it was falling apart. So I had this brilliant idea! I would drain the crock-pot turkey juice into a baking pan and then put my platter upside down on top of the crock-pot and then flip it onto the platter! Great! the turkey was then on the platter in one piece....all except it was upside down! ugh! OK new plan, this time get another platter (good thing R is a hoarder and had like 8 of them), and flip the new platter upside down on the bird and flip it over.....worked perfectly!

I had the most beautiful turkey ever! It was browned perfectly, moist, and fully cooked to perfection! I was so very proud of myself!

The day was long, the food was great, and the family was happy. All except for R, he was still furious that kid wasn't being watched and had broken one of his 10 billion prize possessions! I swear to everyone I never heard the end of that rant. He even asked me the other day if my new sis-in-law had gotten any more parenting skills since the new baby had come into our family!

I'm thankful to say that this year we are having Thanksgiving at my brother's house! :)


  1. I can't even imagine the stress that would cause and how relieved you must be to not have to deal with it all again this year. I will never understand people who put that much worth into mere possessions. It's just a'll live without it. Oh well.

  2. Well done on the turkey in the crockpot. Brilliant idea.

  3. He is STILL an ex, right? Right? RIGHT?!

    You're a strong woman or slightly blinded some charm to put up with him and his weirdness.

  4. I consider Mynx to be my internet friend, so when I noticed you posted a comment on one of her blogs I came here to check yours. I like what I’ve seen after a brief look.

    Oh, BTW, I'm a southerner too.

  5. Thank you Mynx It was great and everyone loved it. If ever I have to cook another turkey, it will be in my big ass crockpot!
    JustSaying, yes he is still an ex! I am a strong woman and I will stay strong! !thank you!
    Don, Thank you for stopping by, being a southerner is a great thing! Come by anytime and read!

  6. Don- I looked at your profile and was shocked to see where you live! I have an ex that lives in your town! small world!

  7. SSW, a small world indeed, and I’m intrigued because my home town is so small. If you’d care to contact me by email and fill me in on the details that way, so as to not divulge personal information publicly here, feel free to use my email address shown in my profile. Who knows, I may have a registered sex offender (namely your ex?) living close to me.

  8. That must be one big-ass crockpot!
    My grandma always used one of those electric roasters and cooked it right on the table. Very moist, but never really did brown- it was more a creamy beige.

    Great blog you have.

  9. Thank you Ruth, Yes it is a big ass crock-pot. My mom bought it for me when I was married with a family of six and we always had left overs. The turkey fit perfectly inside!

  10. LOL.... you are too funny... My better half and I are fairly anal and some times it drives him nuts when my nieces run around... but I just have to say, they are just things and the girls are my love and memories...

    Turkey in a crockpot... am so going to have to try that!