Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is He A Misogynist?

I'm not going to lie, I had to google misogynist, I had no clue what it meant...OMG This definition sums it up about it...

WARNING:....A man who hates every bone in a woman's body, except his!

I seriously found this definition on google at

So I sent this definition to my friend and fellow blogger OilField Trash

He had stated in his blog that he had been accused of being a misogynist several times. Now I can't say that I have ever called anyone this word since I personally didn't have a clue what the hell it meant. However I'm pretty sure my ex-husband fits this definition perfectly! I think I should post a picture of him beside the definition on the urban dictionary website! So the opposite is called misandry, from the Greek, literally, meaning hatred of men. ...

Now O-T said "I'm not really one" and my response to him was "not really..makes you sound guilty?!" I went on to say I think that he may just be saying things that they don't want to know the truth hurts kind of stuff!

I think some PEOPLE need to grow up and listen sometimes. Not everything is a personal attack, and not every criticising opinion is bad, maybe its just a suggestive critique. Now I know men are sometimes PIGS...but seriously if every man you meet is a "misogynist", maybe your negative karma needs a shift in the moon alignments or something.

I have had my fair share of Misogynists, but as I get older and my brain is maturing I realize maybe I judged someone wrong. Maybe I jumped the gun and had an opinion formed just because I didn't want to form any other opinion.

There are those women who are man haters...not me of course I love men, and those men who are women haters! Those who would rather chew you up and spit you out than look at you. Yes you know the type!

However if jumping the gun and judging someone is a prejudice reaction, to something that they said or done, do they deserve a second chance?

I have a hunch that very few men or women are actually misogynists/misandrists . I mean I'm pretty damn sure Uran Vandersloot is definitely one and John Gardner is also and all of the other men/women who rape and beat and kill men/women are all misogynists/misandrist. I will by no means defend them or their actions.

A normal man/woman in your everyday life that isn't raping you , beating , or killing you probably isn't a misogynist/misandrist.


Not everything said is going to be your way ..this isn't Burger King! Also The truth isn't always your favorite flavor, but swallow it and get over it! Your not going to like everyone or even what everyone says or does, so why the HELL do you let these people dictate your feelings and your day?!

We should all Love our fellow bloggers! :)


  1. Excellent post!!!

    And I like how you mentioned swallow it. I love a woman who can swallow it. The truth or pretty much everything.

  2. Fantastic post. Very well said.
    @Oilfield Trash, I think you are a little bit cheeky and I love that.

  3. HA! Awesome! You tell 'em SSW. I don't even like burger king. :-)

  4. Thank you Cinderita, I love Burger King Whopper Jr.'s however I don't swallow everything!lol
    Bruce-Thank you for dropping by and commenting!
    Mynx- Yes Oilfield T is cheeky and great! Thank you for the blog love!

  5. Personally, I've always thought that sticking with the first impression of someone was the best option. The couple times I've changed my mind and allowed myself to for a secondary opinion - I wound up getting burned. First impressions are, in my mind, the most accurate.

    And while I agree a true misogynist/misandrist is rare compared to the population of the planet...there isn't a word to describe someone as being a partial misogynist/misandrist. It's like calling someone a douchebag. They might not be a douchebag in all aspects of their life, but it's easier to assign them the title anyway. :)

  6. Yes first impressions are usually right on the money I totally agree! I also think for those in-between jerk-offs we can just call the douche bags!

  7. Great post! and Oilfield is really cheeky!

    Its nice :)