Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creep Factor

So I have this saying that some people just ooze creepiness and definitively have the creep factor!

I had to go pick up my son early from school today, take him to the Doctor's office then stop by Walmart to get his prescriptions filled.

While waiting for his medicines to be filled which was 45 minutes we walked around the store a bit. He led me to the bikes department where we passed by this man who was talking loudly on his phone, at that point he turns his phone up towards the ceiling (like that stopped the person on the other end from hearing) and says straight at me "damn your a beautiful woman, and you must know that", then brings the phone back down to his mouth where he says "yes baby I was talking to you who else would I be saying that to" as he was winking at me and my son said mom lets get out of here. Which we did!

Seriously what a creep.
First of all I was walking around Walmart with my 12 year old son. I'm not by far a drop dead gorgeous woman, I'm really your average girl
next door kind of pretty, so I guess that means anyone thinks they have a chance...lmao
Who does that! While they are on the phone with their significant other or otherwise, What a creep!

So this leads me to the man that works as one of the janitorial staff at the hospital he is all kinds of Bates Motel creepy! Every time I pass by him I get creepy skin crawls!

So one day I was sitting in my office calling patients to remind them of their appointments the following morning and he walked in the door behind me while I was on the phone.

I announced who I was and who I was trying to reach and at the other end of the phone conversation the woman politely says " I believe you have the wrong number dear this is the county jail." I said Thank you and hung up. While I mumbled to myself huh well I guess we have the wrong number for this patient since I just called the county jail, at which point the bates motel creepy man says oh I know the number and rattles off the number of the jail perfectly! OMG!

I freaked out, I said nothing as I got up and took my list out of my office. I purposely avoid that man every time I see him , eww he even looks like Norman Bates!


  1. Nothing like creepy people to keep you on your toes.

  2. Ya I'm all for compliments but seriously please no creepy ones!

  3. See, if you hadn't had a 12 year old in tow, I would have said, "You go girl! Take the compliment!" but with your son there, and buddy's talking on the phone...ya, creepy!
    And I'm quite certain you are far prettier than you're giving yourself credit for.

  4. If my son wouldn't had been there I would have surely Thanked him and spoke up loudly so his baby could hear me! lol

  5. Wow sounds like you had a creepy sort of day! Sounds like the this guy at the gym I go to, we call him the stalker. He will stand behind you while your on the elliptical waiting for the machine. Which is fine but when it's the whole 35 minutes I'm on it, while there's other machines open, that's creepy.

  6. Yes that does sound like he has the creep factor! ewww....I had to report one man at the gym that wouldn't stop stalking me every time I walked in he was following me around to every machine trying to get my number...he is no longer working out there...

  7. Creepy men... There are lots of them. And why do they feel that they need to shout out randome comments to strangers. Last week as I was going into Whole Foods, a man shouts at me: "I'm from Alambama and you are a beautiful woman!" I was trying to figure out what the hell being from Alabama had to do with anything.

    And also note to men - when you are in a group, do not harrass women walking alone at 1 am in the morning. It's just freaking scary. I was walking home alone last night and these three men started yelling at me I was attractive. It freaked me the fuck out!

    You are right. It's just CREEPY!

  8. That is too funny that that man said he was from as for the three creeps at night that is disturbing and I would have freaked out as well. I'm glad you are safe!