Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Weight Issues II

So the holidays are upon us once more....joy joy! I have to say my life has turned upside down since last Christmas, and I have a blog to prove it ...lol

So I bought a wedding dress....one size too small...yes on purpose! Crazy? Well maybe, but I found the perfect dress and it barely zipped up the back (and I couldn't breath)and the bridal consultant said "I can get that in a bigger size for you" WHAT! OMG HELL NO! I will fit in this dress in this size by the wedding or I will get married naked! Of course the sales lady thought I was kidding but it does sound like a great idea, and it would save alot of money, to have  an all nude wedding right? lol

Well maybe it wouldn't be the best day to see all my family and his family naked in one place, ok saying it out loud made it sound really gross! Oh my that make me laugh! So since a nude wedding is out of the question, I started my workouts again and he been doing really well with the working out and the diet portion, with only a few slip ups!

So I started Taekwondo back a few months ago and it has been a fun thing the whole family is doing together. Then I started Kisado a few weeks ago, which is a kickboxing/yoga/aerobic workout, which is kicking my butt. It is so much fun though. I also started doing P90X with my man at home at night and it's kicking my butt and on top of that I'm going to the gym during the day. Yes, my fellow bloggers I am on a mission to get into my wedding dress. I have already lost 6 pounds in two weeks. I am so very excited!

The great thing about all this working out is that it has boosted my sex drive up and my mans sex drive as well! We are making love everyday! OMG it is AWESOME!