Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Olympic Gold Winning, Ice Cream Eating, and Peaches Sex!

A while back I posted a blog about naughty thoughts and invited everyone to send me their naughty thoughts anonymously and I finally got one . I am totally excited to share with my fellow bloggers a mans naughty thoughts. 

Men as we know are wired different. Therefore their fantasies are a wee bit different and possible twisted in the opposite direction. With that being said, I am posting a fantasy that was emailed to me from a man to put on my naughty list. We will refer to him as N. I found his fantasy quite interesting and intriguing , I hope you all enjoy a little naughty thoughts from a mans view.

Slamming you up against the wall biting your neck while I tear your panties off of you. Take my other hand an hold both your wrists up against the wall as I pat you down for weapons an wetness ....I run my hand down your thighs and up against your swollen and hard clit, siding my fingers through your wetness, as my finger runs through your wet lips I look into your eyes with passion and fire and I slowly go down and put your legs on my shoulders as I shove your pussy up into my watering mouth and I lick and suck your clit...I feel it pulsating in my mouth and swelling with excitement ...I suck, lick, suck , lick, lick spreading your pussy lips with my tongue and going inside and tongue fucking your juicy sweet pussy ...juices are everywhere mouth and face covered in you as I go back for more.....

 You're clawing my head forcing me to get a face full of Vitamin E (My name, lol). I can't stop tasting you, as you taste sooooo damn good. It's like the sweet nectar from a peach, with all the juices in my mouth from you. I step back and admire my work for a minute as your dripping and soaked lips are just quivering and shaking. You have sweat dripping down your brow unto your nose and down your face it rolls.

You look at me really angry and say EAT YOUR FUCKING LUNCH NOW!!!! I say YES MAAM. I grip your ass with my big hands and go back to work on you like a kid eating a ice cream. I glance as you bite your lip, your start shaking and pulsating as you scream loud OH MOTHERFUCKER OH SHIT OH OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........

You drop and start breathing heavy saying yes, yes, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss that's what I have needed for the last 5 years. oh baby, its yours!!! Thank you thank you for clearing all that cum that was up inside of me that needed to be released. I look at you and laugh and say "OH YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!. I bend you over and commence to pounding your sweet soaking pussy, POUND POUND POUND as your ass cheeks clap together from me fucking you from behind. you screaming trying to catch your breath saying oh my god...yes yes yes.

 I stop and look at you and say, I DIDN'T TELL YOU, YOU COULD SPEAK, now you have to suck on my black cock, and you start sucking on it like your going for the gold in the Olympics. I stop you before you make me cum and I start fucking you again. but you enjoyed the taste of my dick in your mouth that you start talking again. so once again I make you suck on it and obey your master, but you keep on talking, so I take the head of my dick and slowly penetrate your ass and u tense up and I say if you don't be a good girl I'm gone pound this hole next. you say yes daddy. I go back to fucking your pussy and I can feel you tense and squeezing my cock as I thrust one last time and explode all in you........

Now that is some serious passion! Thank you N for your open and honest naughty thoughts. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Women Want!

Passion, a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something, a strong feeling that causes you to act in a dangerous way, or a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone.

What we want as women is passion, passion for us , toward us, and about us. If your just gliding through life please keep gliding. 

Passion is essential in life and it is even more essential in love. Without passion we are just friends, roommates, colleagues, acquaintances. 

Women want to be wanted, desired, pursued, lusted after. 

Not a stalker , a passionate lover. One that can not go a day without touching you, kissing you, breathing you in, and wanting to be inside you! 

There is nothing more sexy than a confident testosterone driven passionate man pursuing the woman he desires. 

The kind of passion that is deliberate and primal with a very basic, powerful and specifically primary desire to the woman he wants.

An almost animal instinctive desire to want to, kiss, touch, lick, tease, and pleasure every single inch of you.

This is what a woman wants!

Friday, June 19, 2015

I am alive and well

I am about 15 weeks till  graduation with my MASTERS DEGREE! WOW, I have  actually done it.

I have embarked on several new journeys lately.

1. Graduate Grad School with a 4.0- just shy of this goal I have a 3.9

2. Become debt free - with the help of Dave Ramsey I am slowly accomplishing this one.

3. Get into better shape- Cross-fit.....Oh the struggle is real and the pain is real fabulously, so are the results.

4. Retire on a beach somewhere warm year round- working on this one

5. Get back to my blogging that I love so much!- soon very soon I will, just let me graduate so I do not get behind on my work.

I just wanted to touch base and write a short note to let everyone I am still alive and well ..turns out getting a masters degree takes a lot of studying.......

Monday, December 2, 2013

Is My Wart/Diamond Showing?

Let me start at the beginning. I have been a mother, more than half the time I have been alive! I was an offspring of a dysfunctional family and ended up being a statistic in the world of teenage moms and obsolete fathers.

I find myself speechless on so many levels lately.

 My life has so many turns and corners and crevasses.

I was accepted into a graduate program of a very prestigious christian college! Now anyone that reads my back ground knows I am not a very religious person.

I do believe in GOD and Jesus and a lot of religiously complicated things. However everyone always wants to know what religion I am. That brings me into a VERY long conversation, about not growing up in a religious family and finding my own way through my adult world sipping a little Kool-Aid here and there of all religions.

So as excited that I am to be pursuing my Masters Degree in an excellent school I'm just as nervous that my dysfunctional  "wart" will pop up and I will be thrown out into the street by my shirt tail. Can they do that? Can the President of the school come to me one day and simply say "You are not worthy" and have me removed from his school?

Don't get me wrong I am not saying I'm broken because I was a product of and then became a teenage mom. I'm simply saying I am human and God has a purpose for me , like he does everyone.

 However not everyone accepts flaws and accepts when the poorer of poor become as good as the always privileged have been. Not so often people are not fond of the "diamond in the rough" . I was coerced into seeing the Hunger Games Movies last week and it reminded me of this very thought!

I do plan attending this invite and pursuing my education, it is a driving force in my life to be a career student!
So here's to letting my Wart/Diamond shine!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Devastated In Marital Bliss?

I don’t know this man I married!  My life has turned upside down! I am so hurt, heart broken, mad, frustrated, and overwhelmed right now. I can’t understand my own thoughts. I am flipping back and forth from devastation to antagonism and repugnance. I feel as if someone hijacked my life and head and left me in this terrible state of mind.

Less than 3 weeks ago on Tuesday Oct 8th, my husband of 1 year and 3 months had an affair! I am overwhelmed just thinking about it. I am and have been physically ill since then with the thoughts that my husband stuck his dick into a stranger, without a condom!

My initial reaction was anger. How could he have done this to me? How did this happen to me? Why did it happen to me? I just don’t understand. I can’t wrap my thoughts around the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, having sexual relations with another person.

Now he would try to argue the fact that it wasn’t an affair it was only a one night stand. It doesn’t matter what you call it, he was unfaithful. He likes to say we had an “indiscretion” in our marriage because of him. I want to scream at him, “indiscretion my ass, you FUCKED someone else other than your wife, I don’t care how you sugar coat it!

You might be thinking how do I know, or how did I find out?

 Well let me begin the story from the Sunday the 6th. The kids went to their grandparents’ house for fall break, I worked all weekend and Sunday was the last night I had with him before I went out of town to see my sisters for a week of sisterly fun at the beach. I got off work I came home and he wanted to take me out to dinner. So we went to Appleby’s for a bite to eat and a couple drinks. Then the next morning I got up and drove the 6 hours to my sister’s house.

Monday was good I got to my sister’s at noon her time and I picked her up and we went out to lunch then picked up my nephews from school, made dinner and drank a bottle of wine. Tuesday my youngest sister and I took the kids to school, and then we headed to the beach all alone for the entire day. It was beautiful and relaxing. We went to lunch, hung out till dinner time then went home grilled out and drank a bottle of wine. Talked to my husband several time during all this. The usual, “when will you be home, I miss you, I love you” ….blah blah …. Wednesday we went to my older sisters’ house then shopping at the outlet center and lunch and dinner out then home to drink a bottle wine. Thursday we got up went to the mall and hung out shopping all day and eating lunch and just enjoying out last day together till next year, we did NOT drink a bottle of wine this night; I needed water!

Friday morning earlier than planned, I left to go home at 2:45 am! I was excited to be on my way to see my sexy husband and slip into a new lingerie outfit I bought. So two hours earlier than he had anticipated I pulled into my driveway, his car wasn’t home. I rushed in slipped into my batgirl outfit from head to toe, the black and yellow corset the black garter belt with thigh high sheer black stockings attached, with matching yellow string tied g- string with my knee high black leather boots on…..threw some makeup on and done my hair in a sexy tossed way, with some nice juicy red lipstick on!

I did all this, with no sight of him at all. So I tried to call him and beside the bed, his phone was ringing! So I pick it up, and on the screen it says “new text message”. So I open it, to my dismay it said…” thank you for the hookup and if you would like to try it again with a little less alcohol next time give me a call.”

Now picture this I am standing in my bedroom in a head to toe leather batgirl outfit with my husband phone in my hand when he walks in! Yes I’m very serious!

I call the girl, she is positive that she didn’t send the text to the wrong number. I am furious!

This girl talks to me and tells me every detail of their “indiscretion”! How he followed her from one bar to the next and was buying her drinks, wrote his name and number down for her, telling her he was divorced and his teenage daughter lived with her mom, wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. Then he followed her home and they fucked WITHOUT a condom, and he stayed the night and left on Wednesday morning.

This girl is not pretty, she isn’t even cute. She is not someone you would take home to your mom or be proud to show her off. She is fat and ugly with a butch hair cut and just looks dirty. I know this because she sent him a picture!

I just don’t understand why. You would think that if a man has an affair he would make sure it would be with someone worth loosing his wife, family, life, home and breaking his marriage vows for. Trust me she wasn’t that girl!

I just don’t know what I am going to do. Overwhelmed with feelings!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sexual Prenuptial?

I am needing some sex! From my husband that is! We can't seem to coordinate our sex life to accommodate each other! Is there a secret to it? Have I miss placed a manual somewhere? I wonder why I never thought of a sexual prenuptial? Does it really exist? Well apparently there is, and I should have known before..

 .......Legal Zoom actually has documents to help people with Sexual agreements before, during, and even after marriage! What ? Oh my I must have been hiding under a rock! Or maybe I just assumed that being a newly wed makes you desirable!

 So on Legal Zoom here's what I found!

"Sexual issues in prenuptial agreements can include how often a couple will have sex. One elderly pair settled on once a month, while a younger couple agreed to 3-4 times a week. Other couples stipulated mandatory sexual positions.".....

Are they serious? Someone would actually stipulate sexual positions? Just what kind of details would that include? I'm just curious........

I'm thinking maybe something like .......

You must kiss me every night before bed and kiss me every morning before leaving and you must start at my lips and kiss every inch of me all the way to my knees, paying special attention to my breasts and my lady parts, making sure to entice me with your lips, tongue and breath for at least two hours a week.........with no maximum limit of course! :) In addition to sex in any position you want at least one day a week at your desired time and location, with at least two other sexual encounters a week with me for life!

I don't feel like that is too much to ask!

Monday, April 29, 2013

I Am Still Alive!

Wow, it's been a long time. I will try to get caught up on all of my fellow bloggers posts and type out a few of mine this week....If anyone is still following .....if not I will still try lol ......So here's to getting a glass/bottle of wine and drafting a few posts to night and hopefully getting caught up on my blog! Oh how I have missed my blog! Toast!