Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction Dreams

So this post is because of Jewels, my fellow wonderful blogger. She recently blogged about her dream and I thought I'd give a little insight on my strange dreams as well. I enjoy reading her blog post, she is a definite inspiration for blogging! Thank you Jewels!

I often dream and quite often they are vivid and have something to do with what I seen or thought of the day before.

A few weeks ago when I stayed the night with J and he left for work the next morning I had this crazy dream that a group of men that had just robbed a bank and bombarded into J's house to hide out and was surprised to find me and was trying to decide what to do with me that's when I woke up, grabbed my bag and got out of there as fast as I could! I was scared when I woke up and thought OMG what kind of dream was that! I'm assuming since I blogged about convicts 3 blogs in a row that , that is the reason I dreamed about them.

So Wednesday night I fell asleep after I had watched one of my favorite shows "Criminal Minds". Sometimes there are quite some gruesome story lines. So I found myself in an alley taking care of o badly burned victim and when I turned around to get help Meridith Grey was there to help. Yep from Grey's Anatomy herself straight into my dreams! LMAO...We worked on this patient so hours or at least till I woke up, exhausted!

I hate when I do that! Why do I dream so vividly that I wake up exhausted! If I have to wake up so tired I should have been doing something I love! I'm with Jewels why can't I just have sex dreams!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lingering Lunch Date

So as I mentioned earlier CL stopped by the other day for some lunch. I had already invited J over for dinner that same night and thought what could it hurt if CL came around and 11 am and J wouldn't be here till around 4 pm. Nothing sexual just lunch.

So CL gets here and we head out in his car to the local Chinese buffet place to get lunch and catch up on life since it's been about 2 months since I last saw him. We got to the restaurant around 11:15 and sit to eat and talk.....and talk....and talk....

We finish up lunch and he comes back to my place to drop me off and invites himself in, where he made himself comfortable on my couch with my remote in his hand! Yes by this time its 2:15 and I'm thinking any minute he will get up and excuse himself and head 2:45 I was a nervous wreck! I was thinking this can't be good! J will show up and CL will be here and I will have a cock fight in my apartment.

So I finally get up and I'm getting my purse and things and tell him I have some errands to do and need to go get some groceries and then pick up my youngest son from school that it's time he went home. Slowly he is dragging himself off my couch and it's 3:15 when I get him out to his car and me in mine to go get things for dinner and my son from school. Why oh why was he lingering? SEX, wasn't in his fortune cookie! LOL

I hear that is what some women do at a man's house, just linger? Not me I'm always ready to hit the door and I've always got a time limit in my head and it shortens every time he looks at a clock or gets up to check something in the kitchen. I just assumed he would eat and leave, not linger. Hell I don't know but the rest of the night went nicely with J.

The Non-Commital Man

CL came to see me the other day. He is a smart , is cute, healthy, and a funny college educated man. Never married, has one daughter who is 18 years old. Has a good job and a home and several rental properties. I met him several years ago on and we seem to get along great!
We have dated off and on over the years. Nothing serious and nothing permanent yet we seem to always circle back around to each other. We have fun together. Our kids get along together. And we have a great chemistry that grew on me. Yes I'm serious, it grew on me. When I first met him I liked him but didn't let him close to me at all.
We went several years of off and on again before we decided that we would move to the next level of become sexually involved with each other. And to me, a complete surprise that we had chemistry that was undeniable.

So the dilemma now is what to do next? Of course he has commitment phobia. He is 43 and never married, so I suppose this is why I am attracted to him. The non-committal man that seems perfect is always unavailable either he is married, gay, or a player. However I don't consider him a player . Can you be non-committal and not be a player? Can something that has went on so long as a non-committal relationship ever work as a committed one?

Friday, October 22, 2010


OK I very rarely get road rage but today, I was totally overwhelmed by it! I was on the highway just driving along and minding my own business while singing to myself and thinking about how this was such a beautiful, when out of no where this Honda pulls up beside me and proceeds to come over into my lane!
Now when I say I rarely get road rage I really mean never. I am always calm and respectful and even if someone cuts me off I figure it's not worth a fight and it definitely didn't ruin my day so what would be the point of causing havoc on some moron that can't drive.
So I try to slow down while pushing down on my horn but I had no where to go. The guard rail was on my left and I was surrounded by cars including the one coming toward me in MY lane! So I had to practically stop to keep her from hitting me and I was frustrated beyond believe by that point. I'm sure I looked like some crazy lady screaming through the windshield and holding the horn down and waves my limbs in and out of the windows.

So she never sees me. I'm serious she acted like she didn't have a clue why I was acting so irate! A mile up the road she gets over into the right lane so that she can go right in the interstate split to go north and as I pass her I understand why! She is a blond young teenager that has her seat laid so far back that she couldn't possibly see over the wheel or out any of her windows or mirrors, because we all know it's WAY more important to look cool than be safe! Where the HELL is a cop when you need them!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Porn, Pot, and Ping-Pong!

As the hospital I work for continues to cut workers hours and positions I remembered a situation I put myself in a few years ago. I was invited to a after-work party at a supervisors house. No, not my supervisor, so I decided why not a few other people were going that had been to one of his after-work parties before and I thought, why not.
So, I finish my shift and hitch a ride with a guy friend of mine that works under him and is friends with him and was familiar with where we were going and such.
So we were on our way over and He says "I hope this doesn't freak you out, but him and his wife are a bit freaky". So of course I asked "WHAT do you mean by freaky?"? I was thinking maybe they had monkeys for pets or they had bright pink curtains or something.

I definitely wasn't thinking when I walked in, that there would be 3 big screen TV's broadcasting HARDCORE PORN and that the house would be lit up by black lights and that the entire kitchen would be lined from wall to wall covering every counter top with bongs! Or that there would be naked...NAKED people playing ping pong! I'm very serious when I tell you, I was there less than 5 mins!
I was totally freaked out! I am not the partying type and I have never done drugs of any kind or even tried them! I made my friend take me back to my car immediately! From then on I never accepted another invite to an after-work party unless I personally knew the person , because its perfectly clear to me there is a definitive difference between knowing someone personally and knowing someone professionally!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ouch! They Are Attached!

Why do men want to pull on attached items? OK I don't mind a little hair pulling but please for the love of God, please leave my nipples attached!

Yes foreplay is generally great and in the heat of passion things sometimes can get a little rough, however what is attached should remain attached! This obsession that men have with our breasts is great if they are gentle with our appendages. Yes, I said it be nice to our nipples!

You know as well as I do that they are sensitive and a kiss, a lick, a little nibble, and a gentle roll with the tongue or soft fingers is OK however pulling ,tugging, biting, or trying to dismantle our nipples is NOT OK! Capeesh? We are not matchbox cars you can't dismantle our appendages.

Please Please try to control your urges to pull us apart and refrain from causing us screeching pain!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indecisive Men?

Indecisive, whiny, do what you want men, UGH! Ok then, there probably is a woman out there somewhere that wants one, I'm NOT her!

What is wrong with men like this? Why can't they just make a damn decision on there own. Not everything has to become a brainstorming session. Everything from drinks to sex with these men seems to be someone else's idea.

Example 1:

me-What would you like to drink, I have tea, water, milk, and apple juice.

Man- I don't care just pour me whatever.

Me- I don't have what ever, what would you like out of the options I gave you?

Man-I don't care just whatever you have.

Me-I'm not thirsty so what do you want?

Man- I don't care.

Me- Ok well get up and pour yourself something to drink then!

Example 2:

Man- Are you planning on coming over tonight?

Me- I will if you want me to but I'm not planning on it.

Man- You can if you want.

Me- No shit Sherlock, I know I can I asked if you wanted me to.

Man- Whatever you want I don't care either way, do what you want.

Me- No I'm not coming because your dumbass can't make a decision on what it is that you want.

Man- huh, why is it about what I want now?

Me- It's not now. I'm not coming!

It's pretty damn pathetic if a man can't even make a decision on whether or not he wants sex!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scratching My Head Confused

Last night I talked to J and he said I'm coming over tomorrow night, I said great I'll see you then. At lunch he called and didn't say he had changed his mind. We were just talking about normal stuff and I told him what i was making for dinner and that it would be ready when he got here. So I made dinner I made him a plate and put it in the microwave and 4 o'clock came and went. No call, no text!

5 o'clock I texted him and asked if he was coming and he said probably not! WTF! So I went on about my business although not happy that he stood me up but I had things to do. He sent me several texts in between my errands this evening and my not so timely responses pissed him off! SERIOUS!

Then he sent this "ok I give, ur done w me that's cool needs to b anyway ur to shady 4 me anyhow"
What? Did he just dump me through a text?! We weren't dating and he wasn't obligated to break up or even respond to me and who does that! This is exactly why I don't date younger men (boys)!

Shady? me shady? I'm the most upfront honest female he has ever been with and I must have intimidated him to the point of breakage! Whatever J ...moving on!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sex Addiction?

So I was reading my monthly Marie Claire and in this month's magazine is an article named "Just Can't Get Enough, Can Women really be addicted to sex?". I read the entire article word for word. One of the experts compared it to a heroin addiction, chasing after a high and bingeing on our own hormones. WOW....I don't know what to say about that!

Am I an addict? Huh, I don't think so! Let's just figure this out one step at a time.
1. I have sex because I enjoy sex.
2. I have sex because it makes me feel good.
3. I have sex to fulfill an urge I have for it.
4. I have sex because I want to.
5. I have sex because I choose to.
6. Sex doesn't make me feel bad after!

Drug addicts:
1. Take drugs because they enjoy them
2. Take drugs because they make them feel good.
3. Take drugs to fulfill an urge they have.
4. Take drugs because they want to.
5. Take drugs because they choose to.
6. Taking drugs makes them feel bad after!

So one out of twelve makes it a hung jury! Right?

No I'm not a sex addict. I don't put myself in jeopardy looking for sex. I don't have sex with random strangers, I'm not addicted to porn, I don't masturbate obsessively, I don't have a collection of toys. So No I'm not categorizing myself as a sex addict. I'm just a woman who knows what she wants and likes and enjoys sex!

AWARDS! Thank You!!! Thank you!!!!!

I am very honored and flattered to have received this award from The Average Girl . Thank you so very much.
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Thank you! Over at Can You Relate I was awarded this very heart warming award! I am completely and utterly honored to accept! I'm not going to list ten honest things about myself cause if you read my blog you know all of my honest self and if not yet continue to read and you will find me bluntly honest whether I am right or wrong.

I do however have to bestow this honor to ALL of my fellow bloggers so here goes some to click on and since I can't have time to name everyone please click on my followers and you will find open honest blogs that are Great to read!

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Thanks a lot! And I really appreciate the award and the recognition! I am flattered that I have more than one reader and glad to be entertaining anyone that reads my blog! I am very honest even more here than I am in person i think if that's possible. Thank you so so very much!
Thank you bunches to Novie . I am very grateful for the awards. I'm very flattered that people find my ordinary everyday single southern self interesting enough to read what I write.

I am a bit illiterate when it comes to this blog site stuff and I'm still trying to figure it all out. However I would like to thank Novie at for this award! I'm very flattered! Thank you!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 My Un-Perfect Day

This was suppose to be my perfect day! My "10" kind of day! I was engaged for a year and a half and our wedding date was set for today! I picked today's date for our wedding because as a kid we always watched the Olympics and 10 was considered a perfect score! I should have been getting my hair and makeup done this morning. I should have been enjoying family and friends and starting a new life with him.

I ended the engagement in May and haven't thought much about till today. So, I'm kind of sad but ultimately thankful I didn't go through with it. Lets face it a wedding is way cheaper than another divorce!

Anyway no wedding bliss or blues here just a short blog to document my un-perfect day, instead of having my perfect wedding today I worked 16 hours at the hospital. I didn't get to see my friends, family or have any fun but ultimately I'm grateful and blessed for this day regardless!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Sexy Outdoors!

I love sex and just about anywhere but outdoors is probably my favorite. You would think I'm one of those people that does the PDA but I'm not really into people watching! I have had outdoor sex a thousand times…ok that may a bit exaggerated. I do love the outdoors and the excitement of outdoor sex. It’s a rush and excitement which is not easily put into words.

I have had sex on police cars, on regular cars, in the woods, on a bluff, on a balcony overlooking the ocean, in a pool while skinny dipping, on the top of a boat in the river, on a hiking trail, on the river walk, at the river park, on a dead end road by the railroad tracks, on the hood of a pick up truck, in the bed of a truck, inside a car in the parking lot, in a bathroom, in a utility closet, in a control room, in a break room, in a hospital room, in a shower, in a hot tub, and in a fire station on the side of a fire truck and I’m sure many more places that I just can’t think of at the moment.

Outside sex is always great. I love being under the sun naked! Feeling the sun touch places it has never kissed before. Feeling the breeze in my hair and the excitement of outdoor sex is always a thrill.

Skinny dipping, which I never understood the name, do only skinny people dip naked? I’ve heard it called chunky dunking, as well, but I’m very average built with very well placed curves so what do I call it? Swimming naked! I love the feel of the cool pool water on my naked body, feeling the sun beam down on all my parts having nothing but the radio on and water wrapping around my body!

There is something so very sexual about being naked outdoors. I love it! I have always wanted to go to a nudist resort on vacation! I’m not sure I would ever go through with it but I would love to attempt it anyway!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Want Brother Husbands?

Have you seen the new TLC series named "Sister Wives"? I pretty much grew up almost like this but not quite.

My parents were swingers! Yes Swingers! My parents swapped sexual partners all the time on a daily sometimes bi-daily basis depending on the day of the week. Strange? Not to me. I never knew it was odd or that every one's parents wasn't like mine till I was in Middle school.

We had people/couples in our home day and night. We frequently went to the nudist colony/community to see people my parents knew and screwed. So as a child up until I was probably about 11 I seen naked people, people having sex, and always had multiple families in our home.

I think I probably got my sexual appetite honestly from my parents. So here's my proposal if men can have sister wives, why can't I have brother husbands? They could work and take care of me emotionally and financially and I could take care of them in every other way!

Sound absurd? Probably would be crazy but hell I would much rather have a house full of testosterone than estrogen. Only if no children were involved of course, if all the children were grown and gone and it was just me, Hell ya I would so be game to having 3 or four husbands!

No I have never been in a polygamist relationship but looks confusing and fun all at the same time!