Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Men Being Led Around

Let me start by saying not all men are dumb but even some of the smart ones make dumb choices, when being led around by their penis!

I was at a local comedy club with my sister and brother-in-law two years ago. We walked in got seated and was having appetizers when two couples were seated in front of us. Now this is a very very small comedy club but very popular the seats are practically on top of each other and there is no room to breathe. The small round tables were inches apart and so the couples in front of us were in our bubble so to speak, but so was the entire club.

The man directly in-front of me kept eyeballing me, he would wait till his date looked away or was talking to her friend and then flash a smile and a wink my way. When I didn't respond he slowly and ever so sneaky shifted his chair back further into our bubble reaching around with his arm on the other side of his body away from his date and preceded to rub my leg! WTH

My bro-in-law was furious as I slid back to try to get away from the creeps hand on my leg! As I did he looks back and motioned his head towards the bathroom! SERIOUSLY! This guy thought I'd follow him to the bathroom! My bro-in-law instead follows him to the bathroom where he informed him that if he continued to disrespect me and the woman he was with that he would bring his dates attention to the situation. In which the man calmly said "man why are you cock blocking me"! Seriously, this guy had the nerve!

He returns to his table before my bro-in-law returns and slips a napkin with his phone number on my leg just as my bro-in-law sits down at the table he was furious again, he reached over grabbed the napkin and politely handed it to his date by saying "I think you dropped this"! Yes the rest of the night went a little tensely and this guy still tried relentlessly to get me to follow him to the bathroom area to NO avail of course!

What exactly was going through his head?
I wonder sometimes why men do things like this! Then I remember that some of them let their penis control them and lead them around. It's like a penis leash!

This wasn't the first nor the last time my bro-in-law saved me from a creep! Stay tuned I'll post the next one soon!


  1. I am not controlled by my penis, but rather by my balls and stomach.

  2. Ewwww.... creepy..... and really disgusting actually.

    I hate it when guys do that... and it always makes me feel really dirty when a guy is with a woman and insists on staring or making a pass at me.... somehow it makes me feel like I've done something provoke that kind of behavior...

  3. Oilfield Trash- That is so true about good men feed them and let them watch football and you can pretty much lead them
    Uninspired Blogger- Yes but my bro-in-law even said wow you didn't do anything you provoke that, he was shocked, even though I tell him that happens all the time!

  4. I just have no idea why you didn't go ahead and follow him into the bathroom. Clearly he was a classy guy-seems like you passed up on a real winner there.
    Did you sense the sarcasm there? Eww! Just, eww. What guy thinks something like that will work; ever!?

  5. Jewels -yes dear I can read into sarcasm, that is too funny, what is worse his date was furious with me! As if I had mysteriously written her bf's number on that napkin.....huh some woman need to wake up!