Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nothing Important or Even Interesting

While I'm sitting here waiting on Criminal Minds to start on the east-coast. I'm wondering how I ended up alone again on Thanksgiving? My youngest son is at his dad's, my oldest is at his girlfriends/flavor of the weeks, and I'm here all alone....
I don't mind it, it's just quite...unusually quite!
My neighbors moved out a few weeks ago, so it is quieter than normal around here...

I did make two beautiful cakes to take to my brothers tomorrow. A strawberry cake with fresh strawberries and whipped topping on top and an Mandarin Orange cake with crushed pineapples and whipped topping on top...

Making desserts are way more tiring than making dinner...there is so much effort and attention that you have to give them! It's like entertaining men...lmao Yes I'm serious if you give them attention they are receptive and act right. If you ignore them they misbehave and fall.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and eat lots of good food! I'll be back to my less boring self tomorrow!


  1. I have to make the dreaded trip to my brother-in-law's house tomorrow where all of my wife's folks will end up. I would much rather stay at home with my dog and recliner. Now I am just wanting the whole thing to be over so we can get on to the next holiday. Hope you have a great evening and feel more like your spunky self tomorrow.

  2. That sucks that you are stuck alone.

    Sounds like high time for some beer/wine, and some self lovin.

  3. That's soo funny I'm watching criminal minds too!
    In fact, I abandoned my plan to go to Banana Republic tonight to watch this!



  4. There is nothing wrong with some wine/beer! I am sorry that you are alone the night before Thanksgiving. If it makes you feel any better at all...I might as well have been. I went to a friends house to meet her new boyfriend...he is a 34 yr old scott hamilton (the professional GAY figure skater). For her sake I hope he doesn't prefer men...though from first impressions I cannot be sure. Ugh. What a waste of a night.

  5. I love Criminal Minds. My favorite show!
    Tonight my husband and I watched a movie and enjoyed some beer. He doesn't have to work tonight.

  6. Odie-Yes I will be back to my spunky self tomorrow

    Oilfield T-Yes if I drank and had anything to drink in my house I would have had a drink...not really in the mood for self lovin tonight , but always a good option!

    20 York St.-Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Yes I love Criminal Minds , unfortunately it was a damn rerun, but was still great!

    Jewels-That is funny I love Scott Hamilton but probably not good for your friend! Too bad you didn't live closer you could have come by to watch tv with me and we could have broke into the desserts I made! lol

    Ruth-Yes it is one of my favorite shows...Shamar Moore is just so damn HOT!

  7. Time to spoil yourself miss. Bubbles in the bath and in the glass. Candles, tv or DVD YOU like to watch, or pop on some music and grab a book. Eat icecream out of the carton or a big block of chocolate you dont have to share. Dont dwell on the negatives. And you are never boring.

  8. Well the evening turned out nicely and I had an unexpected guest.....invited but unexpected.....I'm blog later right now gotta get ready for my family gathering ! Happy Turkey day to all! :)

  9. I'm sorry you were alone on Thanksgiving. I completely agree with your statement on baking. Funny though I can master a complex layer cake, but men - I wonder if they are even more temperamental than flour/eggs/sugar combined. Though if I had to chose I would still chose a good man over a good piece of cake.

  10. I was only alone for a little bit. I actually enjoyed the quietness of it all. Yes I prefer men to cake as well, but sometimes cakes are easier to please lol