Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In A Sports Bar In An Evening Gown

A few years ago (nearly ten) I met this man at a friends wedding. K was with his girlfriend Ta-Ta(one of my co-workers) at that time, and I was married and we were all seated together at the reception.

Let me start off by saying any one who has a wedding on a Saturday in the fall should be required to have big screen TV's with football playing in every corner of their wedding! I'm a huge NCAA football fanatic! Just so happens so was K. While everyone else was eating K and I were listening to the sports broadcast of two separate games.

I didn't think about that day for years, until four years later when I was sitting in the floor outside my college classroom frantically trying to finish my homework, in my proper college attire (my favorite SEC FB team shirt with matching purse) of course, when this man walks up and says something about my shirt. When I looked up to respond to his remark and the awful color of his shirt (of a rival team), he looked vaguely familiar. We chatted for a few minutes, with small talk before we had to go into separate classes.

To my surprise we was waiting on me after class and we chatted some more, after a few days of random chatting he asked me out. Sitting across from him on our first lunch date, it hit me, I knew him from the wedding he had dated my co-worker Ta-Ta. I brought it to his attention and he said I thought I knew you. We laughed and continued our lunch. He said he had asked about me several times after him and Ta-Ta broke up but she wouldn't respond...well duh!

So we continue to date casually just a lunch date here and there and such nothing sexual. Months go by and he had finally wore me down. Don't get me wrong I am extremely attracted to him and would have gave in months earlier except I had this intuition that he was a player. So after months (or technically years) of him chasing me, I gave in. We had the relationship talk.

A few weeks later he vanished. Yes after all that chasing he was gone. I just turned around and started again on my singleness there was no tears, no sadness, however I was a little confused on why chase for so long then run. A few months later he calls and wants to talk so I obliged him and we meet for dinner and we remained friends, no not friends with benefits, just friends. That year we had occasionally dated and had fun together nothing sexual, New Years Eve rolled around and I invited him to a formal party, to of course be my "eye candy" and "arm candy", initially to make T (my lover who I wish would love me!) jealous.

I get all dressed up have my hair and makeup done slip into a borrowed evening gown and head over to his place to pick him up. I get there and he is all dressed in a suit and looking all yummy! I started to just attack him before the party, but we were running late so we went on to the party at a fancy convention center in the closest big town to me. Everyone looked so beautiful and fancy, I think I was star struck! I have never had a wedding or been to prom or anything like this and it was mesmerizing to me!

We walked in, I headed to the bathroom to make sure my hair and makeup were just right and walked back out, while I was in the restroom he said "I'll go get us some drinks for us and then meet you back here to find a seat" . Sounded good to me, but when I stepped out of the restroom he rounded the corner in a full blown sprint and dodged into the bathroom quicker than anyone I have ever seen. I stood there not knowing what to do or what had happened patiently. Ten minutes or more later he peaks out sprinted out and grabs my hand and practically ushered me back to my car saying we must leave immediately.

Confused I said "what is wrong, are you ok?" In the car he doesn't say anything. I try to ask questions but I wasn't sure what to ask and even why , so I said where are we going? He said "HOME" ! Hell NO I'm not going home, I just got all dressed up to go to my first fancy dance and your running away with me! No, so I take him and he gets out, I suppose expecting me to join him, which I quickly shot down, and left. With really no where to go and refusing to return alone to my fancy party I was invited to a sports bar near by with a female friend of mine.

Yes I walked into this hole in the wall sports bar in my navy blue sparking tight cleavage showing spaghetti strapped evening gown and 6 inch stilettos! Everyone starred at me! I walked over to the bar where my friend and her friends were sitting and ordered a beer. Yes in my evening gown with my beer in hand I finished out the old year and welcomed the new one, which included two (really only one, I wanted a kiss from the other) kisses from random strangers (which was weird) but hell it was better than none!

So I still talk to K and recently he has been on this "I love you and want to marry you" kick! WTF! We aren't dating and we aren't sleeping together and I have pretty much kept my distance from him ever since that night 3 years ago and still with no explanation of the events that happened. He wants to date me, marry me and love me....I'm not buying and I'm not stupid!


  1. The smooth talking good looking player slipping you a his phone number to you while his g/f is in the restroom! He is that guy! I called his play now I'm just toying with him!

  2. If (and by that I mean never) I ever get married again, I think I will do it on the field at halftime of a college football game.

  3. Game for what? Watching or doing it? lol

  4. WATCHING AND DOING IT! IF If (and by that I mean never) I ever get married again, I would love it at halftime on the 50 yard line!

  5. Yes I must admit I did a "copy and paste " moment! lol

  6. Well plagiarism is a form of flattery.

  7. I vote for center ice at a Flyers game in between periods. Then again, I have no desire to ever marry for a first time, let alone you two with your second I don't see this ever happening.

    I am right there with the "i love you and want to marry you thing though". A fuck buddy of mine recently started with that crap...sorry's not like that. Can you say uncomfortable?

  8. Oh I would have to be totally disillusion and drugged out of my mind to get married for the THIRD time. Even so I would still need this blog to vent my suicidal