Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing Catch up on my Blog!

I am alive my fellow bloggers! I have been so busy with my live, my new love , my kids and family, that I just haven't had any time to blog! I have missed it and I have missed all of you! My kids are great, we had great holidays and I am just extremely happy that they are over now!

I am still in love with my man D and he is equally in love with me! :)

Christmas went well, we had Christmas at my place with my boys the Thursday morning before Christmas, because I had to work Friday Christmas eve morning and the boys would be at their dad's places for Christmas morning. Christmas eve evening we went to my middle sister's for our family Christmas. Everyone was on their best behavior! :) Well except for my uncle S who was ready to hurry up and get out of their to go smoke some pot that he so politely announced at dinner, and my dad who decided to tell everyone that my cooking and was better than sex in the middle of dinner. Yes my family is as normal as everybody's. After dinner I took the boys to their dads and went to D's.

Christmas morning was great we woke up to a white Christmas everything was snowed on and my man and I exchanged gifts. I got him a digital picture frame with memory card and I had borrowed (snuck) some pictures out of his picture box in his closet and uploaded all his pics of his family and daughter and him onto it, it was great! He loved it! He got me a tanzanite and diamond promise ring that is gorgeous!
I am so totally in love with him! So after our our sweet Christmas morning together with just the two of us, we headed over to pick his daughter up from her mom's. We had a little difficulty with the driving part and got snuck a time or tow on a few hills but we eventually made it south to his mom's house. It was a lovely family Christmas and everyone loves me! WOOHOO!

On Monday morning I drove to my youngest sisters and best friends house for a few days of sister talk and cooking (cause we love to cook). We aren't wine drinkers but I had stopped by a winery on my way down and pick up a bottle of raspberry white zinfandel which was so full of deliciousness! We drank the entire bottle while we cooked dinner and caught up on each others lives! Wine and chocolate creme cake! yummy!Was home in time for new years eve with my man and our kids. We had a great night! So all in all the holidays were great, but so glad they are over! Happy New Year everyone!