Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Weight Issues II

So the holidays are upon us once more....joy joy! I have to say my life has turned upside down since last Christmas, and I have a blog to prove it ...lol

So I bought a wedding dress....one size too small...yes on purpose! Crazy? Well maybe, but I found the perfect dress and it barely zipped up the back (and I couldn't breath)and the bridal consultant said "I can get that in a bigger size for you" WHAT! OMG HELL NO! I will fit in this dress in this size by the wedding or I will get married naked! Of course the sales lady thought I was kidding but it does sound like a great idea, and it would save alot of money, to have  an all nude wedding right? lol

Well maybe it wouldn't be the best day to see all my family and his family naked in one place, ok saying it out loud made it sound really gross! Oh my that make me laugh! So since a nude wedding is out of the question, I started my workouts again and he been doing really well with the working out and the diet portion, with only a few slip ups!

So I started Taekwondo back a few months ago and it has been a fun thing the whole family is doing together. Then I started Kisado a few weeks ago, which is a kickboxing/yoga/aerobic workout, which is kicking my butt. It is so much fun though. I also started doing P90X with my man at home at night and it's kicking my butt and on top of that I'm going to the gym during the day. Yes, my fellow bloggers I am on a mission to get into my wedding dress. I have already lost 6 pounds in two weeks. I am so very excited!

The great thing about all this working out is that it has boosted my sex drive up and my mans sex drive as well! We are making love everyday! OMG it is AWESOME!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Do Bras, Hamburgers, and Snickers Have In Common?

My birthday came and my sister/best friend and I won a trip to New York and we got to do a bra commercial. Yes I’m serious! My sister and I are now bra models….ok it was a one time thing but we won a free trip with airfare and accommodations and spending money and the trip also included a free makeover and clothes and shoes and jewelry, which we got to keep. Sounds like a great thing right? Oh my, I can’t even begin to describe that craziness that came with winning a free trip to New York on my birthday, to strip down to my skivvies on national TV.
First I drove the five hours to my sister’s house, so that we could fly together to New York, for our first ever visit to that huge crazy city! We were so excited to be experiencing this all together. We got up at 3:00 am on my birthday and made to the airport at 5 am to catch a 6:30 am flight to Atlanta, to then run frantically through the airport to the terminal to catch our connecting flight from Atlanta to New York, which we made with a few minutes to spare.
The arrival into New York went well we landed safely, and went to get our baggage, then call our car service which was provided for was courteously through the bra company that now OWNED us for the next four days! In fact our instructions, told us to do just that to get our luggage and then call for our car, except no one told us that my phone would be ringing with a strange number appearing on it while we were trying to find our luggage among 4 million other black luggage bags, and it would be a non-English speaking person on the other end! Ok maybe I’m exaggerating, he spoke English just not fluently and with such an eastern ascent that I couldn’t understand him, and what made it worse….he couldn’t understand my southern accent either!

So this is how our New York trip began. I couldn’t understand him nor could I hear him in all the hustle and bustle of the New York airport, then we got disconnected. He called back and he was asking where we were standing and why we hadn’t see him holding my name up  on a white piece of card board in the middle of the landing at the bottom of the escalators among 12 million other people standing there also. As if we would know that there would be a middle- eastern man with a turban on his head in full eastern attire holding up a sign with my name on it in the New York airport! NO! We didn’t get that memo!
So when we finally found each other he had us to follow him to his car. Only it wasn’t parked at the curb! So we were following this stranger who we didn’t completely understand, to the “south forty” of the New York City airport in the dead heat of summer at literally 102 degrees weather, in heels! Yes, we wanted to be fashionably beautiful when we arrived for our first and possibly last visit to New York. So all we brought were heels! Not the smarted thing we have ever done by far! Anyways, we followed him cautiously to his car at a safe enough distance that if perhaps we needed to turn and run we could at least have a few steps of a head start, also a safe enough distance to be planning our escape without him hearing us, if by chance we were to get kidnapped by this stranger we were following into an unfamiliar location.
Luckily the car had the appropriate signs on it, enough to at least calm our nerves, until of course we got on the road with him driving! OMG We just knew we were going to die on that car ride to the hotel. Only to find out later that, that was a common feeling every time you got into a cab in NY. Apparently beeping your horn and flipping people the finger is so common in New York that it is returned with a smile.
 We arrived safely at our hotel, 4 hours too early to check into it! So here we were in an unfamiliar city in high heels with no place to go for four hours. Luckily the front desk held our luggage for us to go explore the city till our rooms were ready. So off we went in the biggest city we had ever seen, with no direction where we were going. We ended up two blocks over and down a block in a little nice Irish Pub, for lunch and something cold to drink. We were taking pictures and having sisterly conversations, all was good at that moment. On our walking adventure there were lots of sights, smells, and sounds on the streets. In fact we were walking by this man yelling “handbags and sneakers” and as this young kid on a skateboard was rolling pass us he said how do “hamburgers and snickers” go together? OMG we laughed till we got home about that comment. We did wander pass and of course into the “museum of sex”, which was a totally interesting place…I recommend visiting if you are in that area. J
This sign is posted on the wall when you enter! How funny you would have to instruct people what not to do! Must mean someone tried it, already! OH MY!

Afterwards we wandered around, careful not to wander too far as to not remember our way back to our hotel. Within a few hours we had our rooms in the coolest hotel we had ever seen. Seriously when you walk in the lobby was a bar/night club with live music, with a coffee shop and a full upscale restaurant attached. The rooms were fully decorated in retro form and where stocked with sound equipment, a turntable, a guitar, and lots of old records. The room included a fully stocked refrigerator and snack bar with microwave and a laptop to use for the duration our stay in NY.  The room was by far the coolest part of our stay. Oh and did I mention we had a great view of the Empire State building from our windows!

So it was my birthday and I was in New York with my best friend and sister for the first time ever so after our meet and greet at five pm with the producers and the bra executives, we decided to go to Times Square and have dinner and shop. Only we had no clue how to get there and we were trying to be frugal with our expenses and decided we would get a map and walk to time square. It couldn’t possibly be too far, or so we thought! We walked and walked in our high heels at night past the movie in the central park with the swat team fully dressed out in full riot gear with AK47’s in full view and standing at full attention, We walked past many blocks getting slower with each step we took. The blisters began to pop up one by one on our feet; I honestly considered walking barefoot on the NY city sidewalk! EWE! We finally saw a Walgreen's so we crossed the busy NY street into the biggest ever Walgreen's we had ever seen. Four floors with escalators to each floors and packed from floor to ceiling with everything that could possible be in any store between there and Florida, so luckily on the very top floor we found flip flops! Yes brightly colored non fashionable tourist painted flip flops! Want to guess what we wore for the remainder of my birthday evening in Times Square? Yes flip flops!

We ended up at Hard Rock CafĂ© in Times Square on my birthday! Even more surprising we walked in to find the longest line we had ever seen or even thought that would ever fit inside a restaurant building, we literally stood in line less than a minute when one of the waitress’s came around the corner and said is there just two of you for dinner tonight and we said yes, and she said follow me. We walked past about 100 people in line in front of us and she sat us at table within one minute! Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, it was my birthday on Times Square in NY and I didn’t have to wait for a table to eat!

First of all I would like to say that 2 particular New York City Police Officers are not helpful at all!!!!! All was going well till we tried to return at midnight to our hotel which was 6 blocks away. So in the middle of the night in NY we decided it would be a good idea to try out the Subway systems! I only thought the NY city streets in a cab, was scary till I got acquainted with the NY subway tunnels and people in the middle of a NY city night! I did not know that the subway train goes at 20000 miles an hour through a dark narrow tunnel with people on it! I was frightened to tears I just wanted to go home!  We got our one week pass for the subway then we wondered past the entry to the tracks, when we came upon two police officers standing around talking and scoping out the people, we politely asked if they could tell us which train went closest to our hotel so that we could get safely back. They looked at each other and said “just take the one train”. Huh where and what is the one train? Their response was “just follow the signs you’ll find it. So we are looking a the signs and getting more tired and irritable by the minute, we find the one train but the signs are not clear on to where it goes, so we stupidly rely on the advice of the NYPD and get on the one train. OMG it is now past midnight and two southern white girls are on the non-returning train of the night to Harlem! I told you I couldn’t make this stuff up! Not to mention the man beside us has a guitar and is singing “Jesus misses me” to the top of his lungs and wouldn’t stop until the man on the other side of us offered him a quarter to stop singing while he was on the train! Luckily it wasn’t the last train of the night it was the second to last one and we were returned to our point of origin at the same terminal we started at.
Now even more frustrated and sleepy we had to find the right train on our own. After about fifteen minutes we found the right train to where we needed to be going and it took it about fifteen more minutes to return to the terminal to pick us up (in NY city subway time it felt like a very slow hour and not fifteen minutes). By the way we could have walked back to our hotel by that time it was only six blocks away! I promise neither of us is that ditsy, we were just that tired! We did make it safely back to our rooms about 1 am, in time to get a few hours of sleep before our 5am wake up call and our car to the studio was waiting on us at 630 sharp. We didn’t use the subway the rest of our trip! So if anyone needs a subway card I have one I’ll give you for free!

After our first night of fun we were then prisoners to the bra company the entire rest of the week. The first day was all the “before” photo shoots, the- in our own clothes, our own bras, our own makeup and hair. It was a very long day, in which they wanted to make sure we looked our worst so that the makeovers would be that more spectacular! I now know for sure that all commercials are lies! They did interviews in which we had to say what they wanted us to say and dress like they wanted us to dress and so forth. We didn’t get out of day one productions till nearly 7pm. We did meet some great new friends and we ended up going to dinner with them at Serendipity’s and had some fun for a few hours before we went back to crash exhaustedly into our lush beds for a few more hours till the next wake up call at 7 am.
Our third day in NY and the second and final day of production were upon us. We got up didn’t do our hair or makeup, didn’t even bother getting out of our pajamas practically and went to the studio set. We were pampered with hair and makeup professionals, wardrobe from head to toe and a stylist. Sounds like fun huh? It was crazy! Lights cameras, production staff, I’m talking about 40 men fully dressed in a studio with women all in the skivvies! To hair, then to makeup, then to wardrobe, then repeat and repeat again. Then to fully dressed after photos and then undressed new bra photos, and then the after production of the bra commercial, also the after interviews about how and why we loved our new bras! It was crazy!!!!!  

The last and final night in NY all of us woman in the photo shoot went to Tres Hermanos for dinner. It was so much fun, but we were all worn out. We didn’t get back to our rooms till about 11 pm. We had to be up by 6am the following morning to meet our car for the trip back to the airport. Once through security at we boarded the plane and sat on the tarmac for nearly 2 hours, then landing in Atlanta for our connecting flights 2 hours late, running through the airport like crazy people trying to make our flight only to have the terminal door shut in our face because they gave our seats away to the standby flyers because we weren’t there 30 minutes early to check in! Seriously! So two and half hours later and my sister was cussing out the ticket desk rude lady to get us a new flight! We could have driven home in that time, but the production company wouldn’t pay for a rental car!

Finally on our way home, on our final flight back to the origin of our departure four days prior was a living nightmare! Storms forced our plane to go out over the ocean after dropping in elevation by a couple thousands feet, with people screaming and crying! The pilot saying please remain seated and belted down and feel free to pray! We circled the runway 3 times before he told us to brace for landing and once the wheels hit the tarmac in the storm we fishtailed sideways on the runway! I think everyone on the plane needed new skivvies by then!

Safely on the ground we were very happy to be home. So beware of winning a trip, it could be deadly…lol even more it could be sad, because in reality we spent 4 days in New York and we didn’t get to see any of the sights, and probably never will because I have no desire on earth to visit New York again. I know I disappointed my sister who wanted to go to the Empire State building after dinner one night and the fact that we never had the time to shop or go to the harbor to at least glance at the Statue of Liberty. I feel bad that we won a completely free trip to New York and didn’t get to enjoy it! L

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Engagement :)

So a lot has happened since my last entry. First I got
engaged in June to the most wonderful and amazing man I have ever met. I have
never been in love till now. My family keeps telling me that they have never
seen me this happy and telling my fiancé that they have never seen me in love.
So now, here come all the details.

We went on a family vacation to the beach back in June, with
our children. Apparently our kids don’t love the beach as much as we do; they
were not pleased that we got to spend 11 days at the beach. They were ready to
go home after they 4th day.

On our sixth month
mark he got down on one knee on the beach at sunset and ….forgot what he wanted
to say…lol apparently he was extremely nervous! It was so cute, so before he
could even get a word out of his mouth I was screaming YES-YES-YES, and he
informed me I couldn’t answer the question before he asked it…
. Happily engaged, we enjoyed the rest of our vacation.

Upon returning from vacation a newly engaged couple we
decided that living an hour apart in different states wasn’t going to work out
for us, we decided to buy a house and move in together. So him as his daughter
moved in first, then my youngest son and I moved in a few weeks later.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I have to admit I'm not the safest person to have around appendages. Not even my own are safe, you all know this because I told you in a previous blog post about my painful nipple incident.
I think I may have committed the ultimate crime upon a penis....well not really I do believe that Lorena Bobbitt owns that prestigious and utmost crazy title!

So let me begin by saying there was no predetermined malicious thoughts to harming my man's manhood, it was strictly a horrible accident! Here's the series of unfortunate events of that night that will and should make every man reading this cringe.

D and I were making love and as we do on often occasions, switching positions from missionary to doggy style. Once we got situated and we were getting rather loud and into it I decided to reach down from underneath to touch myself. I do that quite often so I didn't realize the harm in it this time around. D was sliding in and out as I was touching myself and we were getting louder and faster, and louder and faster to the point of climax when tragedy struck!

D's manhood slipped out on his way back and on his rebound forward he simultaneously but instantly missed and instead of finding my wet warm spot he "sliced" his manhood across my very long but real fingernails! Yes, one of my fingernails was in the direct line of a speeding, rebounding penis!

Needless to say our rather hot and passionate moment was instantly over in that slice! There was a gashed opening from the head of his penis about an inch and half long down his shaft, gushing blood all over the place. Once we got the bleeding to stop and we disinfected the area, I was horrified that I had unintended maliciously mangled one of my mans body parts! :( I felt and feel so very bad about harming his manhood!

We were out of commission for about a week while he healed and disinfected the area leaving a scar of our unintended malicious mishap of that day!

Once all healed up and ready for some fun my man ready to get back into action, pulled me into the tanning bed room at our local gym! Yes the most germ filled place in the world, a gym! We had sex inside the stand up tanning bed before our workout that day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Abuse of My Nipples!

So last night something funny happened! I thought I was going to pee my pants it was so very funny! I got up out of bed to turn my computer off and when I climbed back into bed over top of D the only part of my body that touched his ribs was my right nipple. The millisecond my nipple touched his ribs a static shock ran from my nipple to his ribs and we both said ouch at the same time then burst into laughter! OMG I swear that was the funniest thing.

So since we are now talking about nipples let me tell you all about the time last summer when I shaved a chunk out of my left nipple! OUCH! NO I don't shave my boobs...lol nor do I shave my chest.

I was at my youngest sister's house and was in the shower and all you ladies know how it is a balancing act to prop one leg up on the edge of the tub while standing in the shower and bending over trying to shave your legs one at a time while standing on one foot.

Ok so I was doing just that when my foot slipped off the side of the tub and my knee jerk reaction sent my hand with my razor up past my knee soaring past my belly button and onto the only appendage sticking out far enough to catch the edge of the razor! Yes my nipple! OUCH I screamed as blood dripped down breast onto the shower floor, but no one heard me. :(

I was in pain but I just had to tell my sister what I had done because I knew she would find it very funny. As she did, and so did my brother in law once we took off to the beach for the day and the salt water from a wave splashed up onto my bathing suit top and seeped right through to the open wound on my left nipple and I screamed in pain! OUCH!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding My Happy Blog Medium

I am so at a loss for words for this blog recently. I am so elated with my relationship that my thoughts don't match my blog. I can and will find a way to overcome the anxiety that seems to be plaguing my thoughts of overwhelming volumes of my loss of words for my beloved blog.
I don't want to lose my fellow friends nor change my blog title so bare with me as I create a happy medium in my blog world. Thank you all for being so patient. I have so much to share with you all.

I am still in love and dating D. We aren't engaged just yet however he did purchase my ring and has a special event planned for a special engagement event but he wont give me any details about any of it.

He does know about my blog (gasp), HOWEVER he respects it as my personal diary and has no desire to read it. (THANK GOD). I was a bit apprehensive about telling him about it, only because I don't want to have any secrets between us. He had the right response and the way I hoped he would have reacted to my blog was exactly the way he took it. Yes, I did tell him it had details in it and although I don't quite think he understood the magnitude of the details I meant, he respected that they were not things I wanted him to read nor things he cared to read in detail. (He thinks I'm sweet and innocent) ;)
So I look forward to again starting a new journey of writing and honesty with everyone. Thank you so very much for being so very patient with me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Alive And Happy

So I have been MIA for a few months...I truly have missed writing and reading everyone's blogs. D and I are still on the same path and page and still in love.

Will continue this tomorrow when I can keep my eyes open and I have my new glasses so I can actually see the computer screen. :) Goodnight everyone and I will write tomorrow and catch up on some reading :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing Catch up on my Blog!

I am alive my fellow bloggers! I have been so busy with my live, my new love , my kids and family, that I just haven't had any time to blog! I have missed it and I have missed all of you! My kids are great, we had great holidays and I am just extremely happy that they are over now!

I am still in love with my man D and he is equally in love with me! :)

Christmas went well, we had Christmas at my place with my boys the Thursday morning before Christmas, because I had to work Friday Christmas eve morning and the boys would be at their dad's places for Christmas morning. Christmas eve evening we went to my middle sister's for our family Christmas. Everyone was on their best behavior! :) Well except for my uncle S who was ready to hurry up and get out of their to go smoke some pot that he so politely announced at dinner, and my dad who decided to tell everyone that my cooking and was better than sex in the middle of dinner. Yes my family is as normal as everybody's. After dinner I took the boys to their dads and went to D's.

Christmas morning was great we woke up to a white Christmas everything was snowed on and my man and I exchanged gifts. I got him a digital picture frame with memory card and I had borrowed (snuck) some pictures out of his picture box in his closet and uploaded all his pics of his family and daughter and him onto it, it was great! He loved it! He got me a tanzanite and diamond promise ring that is gorgeous!
I am so totally in love with him! So after our our sweet Christmas morning together with just the two of us, we headed over to pick his daughter up from her mom's. We had a little difficulty with the driving part and got snuck a time or tow on a few hills but we eventually made it south to his mom's house. It was a lovely family Christmas and everyone loves me! WOOHOO!

On Monday morning I drove to my youngest sisters and best friends house for a few days of sister talk and cooking (cause we love to cook). We aren't wine drinkers but I had stopped by a winery on my way down and pick up a bottle of raspberry white zinfandel which was so full of deliciousness! We drank the entire bottle while we cooked dinner and caught up on each others lives! Wine and chocolate creme cake! yummy!Was home in time for new years eve with my man and our kids. We had a great night! So all in all the holidays were great, but so glad they are over! Happy New Year everyone!