Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I Love Blogs!

I love reading other people's blogs. It gives me a glimpse into their thoughts and life. I get to be apart of their thought process without being a part of their life.

I like the benign objectivity from others not just to justify my train of thoughts but also to bounce ideas and pathways of situations off of!

Its about the randomness, of almost having the super power of invisibility and peeking into someones soul!

Yes it is much easier to be fully uncovered in blogs as well, not because we are ashamed of who we are, it's because we desire a place to vent the person we are without biases.

It's a virtual diary, a play by play projection of our life and soul, it's an open honest completely unbiased untainted unwrapped conversation that you would have with your best friend .

It's a reflection of ourselves, that show our beauties, our flaws, and occasionally our claws.

It's who I am, regardless of who you are.

It's a version of me that isn't tainted by my surroundings, rather it's a product of my experiences.

It's a vulnerability that nemesis our lives at times and it's also a gateway that deepens the journey, either by tip toeing or walking boldly into the authentic you.


  1. Well said. I almost feel like you wrote that just for me. Yes, I really AM that self-centered! LOL @ myself.

    However your last statement is right on. It is only because of the acceptance that I am receiving on my blog that I even realized how much different I am when I'm around 'real life' people. So my blog is certainly a valuable tool for me in my journey of self-awareness.

  2. emi True Torystellar- Yes this blog was for you. Also another of my fellow bloggers I follow asked what it is that his followers love about blogs so I decided to not to leave you both comments only, but also take the opportunity to tell everyone why I love to blog and read others blogs!

    Oilfield Trash- Thank you! I appreciate the comment, I'm not always so well articulate but sometimes the educated portion of my brain takes over and something brilliant creeps

  3. Awesome post.

    "It's a virtual diary, a play by play projection of our life and soul, it's an open honest completely unbiased untainted unwrapped conversation that you would have with your best friend."

    Beautifully put :)

  4. That's what I love about them too. I love sharing it and I love that people come by and read them and share their thoughts on them. Thanks for writing this.

  5. I couldn't have said it really...I couldn't have. It's what I love most about blogging too. Just being able to get things out of my head and out there. It keeps me from being untrue with myself and it's very liberating to be so, out there, with everything.

  6. You hit the nail on the head! This is all the reasons I love blogging too!
    Love your blog!

  7. PS...I posted a blog that I think you will just love...head on over and check it out! ;-)

  8. So true. And it is sometimes like looking thru the bedroom window. A little glimpse of the real person without the makeup and the body shaper underwear. Lol. I am so adicted to blogging now.

  9. Thank you to everyone I am truly flattered that this blog was found beautiful and meaningful to all of you! Thank you! I am addicted to blogging its like my mental release! Thank you for following and commenting!

  10. Great reflections! There's certainly a reason why we do what we do, and you put it in words better than I would have :-) Nice stuff!

  11. Thank you so very much! I enjoy each and everyone of yours views comments and blogs! Thank you for blogging and following my blog!

  12. I just found you through Oilfield and I love this post! I too love finding other blogs to read! It's a great escape from the outside world to dive into someone else's thoughts, feelings & experiences.

    Thank you for sharing yours!