Friday, November 26, 2010

The Man That (almost) Kissed Me On New Years!

So Thank you to all who understood and commented on my boredom post the other night. My evening didn't turn out as boring as I thought it would. You see back in May when I moved out and broke my engagement off I also downsized material things in my life.

The first to go was my Blackberry (crack-berry). Yes I went backwards from technology and got a regular no internet flip phone with NO perks! I thought I would die without my blackberry, I swear it use to be glued to my hand. In reality I survived without it!

When I down graded I had to upload my contacts back onto my new non-techno phone. Now if you have ever had a blackberry it's a different system that keeps your contacts than the regular one and since I had gotten engaged I had deleted most my old contacts off my blackberry.

However when you down grade and need your contacts put on your non-smart phone (it's cheaper and works better so I think it's a smarter phone), you have to go back to your old contacts list which included people that I truly hadn't talked to in years and some I didn't even remember.

So if you read my previous post In A Sports Bar In An Evening Gown you would have noticed maybe that I mentioned my evening which included two kisses from random strangers, however I was completely wrong I was only kissed by one stranger. Yes I still had one of their numbers and when I posted that post I texted D. The good looking man at the bar beside me that had wanted to kiss me but another man beat him to it out of the blue and shocked me.

D who is a single father of a 10 yr old girl, who has a good job and two bachelors degrees, texted me back , within seconds. I was shocked he still had my number. D tells me he recently got dumped by his fiance because she left him for a Miami Heat Player! I couldn't help but laugh. That has to be a pretty cool story to tell as a man! LMAO...OK maybe I'm just being mean!

So the other night while bored the night before Thanksgiving I invited him over. He said sure even though it was late when he got off work and he would have to leave and go straight to his mom's for their family dinner the next morning.

So D arrived at my apartment at at 10:15 pm and sat on the other end of the couch from me. We talked and talked and talked.....3 hours! yes 3 hours later after 1 am we were still talking. WOW he is truly a gentleman and could even carry on a conversation. On top of that he loves college football!

OMG! I may be jumping the gun here but I think he likes me! He called after-wards and said how much he enjoyed our conversation and then texted all the next day while at his mom's.

Seriously I'm super excited about this guy! I'm not sure why but he made me a little nervous but completely comfortable! Woohoo I will keep you all posted.

Wow I spent an entire evening with a good-looking, intelligent, funny man without getting bored to pieces!


  1. YAY!!! Congrats sweetie!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Keep us posted please :)

  3. Thank you everyone...don't fret the juicy posts are going to continue no matter what! lol

  4. So D has been texting me all day ! :) I'm not sure what that means!

  5. I think it means he truly is interested in you and he just may be the one. Give him a chance and it may turn out to be the best thing you could have ever done. I hope so.

  6. Well I asked him when I could I enjoy his company again and his response was "when we are both available again" so thinking maybe not!

  7. OK So change of thought he called when he got off work tonight and asked if he could come over to see me tonight! :)

  8. haha. you are too cute. I love that beginning fun stage!! Keep us posted.

  9. Yes he came over and we talked till 2 am and I had to be at work at 7am but I came in with a smile! :)

  10. Well done you! Hope things work out great for you :)

  11. Thank you so far so good ....