Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Most Pleasurable Birthday Memory!

I was asked by a friend of mine the other day if I had ever had sex with two men at the same time. My answer was NO, have you? His answer was NO, I was hoping you had so you could tell me about it. What? Just because I'm a sexual person doesn't mean I would have sex with two men at one time. Besides why do my friends try to live through me....

Then I decided to tell him about my birthday a couple years ago. I never had the desire to sleep with two men at the same time. I would think it would be odd for the men? I'm trying to picture what they would be doing and I just can't get it to fit in my brain.

Anyway I had to work on my birthday which is never unusual, since it's not officially been declared a national holiday, yet. While I was sitting in at my desk at my second job, my friend and co-worker asked what I would be doing that evening for my birthday and my response was having sex. Her response was, with B or T.

You see my friend knew my obsession with T and that I was still seeing B as well. So when she said B or T I got this Cheshire cat grin on my face and said BOTH! Her young mind couldn't process that kind of information. With a confused look, she said "what? both?". Yes, I replied both. Then it hit me she thought I meant at the same time. Oh my NO!

You see they knew about each other but they did not like each other, to say it nicely. lol...Yes I did mean they actually knew about each other, they also knew that I was having sex with each of them also, BUT they probably, and hopefully will NEVER know I had sex with them in the same hour of each other.....

Ok cut me some was MY birthday! I left work after 8.5 hours in a cubicle with no window and called B. I told him I wanted sex as my birthday gift! Of course he was just fine with that, so before getting home he met me on a dead in road in our town.

The road was deserted and turned from pavement to red clay at the end of it. He met me there and we laid down the tailgate of his truck and out in the sexy outdoors under the July summer sunny sky I was bent over his tailgate while we had some great hair pulling ass smacking from behind fucking! It was great!

I left there and it took me five minutes to get home and straight to the shower I went to get washed up and get some clean clothes on. When I got out of the shower I had received a text from T. He wanted to know my plans for the evening and I said well I was hoping to get with him to get some sex for my birthday!

Woohoo....5 minutes later I was over at his place naked and straddling him on the couch, till he flipped me over and I got some more great hair pulling ass smacking from behind fucking! I love it from behind! There is nothing that feeling so damn great!.......ok well maybe being licked into submission but that was already established in another post.

I so enjoyed my birthday that year, and I would love to do it again this year!


  1. Hi there girl, I keep seeing your symbol on comments and thought I would pay you a visit. Really enjoyed reading about your awesome birthday presents. Your last statement got my attention talking about being licked into submission. I'll never forget the time I spent with a sexy gal one evening. We had been out to eat and got back to her place we were ready for some awesome sex. She was smooth shaven and was sooooooo sweet. I started exploring and stayed there for what seemed like forever. I will never forget that evening. See where you sent my mind this morning. I'll be back

  2. So glad you stopped by! I'm sure if you found this one interesting you'll enjoy my previous posts! Stop by anytime! :)

  3. What they don't know won't hurt them! :-)
    And two men at the same time isn't all the just stay VERY busy! hahaha. Since I enjoy oral it's pretty simple. 1 is fucking you while you suck the other one off...then switch. It's pretty freaking fun. Don't count it out.

  4. Thanks Jewels I would say I would probably find that quite fun myself!

  5. MFM can be tons of fun for all involved. Been there, done that. :-)