Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Was I Thinking?!

Yes, unfortunately I'm officially "out of order". I woke up Saturday morning not feeling so well. I was having a little issue "down-there". NO it isn't an STD, it was a boil that kept getting bigger and bigger, right in the inside crease of my leg. You know where your panties and jeans hit you. Yes right there! OMG it hurt so damn bad I couldn't even walk by Monday morning!

By Monday afternoon I was at the Doctors office in tears. As I undressed from the waist down I was horrified that boil looked like an alien coming out of my skin...GROSS! Just trust me it was GROSS! So I crawled up on the table and it started draining all down my leg and onto the thin ass paper table cover as I pulled the other thin ass paper cover on top of me...(for modesty reasons...yeah right ), I then had to ...yep you guessed it...put my feet in those damn stirrups!

Waiting there flat on my back, because I can't sit on my ass it hurt too bad....and waiting ...and waiting...the midwife comes in that has always seen me for every visit asks my a few questions, the poked her head down there to check out why I was crying on her table.......silence........still silent......then she said "I need to go get the doctor to look this I think it needs to be lanced". OMG! For the next hour I laid on the table crying my eyes out while he "numbed" (which is an oxymoron, because they stuck this huge ass needle in my sore spots and it hurt like HELL) the area was then sliced open drained out and packed, the now bigger wound, with gauze! OMG I hurt !

Procedure was done and I very carefully crawled my way back out to my car, thinking I can make it home! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!
I made it to the Walmart, where I thought my prescriptions would be ready since my Dr. called them in before I left.....again WHAT WAS I THINKING!
I was in so much pain that a woman I know that just so happened to be my ex-fiance's mom walked over to see how I was doing and I PASSED OUT! yes! PASSED OUT in Walmart!
There I was on the Walmart pharmacy floor with 20 or more people around me. Luckily C (the ex's mom) picked up my cell and called my sister to come get me. Unfortunately if you have been following my blog I haven't talked to my sister in over two months, and she told her to call my son.

My 18 yr old son shows up in his junky hoopty non-legal 4 door Oldsmobile that couldn't possibly have a muffler on it, car with a few "gangsta" friends that all smell like POT! I'm serious when I say non-legal not even 6 hours after that, he was pulled over and booked for drug possession and him and his gangsta friends are sitting in the county jail waiting for their court date which is set for Dec 7th. Yes apparently the twenty bucks I gave him for gas (because his car was on E when he picked me up) , went straight the local drug dealers and when his car quit running for lack of gas in the middle of the our town square (IE:the court house in the center of town that you literally have to drive around to get to where ever you go here). The local PO-PO in which I'm fairly close to stops to check and smells POT (shocking! lol). YES My son is still sitting in the county jail and will remain there till court. (don't judge me, he needs to learn a lesson, besides his grandparents and all his family and friends have agreed to leave him there)

Long story short I made it home safely and I am now feeling better thanks to my antibiotics and a bunch of hydrocodones, after my followup visit on Wednesday. I hope to be back in working order by my next followup visit on Monday! PRAY for me!


  1. Oh my god ! You poor thing! OUCH OUCH OUCH! But it made a good post though :)

  2. Thank you Miss Vicki I need the sympathy! I wasn't sure I would blog about it but when I decided to and actually read it, it was quite entertaining lol I knew my fellow bloggers could at least get cringe and laugh in the same day!

  3. Oh I cringed alright. Good Lord that sounds horrible.

  4. OMG... you poor thing! And I completely understand as I had an abscess in my ass that had to be lanced, not once but twice... *shudder*... hope you feel better soon!

  5. Thank you! I hope this never happens to anyone OMG it's painful....I am healing up nicely and back to recovery hopefully in a week it will be completely gone...these are definitely things men don't understand!

  6. UGH.

    I had that problem but with an ingrown hair in the LIP of my youhoo....

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Yes the Dr said it was probably from and ingrown hair and I irritated it working out at the gym and sweating! Whats a girl suppose to do? not shave and not workout/sweat? HELL NO although I don't ever want this problem again I wil have to take my chances.

  8. I feel your pain. For several years I was cursed with having what you call boils (there’s a medical name for it which I can’t recall now) in my “TAINT” (taint cock and taint asshole) area. Taint pleasant and IS excruciatingly painful. The only way I could walk was with my knees fully bent waddling like a duck. With each episode I went through procedures like you had to endure.

    I hope you have recovered by now and never have a recurrence.

  9. Ouch Don sounds as painful as mine multiplied! I hate that anyone would have to go through painful boils in areas that should hurt like that! Yes I am fully recovered and hope to stay that way! Thank you!