Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ghost From The Past

Back in May of this year I was going through all my photo albums to find pictures for the slide show at my wedding and came across pictures form when I was in 4 th and 5th grades. I posted them on face book not realizing that ghost from the past would shortly bombard me.
I posted class pictures and my favorite teacher of all time was in them as well. I asked my fellow facebookers if anyone knew the teachers first name so I might look her up and thank her , and so the story started right there. within minutes I facebooked her and was in tears after several short emails and catching up I told her why I looked her up. And here is how it went.
May 10
  •  I just want to you to know you meant the world to me. I was a lost little girl who didn't even know I was lost till you came into my life. I know you don't know and didn't know the family dynamic situations of your students, but you still managed to bring light into my life. The personal conversations you had with us girls about our bodies and our personal space was a blessing beyond comprehension! I couldn't even begin to explain how much you mean to me for the teachings you gave me and my fellow students. I tried to type this without crying myself but that didn't happen either. If you care to here my story I will gladly share it with you but for know with out bombarding you , I will just say THANK you with ALL my heart!
  • Mrs. S
  • ....I am here.......Never feel you will bombard me!

I was a little overwhelmed earlier but I'm better now. I grew up in an odd family, my parents were swingers and we lived in a nudest colony a good majority of my elementary school years. You were the only adult that I truly trusted for the first time in my life and I know God sent you to help me. Because of the talks you had with the girls in our classes because of the time you gave to me and my girlfriends, it was because of you that my life turned around and became better. Sounds cliche huh....I bet from an outside person it probably does and I've never told this story to anyone but as a child I was molested by my uncle and because of you, I told someone! Because of you I spoke up and it stopped! Nothing happened to him and the people I told never believed me but he stopped after I told.
I could never tell you how much you impacted my life and although you never knew it, you saved my life. Those little moments when you took time to talk to just us girls about our bodies and our personal space changed my life!~ Thank you
Mrs. S
..........First off: I am sorry it took me a day to respond back to you. I went to bed at 10 last night......which I NEVER do, but I have been doing so much here at the end of the school year...and I was so tired. Second: I am working for the American Federation of Teachers out of Maryland for the Common Core activities that will be coming out in the summer. I am editing over 100 spreadsheets for them. I fly out next Friday for the weekend to MD to do a marathon editing for them. Third: I am still wrapping up 19 days left of school with my 2nd graders......which makes me SOOOOO sad to pass them on!
So sweet (my name).......What a trying life experience for a young girl!!! As my principal for 19 years here in Volusia County always said.... "We really DO NOT know where these children are coming from!" In your were trapped.......but YOU got out! YOU were strong! And it sounds like you are stronger from that HORRIBLE experience. It makes my heart hurt that you had to go through that.........Life is so unfair sometimes!!! I am so proud that you spoke up......and saved yourself. As we get older, we realize that the ONLY one who can help us yourself. As a hope and pray that you make a difference in their academic life.....but we know there is more to our profession than that! It is not all ABC and 123! I have always known that God has put me on this Earth to be a teacher and mother. I treat my students like they are my own children......push them, praise them, love them and yes........even cook for them! I LOVE what I do.....and bottom line........I just want to make a difference in every life. I am glad I was there for you.......but, sweet (my name)...... YOU MADE THE DIFFERENCE! YOU STOPPED IT!
I am sooooooo thankful you did!
Sending you love and strength to keep healing and continue a wonderful life! Love, Mrs. S :)
Thank you so much for your response, to my email. You are truly a gift from God and I'm so glad that he has blessed your life, as he has mine! I'm so proud of you for continuing your career and giving so much of yourself for the youth of our generation! I'm so glad that I have you as a friend and mentor. Good luck and have a safe trip to MD, my father's Italian family are form there, that is where he was born. I hope you enjoy the last few days of school with your 2nd graders. I know they are enjoying you! Thank you again for your response and encouragement. I am blessed to have you in my life again. I hope when I visit Florida again in your area I could take you to lunch or stop by and hi at least.

I'm so happy for you! Thank you Mrs. S! love me

I feel like I had a huge weight lifted off of me after this conversation was finished! I can't say enough about Great teachers! We need more of them!