Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wedding Night Bliss?

This blog post is what I'm going to coin as a pg/r/pg rated blogwich (like a sandwich, meaning the first part is pg and the middle is rated R and it ends pg) :)

Our wedding was wonderful, it was a beautiful ceremony with our closest family and friends. We had 35 or so guests and my dress was awesome. It was what I always thought it would be as a little girl! :)

Friends and family had a great time. Ceremony started at 6:30pm so we had the entire day to prepare. Hair, makeup, dress, tuxes and rental car check. One sick vomiting kid...ugh and he was mine, but it was from all the candy he had eaten all day and all the cokes he wasn't use to having. He was better once my sister who is a nurse took him home and fed him chicken soup. Wedding went quick and it was lots of fun, then came the honeymoon!

Let me start by saying letting your new husband of two hours carry all the money , might have some hiccups in the situation sooner rather than later.

We got all settled in our rental car for our trip to Atlanta to catch the early flight out to the Dominican Republic for 7 days. Got about 20 miles down the road and realized we had no luggage, it was still in my car, that my sister took with her. Luckily we caught her and she met us to get our luggage. It was now midnight!

We had a wonderful trip to Atlanta checked into our hotel and he quickly grabbed me and peeled off over my head the sun dress I had replaced my wedding dress with to reveal my white lace corset with matching strings thongs, which didn't stay on long as it quite quickly hit the floor and I was lowered to the bed, he began to kiss me softly on my lips as he made his way across to my ear and down my neck kissing every inch of skin to where his hands were cupping my breasts tenderly massaging my nipples to make them firmly stand at attention till his lips and tongue could reach them.

Slowly his hands released my breast and began a smooth slither down my ribs, then down my waist to my hips to let his mouth take over my nipples. As he was making sure to give each of my breast ample attention with his tongue his hand was now cupping my womanness taking in the heat that being emitted and was rising and forming a wetness. My little white lacy panties were maneuvered to the side as he gently took the tip of one finger and dipped it slightly into my pussy to dampen it and to feel the moisture and heat rise while slowly moving up to find my clit which was then starving for some attention. The first touch sent shivers up my entire body, he continued  manipulating my clit to maximum alertness . Moving his mouth up to mine we passionately kissed while he slid my panties off and got his shirt and pants off to reveal his solid manhood. My wet desiring mouth made it slowly down his body to engulf his manhood into it feeling it's heat fill my mouth while my tongue lapped  up the dipping wetness of him, he was begging to be inside me, I slowly went back up and we met in the middle as his hardness found my wetness for some slipping in and out fun, feeling the heat and dripping wetness down my thighs onto the bed while I was firmly but gently with force holding on  to his back with my nails dug in panting to the rhythm of his thrusts till our climaxes collided in a hot wet moment of throbbing greatness and he collapsed on the bed beside me.

By this time it's 2:45 in the morning and making sure we had our things together we gather our melted bodies up to make sure our luggage and carry ones were all packed appropriately to quickly realize that we have NO money! Yes my newly acquired god of love making had left all our money in his tux pocket in which my sister who lives in northern Georgia so graciously volunteered to return the next day for us. So she had it more than 2 hours away and it was t-5 hours till take off to our honeymoon. So I called my sister who again graciously met us half way with our money but by this time my husband was asleep in the passenger seat and I drove there and back so at around 6 am I finally get into bed to wake up two hours later frantically trying to get our things together and get to the airport before take off, and foolishly forgetting that we hadn't stopped for gas to top off the rental car at 6 in the morning only for the rental company to charge an extra $110 for a half tank of gas! Note: do not ever return a rental car without topping off the gas tank first!

We happily and thankfully made it to our flight and safely to our all inclusive honeymoon suite for a week of wedded bliss in the beautiful Dominican Republic by 2 be continued with pics on another post for another day. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crotch Lightening?

Ok so milk does the body good....inside and out know the good for calcium for your bones and good for the skin for moisture? But, your crotch? whoa hold up one minute I had to google this after an incident this is what google gave me . Apparently you can lighten your crotch with milk! Who knew!

Learn something new everyday!

I would have never guessed that sour milk or buttermilk although they are high in lactic acid would have been proven to lighten skin in your crotch area. However the website states that you can apply sour milk or buttermilk on your crotch for a lighter and better texture on the said area!

So I googled milk crotch because as I thought my day yesterday was going to be fantastic because it started out with breakfast at Panera (which I love). Quite quickly turned into a wet milky crotch for the rest of my day, and work shift for 12 hours! Showering at midnight!

Yes I ordered a bagel and a milk to go. Unfortunately Panera's cups are not the sturdiest cups and the slightest squeeze sends liquid quickly rushing out the top and over spilling for fear of bearing squished after being squeezed and churned and so far the last thing milk wants it to be squeezed in a flimsy plastic cup.

 So I happy order a cinnamon crunch bagel, and a skim milk, graciously thanking the lady at the register and walking out to my car.

I get all settled in my car, put the milk in-between thighs....not my smartest moment....ok then I begin to put my stick shift (my manual transmission) car into reverse and apparently in the process of pressing in the clutch on my car my thighs clenched together and the milk in my little flimsy cup runneth over into my crotch!

Scrambling for napkins or anything at this point to try to dry my scrubs off before reaching the hospital to start my 12 hour shift I managed to spill the rest of my milk in my crotch!

Fortunately, I have no air conditioning in my car so the milk will dry on my scrubs before my 45 min drive to the hospital, However; unfortunately I have no air conditioning in my car so by the time I get to work my crotch with smell of spoiled milk and my scrubs will be dry so it will be an awkward conversation if anyone notices!

So notes to self :
1.ALWAYS use the cup holders located conveniently in the center console of my car.
2. Don't try to drive with a flimsy cup between your thighs.
3. Check to see if this really did lighten my would I know? I don't think I've honestly ever thought about the color spectrum in my crotch area! (although my husband told me I had a very nicely colored va-jay-jay and not to be concerned with it) lol
4. Don't try lightening your crotch on the go, it's too messy.

Operation Sex Drive!

I'm not sure how I got so far behind on my blogging. It's been a year since I blogged and I've missed it, however I just couldn't gather the motivation for sitting at the computer and typing things out. I've had plenty of things to say and plenty of time to say it in, I just didn't do it. It's like I lost my Mo-Jo! I seem to have that effect on things.

So a whole year! Wow I have a lot of catching up to type about, don't I?

Ok so last year I got engaged, we bought a house and against better judgement of family we moved in together. Things went as expected! Living with someone makes everyone make adjustments in living, breathing, thinking, eating, crying, laughing, loving, and any other daily activities anyone could possibly think of. Yes it's true, however I do always stay the same person. I have never tried to be someone else or make the man I'm dating think I was anything but me.

Even my husband (yes it's official I did get married), said I pretty much told him who I was the first night, he said he thought I may have been trying to scare him I found that funny! So as I was saying I am me, but we all know men change things up often and put their best foot forward in the beginning then as time moves on and newness wears off, things to women seems to become more obvious whether or not we can live, tolerate, and or deal with the man he really is.....ok to be fair women do this also the whole bait and switch of the person you think the other person wants.

So after two failed marriages I know this one is the real one and it will prevail through thick and thin and  so on and so forth...This doesn't mean I'm not going to bitch about it when I'm not happy with a situation, I am a woman!

So if you recall any of my previous post including the one about the man of steel, you know many things get in the way of sex! Apparently I broke something! No I'm not abusing appendages this time, I mean something is broke and I don't know what?

What's more frustrating a woman who says "nothing" when asked what's wrong? or a man?
How about asking what is the problem, and the response being I don't know! What's broken? How do we fix this if no one is talking. You would think I would be the one not talking right? saying nothing is wrong and I don't know....This is what men complain about right? Us not talking or avoiding the conversations with statements of "I don't know" and "Nothing"!  And then bottling it up to boil over time to explode at a later date! Yes I admit I have done this a time or two, but not this time! It wasn't me! However my husband has these issues which I found out on our honeymoon !

Time to get to the bottom of things
Problem: we have been married two months and have had sex about four(4) times since returning  from our honeymoon!
Solution: have sex!

Seems pretty simple right?
Apparently not so much!

Plan B
Problem: no sex and no one is talking about it.
Solution: Talk about it and get to it!

Plan C
Problem: no sex, no problems and nothing is wrong and he doesn't know.
Solution: TALK!

Plan E
Problem: 2am have to be at work at 7 am and still up trying to drag out the problem.
Solution: stop talking and have sex :)

FYI(yes I purposely skipped D and F, because D(divorce) is not a plan or an option and neither is F(failure).

Plan G
Problem: that solved one issue...Sex was great as always, so why are we not having it everyday?
Answer? I don't know!
Solution: sleep on it and regroup, I'm exhausted and need sleep.

Plan H
Problem: no sex in a newly wed couple, is NOT normal!
Solution: SEX! Operation Sex Drive is now activated! Now to implement the necessary plans to get the bottom of the missing sex drive of my husband!

Just ranting, but open to any suggestions!