Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crotch Lightening?

Ok so milk does the body good....inside and out know the good for calcium for your bones and good for the skin for moisture? But, your crotch? whoa hold up one minute I had to google this after an incident this is what google gave me . Apparently you can lighten your crotch with milk! Who knew!

Learn something new everyday!

I would have never guessed that sour milk or buttermilk although they are high in lactic acid would have been proven to lighten skin in your crotch area. However the website states that you can apply sour milk or buttermilk on your crotch for a lighter and better texture on the said area!

So I googled milk crotch because as I thought my day yesterday was going to be fantastic because it started out with breakfast at Panera (which I love). Quite quickly turned into a wet milky crotch for the rest of my day, and work shift for 12 hours! Showering at midnight!

Yes I ordered a bagel and a milk to go. Unfortunately Panera's cups are not the sturdiest cups and the slightest squeeze sends liquid quickly rushing out the top and over spilling for fear of bearing squished after being squeezed and churned and so far the last thing milk wants it to be squeezed in a flimsy plastic cup.

 So I happy order a cinnamon crunch bagel, and a skim milk, graciously thanking the lady at the register and walking out to my car.

I get all settled in my car, put the milk in-between thighs....not my smartest moment....ok then I begin to put my stick shift (my manual transmission) car into reverse and apparently in the process of pressing in the clutch on my car my thighs clenched together and the milk in my little flimsy cup runneth over into my crotch!

Scrambling for napkins or anything at this point to try to dry my scrubs off before reaching the hospital to start my 12 hour shift I managed to spill the rest of my milk in my crotch!

Fortunately, I have no air conditioning in my car so the milk will dry on my scrubs before my 45 min drive to the hospital, However; unfortunately I have no air conditioning in my car so by the time I get to work my crotch with smell of spoiled milk and my scrubs will be dry so it will be an awkward conversation if anyone notices!

So notes to self :
1.ALWAYS use the cup holders located conveniently in the center console of my car.
2. Don't try to drive with a flimsy cup between your thighs.
3. Check to see if this really did lighten my would I know? I don't think I've honestly ever thought about the color spectrum in my crotch area! (although my husband told me I had a very nicely colored va-jay-jay and not to be concerned with it) lol
4. Don't try lightening your crotch on the go, it's too messy.

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