Saturday, July 28, 2012

Operation Sex Drive!

I'm not sure how I got so far behind on my blogging. It's been a year since I blogged and I've missed it, however I just couldn't gather the motivation for sitting at the computer and typing things out. I've had plenty of things to say and plenty of time to say it in, I just didn't do it. It's like I lost my Mo-Jo! I seem to have that effect on things.

So a whole year! Wow I have a lot of catching up to type about, don't I?

Ok so last year I got engaged, we bought a house and against better judgement of family we moved in together. Things went as expected! Living with someone makes everyone make adjustments in living, breathing, thinking, eating, crying, laughing, loving, and any other daily activities anyone could possibly think of. Yes it's true, however I do always stay the same person. I have never tried to be someone else or make the man I'm dating think I was anything but me.

Even my husband (yes it's official I did get married), said I pretty much told him who I was the first night, he said he thought I may have been trying to scare him I found that funny! So as I was saying I am me, but we all know men change things up often and put their best foot forward in the beginning then as time moves on and newness wears off, things to women seems to become more obvious whether or not we can live, tolerate, and or deal with the man he really is.....ok to be fair women do this also the whole bait and switch of the person you think the other person wants.

So after two failed marriages I know this one is the real one and it will prevail through thick and thin and  so on and so forth...This doesn't mean I'm not going to bitch about it when I'm not happy with a situation, I am a woman!

So if you recall any of my previous post including the one about the man of steel, you know many things get in the way of sex! Apparently I broke something! No I'm not abusing appendages this time, I mean something is broke and I don't know what?

What's more frustrating a woman who says "nothing" when asked what's wrong? or a man?
How about asking what is the problem, and the response being I don't know! What's broken? How do we fix this if no one is talking. You would think I would be the one not talking right? saying nothing is wrong and I don't know....This is what men complain about right? Us not talking or avoiding the conversations with statements of "I don't know" and "Nothing"!  And then bottling it up to boil over time to explode at a later date! Yes I admit I have done this a time or two, but not this time! It wasn't me! However my husband has these issues which I found out on our honeymoon !

Time to get to the bottom of things
Problem: we have been married two months and have had sex about four(4) times since returning  from our honeymoon!
Solution: have sex!

Seems pretty simple right?
Apparently not so much!

Plan B
Problem: no sex and no one is talking about it.
Solution: Talk about it and get to it!

Plan C
Problem: no sex, no problems and nothing is wrong and he doesn't know.
Solution: TALK!

Plan E
Problem: 2am have to be at work at 7 am and still up trying to drag out the problem.
Solution: stop talking and have sex :)

FYI(yes I purposely skipped D and F, because D(divorce) is not a plan or an option and neither is F(failure).

Plan G
Problem: that solved one issue...Sex was great as always, so why are we not having it everyday?
Answer? I don't know!
Solution: sleep on it and regroup, I'm exhausted and need sleep.

Plan H
Problem: no sex in a newly wed couple, is NOT normal!
Solution: SEX! Operation Sex Drive is now activated! Now to implement the necessary plans to get the bottom of the missing sex drive of my husband!

Just ranting, but open to any suggestions!

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  1. OPeration sex drive is going great! 3 straight days of great sex! :) getting very happy!