Monday, May 16, 2011


I have to admit I'm not the safest person to have around appendages. Not even my own are safe, you all know this because I told you in a previous blog post about my painful nipple incident.
I think I may have committed the ultimate crime upon a penis....well not really I do believe that Lorena Bobbitt owns that prestigious and utmost crazy title!

So let me begin by saying there was no predetermined malicious thoughts to harming my man's manhood, it was strictly a horrible accident! Here's the series of unfortunate events of that night that will and should make every man reading this cringe.

D and I were making love and as we do on often occasions, switching positions from missionary to doggy style. Once we got situated and we were getting rather loud and into it I decided to reach down from underneath to touch myself. I do that quite often so I didn't realize the harm in it this time around. D was sliding in and out as I was touching myself and we were getting louder and faster, and louder and faster to the point of climax when tragedy struck!

D's manhood slipped out on his way back and on his rebound forward he simultaneously but instantly missed and instead of finding my wet warm spot he "sliced" his manhood across my very long but real fingernails! Yes, one of my fingernails was in the direct line of a speeding, rebounding penis!

Needless to say our rather hot and passionate moment was instantly over in that slice! There was a gashed opening from the head of his penis about an inch and half long down his shaft, gushing blood all over the place. Once we got the bleeding to stop and we disinfected the area, I was horrified that I had unintended maliciously mangled one of my mans body parts! :( I felt and feel so very bad about harming his manhood!

We were out of commission for about a week while he healed and disinfected the area leaving a scar of our unintended malicious mishap of that day!

Once all healed up and ready for some fun my man ready to get back into action, pulled me into the tanning bed room at our local gym! Yes the most germ filled place in the world, a gym! We had sex inside the stand up tanning bed before our workout that day!


  1. OMG about as bad as it could get but I do admire the enthusiasm of both of you. You two are our sex heros.

  2. OT-Yes OUCH was the nicest word that was said at that moment! I have to say I don't ever want to hurt my man like that ever again!
    Odie-Thank you and yes I think that is as bad as it should ever be! I'm a little timid about reaching down there now :(

  3. Oh wow...just ouch! I can't imagine. I've had men who didn't clip their nails well enough leave me with cuts and that hurt enough...but on his penis. yikes. I know you feel horrible but it was in no way your fault. Glad he is healed up and despite a scar was willing to go near your dagger nails again! Next make love wearing mittens! lmao

  4. Jewels- Great idea...mittens, do they sell them in summer months? lol I clipped all my nails afterwards and he was sad because he loves my nails touching him! He wasn't mad at me at all, he kept telling me it wasn't my fault but it didn't help my agony over hurting my man :(

  5. My-Boy and I had that very same mishap once. We're incredibly careful about it about blood everywhere!

    Glad he healed up well ;)

  6. all i have to say is OUCH! While i am still young i have experience, and thats one i hope to avoid. Glad he was okay, i hope all guys are as nice as your man.

  7. AAARRRGHGHGAUUUGHGHHH! Holy crap that was painful to read. I thought we were in for a more typical "jack knifing" incident, but then you delivered us a left hook with the nail story. Secondly, what kind of nails do you have?!

  8. Dr.-my nails are all natural all the time just long and firm. Yes I would imagine it is hard to read for a man, since it was hard to type for a woman as well. Left hook? huh, well I have thrown a few of them in my life time but only in my taekwondo class. :)