Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Want Brother Husbands?

Have you seen the new TLC series named "Sister Wives"? I pretty much grew up almost like this but not quite.

My parents were swingers! Yes Swingers! My parents swapped sexual partners all the time on a daily sometimes bi-daily basis depending on the day of the week. Strange? Not to me. I never knew it was odd or that every one's parents wasn't like mine till I was in Middle school.

We had people/couples in our home day and night. We frequently went to the nudist colony/community to see people my parents knew and screwed. So as a child up until I was probably about 11 I seen naked people, people having sex, and always had multiple families in our home.

I think I probably got my sexual appetite honestly from my parents. So here's my proposal if men can have sister wives, why can't I have brother husbands? They could work and take care of me emotionally and financially and I could take care of them in every other way!

Sound absurd? Probably would be crazy but hell I would much rather have a house full of testosterone than estrogen. Only if no children were involved of course, if all the children were grown and gone and it was just me, Hell ya I would so be game to having 3 or four husbands!

No I have never been in a polygamist relationship but looks confusing and fun all at the same time!


  1. Hi SSW! I just gave you an award. Check it here.

  2. You might have a few fist fights to deal with but...I say give it whirl. If you don't actually marry them it's entirely legal (right?) and then you could have your own TV show.

    One question though...would the the show be like "Sister Wives?" or have the feel of, say, "Jersey Shore?"

    Nice post. Interesting childhood.

  3. I say "Jerry Springer Shores". Nice to know that I ain't the only child o'the 70's walking know, before AIDS but after Free Love, when Penicillin cured everything and condoms supposedly worked?? I personally wouldn't want more than one husband just because I already do enough crap right now...who wants that much laundry?

  4. Hell ya "Brotherly Husbands J Springer Mountain Valley" show starring ME! LMAO! Husbands yes I could handle 3 or 4 as long as they all worked different shifts and behaved themselves lol of course they would have to be civilized! No Cameras please though that would be an interesting show!

  5. I would consider it if they were all different - one who's a neat freak, one who's handy with the house work and one who's a lit geek - you know make sure that you get everything you need - and as long as they don't fight for the remote it should be good. I think you might have something here

  6. Yes I agree! One a little different from each other and 3 or 4 men that know can take care of all my needs = :)

  7. I'm 32 year old white man and I would very much like to be in this kind or female lead polyandrous marriage. But i have not been able to find woman who is interested. Any woman serious about this email me myah6274 yahoo com