Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ouch! They Are Attached!

Why do men want to pull on attached items? OK I don't mind a little hair pulling but please for the love of God, please leave my nipples attached!

Yes foreplay is generally great and in the heat of passion things sometimes can get a little rough, however what is attached should remain attached! This obsession that men have with our breasts is great if they are gentle with our appendages. Yes, I said it be nice to our nipples!

You know as well as I do that they are sensitive and a kiss, a lick, a little nibble, and a gentle roll with the tongue or soft fingers is OK however pulling ,tugging, biting, or trying to dismantle our nipples is NOT OK! Capeesh? We are not matchbox cars you can't dismantle our appendages.

Please Please try to control your urges to pull us apart and refrain from causing us screeching pain!


  1. LOL! Love love LOVE this! And I must admit, I'm okay with a little pulling...pinching...etc. But I am attached to the things that are attached...

  2. Yes I think when guys get the signal that we are aroused by the hardening of our nipples they then have the tendency and or urge to get more of a reaction from us by torturing our poor nipples.

  3. TOTALLY AGREE-I hate it I hate i hate it

  4. ROFL--Wonder how he would like a pinch, pull, or tug in his privates...probably not so much. lol

  5. It's the same if you're a larger get kneaded like bread dough. Owie.