Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lets Get Naked!

If you have read my blog previously you know that I grew up in an unconventional kind of home, with an odd set of parents. They made their way through this world with their own set of rules, a made up religion of parts others religions, and little to no common sense. There were no family values on raising children, and since I was born in the era of free love and drugs common sense would have been a great asset to my parents for raising us kids.


 I don’t condone nor agree with any of my parents’ parental guidance; however I could go back to living in a nudist community. There is always a good reason to get naked. No, I’m not into free love and drugs, but I do love the freedom and wholeness being naked makes me feel.


Uncomfortable clothing is just that, uncomfortable it distracts you from your daily functions and makes you miserable. They pinch and bunch and never fit right. Clothing for me is concealing and confining. Don’t take it as I have never found clothes that fit, I do, even though their few and far between. That doesn’t mean they are comfortable. Not to forget clothing is expensive.    

There is a freedom in being naked that few enjoy because we have learned through society
to be embarrassed. It is true we learned to be embarrassed. We probably learned this from Adam and Eve in biblical times, to cover up and be ashamed of our bodies.

My parents never instilled this since of shame on me; since they had no sense of a normal religion must less a Christian one. My father has claimed to be Mormon my entire life and my mom never affiliated herself with any one religion, so they made their way with kids in tow, through life making things up as they went. Hence the free love, drugs, and nudist colonies.    

The freedom of being naked makes me feel like there is nothing to hide behind, a deep
acceptance comes over me, and through this acceptance a deep calmness over takes me and gives me a sense of control and confidence in myself that I have felt before. It’s truly a unique empowerment that not everyone feels while their so open to others and vulnerable.


The feeling of being exposed is not for everyone, but you never know unless you try. Everyone should try doing laundry, cleaning the house, or any and everything naked! 


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