Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where Did Passion Go?

I'm sitting in my bed with my husband's laptop blogging naked while he is at work. I often do this while he is at home and upstairs watching movies or playing an online game, trying to wait me out and make sure I'm asleep before he comes downstairs for fear that I'll want sex! This has been a regular occurrence since we he has gained a few extra pounds that he isn't use to having.

Ok I get it, he doesn't feel sexy...and he doesn't like the extra weight he has acquired in the last six months, but who does...That by no means,  means that his wife doesn't find him sexy and irresistible!

I'm all for naked! I'm all for hair-pulling push me up against a wall and have your way with me sex! He is the only man I know that would complain about his wife always wanting to get him naked and get frustrated for even mentioning sex to him.  So I really should not have told him the about the texting my and my BFF were texting but he asked and I told him the truth. He was not at all thrilled that I was discussing our sex life lack of a sex life with anyone, however if he isn't willing to talk about it I only have two being my BFF and the other is blogging about it.

Anyway she sent me a picture of this man laying beside his wife sleeping with a caption over his head that said....I thought we were going to have sex..I could be on the Internet right now!

I responded with, my husband does the opposite..he stays on the Internet until he is sure I'm asleep.

She responded "Oh poor D, he has a wife that is sex crazy. I'm sure he wouldn't complain to his buddy's about it"

in which I laughed and responded not a chance. This is when he walked in and asked my what was so funny and I showed him the texts.....He was not happy!

Why is he so disheveled about his weight , and why doesn't he do something about it instead of shunning his wife in the bedroom because he has body issues? I thought only women had these kind of issues.
I know a little that was a little stereotyping comment..sorry ladies, but it's true , that is what I thought.

I want my passionate husband back! I want the man that I texted one day last spring right after he left for work and said "come back I miss you" and he sent back "what would you want me to do if I did come back" and I responded in detail what I would want him to do to me and within twenty minutes he was back in our driveway fulfilling my every wish of pushing my up against the bedroom wall stripping my of every inch on clothing and having his way with me! :)   ! That is the man I want back in my presence please!


  1. He's not the only man who avoids sex...I promise you they are out there. I can't explain it to's completely idiotic haha! I used to think those people who had very detailed prenups that made a certain amount of sex mandatory were I wish I had thought of that! LMAO

  2. Maybe you should walk upstairs naked and interrupt his online time.

  3. M- yes i totally agree a sex prenup would be a great asset in all marriages.
    R- I think that he is numb to all my nakedness it may be because I'm naked everytime i get a chance.

  4. I read this article today and it totally reminded me of your predicament! This made me look for more info...I brought you some links :)