Thursday, October 11, 2012

Appendage Abuse II "Carpe Scrotum"

As you all know appendage talk is very sensitive to me so I will tread lightly when I tell this story of how my youngest son. He seems to be following in the foot steps of his mom. If you have read any of my previous posts about appendages, you will know this is a very heartbreaking and cringing subject on my blog.

So my son has two dirt bikes and he rides them every second  he gets a chance to be on them. I live in a city setting, so he has his dirt bikes and his dads and his papaw's houses. One beautiful day last year while I was at work at the hospital my phone rang and it was my ex husband screaming something about blood everywhere.....

Once I get him to calm down to a level of comprehension, I realized my son had wrecked his dirt bike. Ok this is where I went into medical mode.....I have several different modes depending on the situation...for example if I had been there I would have been in panic mode, but since I wasn't there I was at work, I went into medical trauma mode. 1. access the situation 2. what is the level of the trauma 3. what kind of transportation are we needing, as in should I send out the trauma 1 helicopter ?

So first question, what is bleeding, where is the blood coming from? My ex's response........his pants! What ? OMG are you serious....the last couple of times I got calls from his dad about a bleeding body part it was his head. He has had two sets of stitches in his face. One from walking into his dads tailgate of his truck and the other from slipping on a mossy rock at a park. However this wasn't in his face this time.....

My next question is, can he take off his pants or can you cut off his pants and tell me where the blood is coming from...while you are putting him in the car and heading this way please! It is a 45 min drive from his dads to the hospital.....

So with his pants off (teenager mortified)and with his dad again screaming.... he has hurt his private parts! REALLY! Your his dad and a grown man please elaborate on which "private parts" are bleeding! his response.....OMG there is blood all over i cant tell...all while my son is calm and mortified that he is in his dads truck without his pants in only a towel covering his bottom half, while his dad is looking at his privates and his stepmom is driving.

Apparently when he laid his dirt bike down in an attempt to avoid a tree his leg got caught under the bike and he ended up under  it, the foot peg caught a hold of his scrotum sack and tore it open!

By the time he got to the hospital the bleeding had subsided, however his dad was still freaking out and my son was still mortified. After some pain meds, a few numbing injections (yes needles) and 16 stitches in his scrotum sack my son was  feeling better....all while telling me I better not for any reason EVER repeat the events of today.

I would think that it would be cool for a teenage boy to have a battle story about having had stitches in his ball sack.......ummm not my son he is still mortified if ever reminded of them!


  1. Oh the poor boy. Although it could have been so much worse.
    And when he discovers that girls love scars...well I can see the story being told then

  2. Mynx-yes i would think it would be a pretty good scar to tell how manly he is one day lol