Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got Naughty?

While naked in the shower the other day I was thinking I should start a naughty list….

No not an actual list, but instead a naughty guest blog list. I know everyone has a naughty side. I know some more than others, however not everyone has an anonymous blog. So I know that if your family and friends are on your blog, you probably don’t really say what you want all the time.

 Therefore I thought that I should host a naughty list for guest bloggers to post their naughty stories anonymously on my blog.

So here goes…. think of your naughtiest stories, fantasy or reality and email them to me at make sure to think of an anonymous signature as well and sign your work or I will make one up for you  ……

I will not out you. I will not reveal any information except your blog post. I do not need any personal info just send me any naughty thoughts you have and I’ll post them anonymously as your naughty outlet, on my naughty list!

NO RULES just two suggestions:

1. Make sure you sign your work or I will make up a signature for you.

2. Make sure you spell check your work. I will NOT edit your work.

Let the naughtiness begin!

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