Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sexual Prenuptial?

I am needing some sex! From my husband that is! We can't seem to coordinate our sex life to accommodate each other! Is there a secret to it? Have I miss placed a manual somewhere? I wonder why I never thought of a sexual prenuptial? Does it really exist? Well apparently there is, and I should have known before..

 .......Legal Zoom actually has documents to help people with Sexual agreements before, during, and even after marriage! What ? Oh my I must have been hiding under a rock! Or maybe I just assumed that being a newly wed makes you desirable!

 So on Legal Zoom here's what I found!

"Sexual issues in prenuptial agreements can include how often a couple will have sex. One elderly pair settled on once a month, while a younger couple agreed to 3-4 times a week. Other couples stipulated mandatory sexual positions.".....

Are they serious? Someone would actually stipulate sexual positions? Just what kind of details would that include? I'm just curious........

I'm thinking maybe something like .......

You must kiss me every night before bed and kiss me every morning before leaving and you must start at my lips and kiss every inch of me all the way to my knees, paying special attention to my breasts and my lady parts, making sure to entice me with your lips, tongue and breath for at least two hours a week.........with no maximum limit of course! :) In addition to sex in any position you want at least one day a week at your desired time and location, with at least two other sexual encounters a week with me for life!

I don't feel like that is too much to ask!

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  1. I totally know whats on
    97.79% of people's minds:

    ...yet, sex aint allowed on earth
    unless you're married;
    if you [pl] continue to fornicate,
    you maaay risk Hellfire
    through YOUR, OWN, CHOICE!!!

    In Seventh-Heaven, have at it.
    Almighty God saith unto thee:

    Make Your Choice -SAW