Sunday, December 12, 2010

My No Special Occasion Night

There was no special occasion last night, but it was such a wonderfully special night! D called and wanted to know if I could come over after work and of course I said YES!

On my way over there he texted me to say "when you get here there is a surprise on the door, take it off and go back to your car then call me form the car". So I drove over after work and taped to the door of his home was a card that was perfect and sweet and just fit us, I did as instructed and read it in the car. Then called and him and he met me at the door.

He opened the door and looked so damn yummy, I wanted to attack him right that second. He was wearing his new birthday shirt I had bought him and the entire place was lit by candle light. I swear there were 30 or more candles in his place, it was so damn romantic!

He said have a seat on the floor, he had set out a nice candle light setting on the coffee table and so I sat down as he served me spaghetti and meatballs with salad and garlic bread. Before he sat down he pressed play on the dvd player and guess what was playing....Lady and The Tramp! Yes see how romantic and cheesy he is! GOD I love him!

We ate by candle light and watched the ever so cutesy movie! Then as he cleaned up I went to shower. When I got out of the shower he had the bed room lit by candles and asked me to lay across the bed naked and proceeded to give me a full body massage from my head to my toes. He lotioned every inch of my body with his hands. All the way down to my toes and across to every one of my fingers.

I was so damn relaxed when he got finished with my full body massage I sat up and laid him back down as I kissed him from head to toe. Making sure to show special attention to his manhood. Wrapping my lips around his hardness, sliding my lips down his shaft, engulfing him and feeling his heat on my tongue. As he was moaning with pleasure while I was licking and sucking his every inch of manhood, he said please let me inside you, please, please.......

So we changed positions as he is looking into my eyes telling me how beautiful I am and how sexy I am. I couldn't describe to you how very sexy and hot and desirable he is to me. I thought as I felt him enter into my wetness that I would explode that very second, it took my breath away. I could feel his every inch as he was getting into a rhythm and getting faster with every stroke. I felt his sweat dripping slowly down his chest on to mine and we were sliding across each others body in a beautiful rhythmic motion till we both are breathing so deeply trying to catch our breaths till point of climax over whelmed us both into motionless heaps of hot sweaty bodies breathing so hard that you could see our chests rising and hear our heart pounding in our heads.

I am so in love with this man! We have awesome passion and love and lust and desire!


  1. I told you I couldn't have dreamnt this man up any better! He is truly amazing!

  2. Steamy stuff hun! I'm glad you're happy :)

    Hazel xxx

  3. Sounds like quiet the package! All that in one man. You are a very lucky woman...and D is a very lucky man!!

  4. Oil- Thank you again!
    Hazel- I love steamy stuff :)Thank you!
    Jewels- Yes I feel like the luckiest woman in the world! Thank you

  5. I am so happy for you..... You are so deserved of this!

  6. Just keep the momentum going girl and enjoy the ride. From what I can tell you two were meant for each other. I am sooooo enjoying your accounts of this romance.

  7. Average Girl- Thank you so very much.
    Odie- Yes we feel like we are perfect together and we fit so well together..I am so loving him!
    UB-Thank you!

  8. Any man who lights candles, has spaghetti waiting, and then turns on Lady & The Tramp gets my vote any day of the week. So cute! :)

  9. FV-Yes I agree! And under the salad written on the bottom of the bowl was "ONLY YOU" and under my spagetti he wrote "I Love You"....he is the most amazing man I have ever met!