Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Look Back At A Creepy Jerk!

A few years ago a cocky skinny tall descent looking man (3yr gyno resident) walked into our department and began talking to me about one of his patients. My younger co-worker H was so in "awe" over him, I just didn't see it, I guess! Once he was satisfied with the patient information, he asked about my status.....really?....we are at work and I'm not interested! So I politely brush him off and sent him on his way.

A few days later he returned when I wasn't working to inquire about me. My friend and younger co-worker H still in "awe" was all jealous over him, but she tells him I'll be back in a few days and he can find me then. Sure enough he came back. Ugh I know I told him in English that I wasn't interested so why is he here again? So he was standing in my office telling me why I should accept a date from him, all while H was drooling over his shoulder and trying to get his attention. He finally talked me into a drink after work just to talk and see how it goes...(I knew how it would go, I wasn't into him).....

He picked me up after work, took me to a little Mexican restaurant with a live band and we sat down at the bar. I asked him a few questions while drinking my drink and didn't like any of the answers, of course. I finished my drink and asked him to take me back to my car. I thanked him for the drink and went on my way.

So he came back around our department but not to see me, he was hovering over H and seeing what she wanted. She wanted a relationship....well that wasn't his style.....he dragged her along for awhile pretending to like her, all while being a jerk and a major ass to her...

then one day out of the blue about about six months since he talked to me I got an "unavailable" call it was from him.......He said hi this BA and I said ok what do you want....he said I was talking to my best friend and was telling him about you and told him that I took you out and then never called you and he said that I was being rude and that I should call and apologize to you because I wouldn't have liked to have been treated that way by you. . . . . .I said "what"? ...."look I am not interested and I never was and I haven't even thought about it since then, you don't for any reason owe me an explanation or an apology. We aren't compatible so we went our separate ways. ..............Then there was silence ........He then said so can I take you out to make up for being rude to you........NO.......I'm not interested! Ok then well don't tell H that I called you please.............Whatever dude.....grow up. BA was 38 at the time and H was 23, he had been married and divorced and had 3 kids he didn't see but one weekend a month if that and he talked down about his kids mom....I was so telling her what I thought about this creep, but it didn't matter she was inf actuated with him.......ewe! Why?

Why do guy's act like that ? Why are there women out there who can't see through that? Does it come with age, our intuition about a creepy jerk? I wish younger women would have the balls to tell off jerks like that!


  1. I don't know why guys act like that. But I do now that as long as women still fall for them, they will still act like that.

    I hate douche bags like that because I normally end with a woman right after she has had a douche bag, and then I get stuck with her being a bitch because she got hurt.

  2. Sounds like he didn't like the idea of someone rejecting him!

    Also it's so typical that a "good looking" man acts like a jerk in order to get the only woman that wasn't fawning over him!

    Maybe your friend was looking past his faults in order to say that she was seeing him?

    Hazel xxx

  3. OF- I know all about women taking out their frustration on the next man syndrome! I try not to put my past frustrations onto the new guy, I try to make a fresh start......Isn't that what happens after a douche bag? A fresh start? lol

    Hazel- Yes I killed his ego, and he still makes it point to stop me in the hall or cafeteria to see how I'm doing and I'm Always in a for my friend well she thinks he is a jerk now but would still have him if only he would change...makes me nauseous!

  4. SSW-some woman have bullshit radar and other's don't...and still other's ignore it if a guy is hot enough. It's pretty bad. I usually smell a creep a mile away and steer clear but even I have fallen prey to a jerk once or twice.

    This guys sounds like a real winner. Talking down about his children's mother and sleazing his way through women (at the work place)...and to think he looks at unsuspecting women's vagina's all day long. Those poor, poor, women!

  5. Jewels - Yes wouldn't you think he had enough va-jay-jay's to look at already at that grossed me out just knowing he was in gyno! Then his sheer attitude and cocky demeanor made me sick and he wasn't even that good looking to start with so he was left with nothing to gaulk over!

  6. One of the guys my husband still calls a friend is one of the biggest assholes and treats women like crap.
    Says he will always consider him a friend even though they never do anything together because of the other guys lifestyle. But, they grew up together.
    But, anyway-
    he is always getting women.
    Are there really that many women that can't spot a jerk a mile away?
    I guess there are and that is sad.

  7. I promise you "all" guys are not like that. Just too bad you had that experience. Hopefully it won"t happen again.

  8. sounds like a jackass. I hate guys like that and I don't know why girls fall for it. I think its disgraceful.

  9. Why don't I ever run into those guilable women??? Just I've always told my girls...guys are jerks and not to be trusted...except for me of course :-)

  10. I hate guys like that, so full of themselves, yuck!

  11. Ruth-I just can't tolerate Jerks!I don't know how there are people that can...
    Odie- I know they aren't all like that, I found one that I have fallen for that isn't anywhere near being a jerk! :)
    UB-Yes it's very disgraceful, I do think though that it happens to be younger women that fall for those jerks.
    Dad-Your just not looking in the right places I suppose becasue I know several of them and it's quite sad!
    LL-Yes I do to-YUCK!