Saturday, December 18, 2010

One of My Oddest Flings

A few years ago I started dating this man Dr. Y on his first year out of residency, very smart man and cute as a button with dark hair and dark eyes and good know the kind you just want to run your fingers through dark and soft longer on the top and front so he could style it.

Dr. Y, was 35 never married, no kids, and still lived with his mother...ok well his mom lived with him technically, but still you get the concept....There was obviously something wrong with this man !

Single and gorgeous, a 35 yr old never married doctor with no kids, asked me out in the hallway at work! Of course I said YES!

Oh I quickly found out why he was still single. He was very attentive and sweet, but the man had some issues. So I was thinking it could probably over look somethings....not everything!

First of all he had a foot fetish, ok I can deal with that since I love my feet getting massaged, touched, rubbed and such. So that one wasn't bad at all.

Second, he was OCD about his routine. He only took certain roads and he always took the same route. He always left work everyday and had to go to Best Buy to buy joke he would buy something everyday. Usually something electronic of something that goes with or on or in something electronic.

Third one was way worse he had an anxiety disorder, yes a doctor with anxiety about crowds and people! It was July 4th and I was all dressed up to go out somewhere when he called and me to see if I wanted to come keep him company and go out to dinner, I said sure. I went to his place and he says , "why don't we just stay in tonight", I say No I didn't shave my legs put on a mini skirt and fix my hair and makeup for sitting at home. Then he said well a friend of mine is having a cook out and fireworks show at his lake house, do you think you'd like to go? Sure, so we head that way.....

When we arrived there were already four people there and the two of us made it six and I could see his face changes with the thought of more people showing up. Then two more, then two more......Here goes the attack...started with a nose bleed, then a shortness of breath, and a full panic attack because too many people were there .......

I can deal with and over look many things but I'm no hermit...I need social events just to vent sometimes, even if its just to go window shopping. I like to get out and walk downtown and look at the old buildings, the architecture elements and angles of them are beautiful. He couldn't even do that for fear that too many people might get too close. Seriously!

I did tell him, your a doctor don't you know they make medicine for those kind of issues. He wasn't amused but I was right! Well that relationship didn't last very long at all...we are still friends though but we never go out he always insist on cooking me dinner, which isn't a bad thing since he is a good cook.

Since then he has bought his mom her own place and no lives alone with all his techno computer gadgets and things. Still single and still texts me but I let him know that I have found a man and I have fallen in love.


  1. I have a close friend with anxiety and frequent panic attacks and it takes A LOT to be a part of their life and handle them. I had to learn quickly how to talk her down, calm her, and adjust my life around minimizig situations that would cause her stress when we hung out. I sometimes wonder if it's worth it...I know that's horrible...but at least you were getting laid out of the deal...I'm not! haha.

    You are right...35, doctor, good looking and single throws up every red flag! Glad you didn't get sucked into making the world a "safe place" for him and moved on so you could find your wonderful man! :-)

  2. Loving the very last line "and I have fallen in love"
    Aww makes me all smiley for you.
    Kinda hope high maintenance Doc finds someone who likes to get thier feet rubbed and stay home a lot

  3. Yes my friend, the last line says it all. Good finish.

  4. I feel sorry for the doctor but use two were not compatible at all. So glad you were able to find someone but I hope he did too :)

    Hazel xxx

  5. oh you definitely got out while you could........way too many issues!

    Glad it's working out for you now though :)

  6. Wow. Poor guy. I feel bad for him. It can't be easy going through life with those kind of phobias. But, yeah, no way could you deal with that much. Ugh, what a shame, too--single, 35, doctor, handsome. Only in the movies would that work, I reckon.

  7. Yes yes only in the movies do things like that
    Yes more issues than I wanted to deal with for sure but I'm sure I had some he wasn't willing to overlook as well....
    Yes thank you to all who smile because I'm in love with my new wonderful man!
    Dr. Y is still single but doesn't want his future to girl to stay at home, he just wants her to be ok with not doing social things out with anyone including him! lol

  8. But imagine if you had overlooked his oddities, he would have found you all the quickest routes throughout town with his OCD GPS mode!

  9. There's definitely an association between screwed up problems and people with the Dr. prefix. Oh, ummm...