Saturday, December 4, 2010

That Little Bastard Cupid

D is amazing, almost surreal. He is 35 and will be 36 on Thursday. He is in good shape and loves life. He use to be a soccer player, a ballroom dance instructor, and he still surfs! He is educated, smart, funny, and very sexy! He is a single dad of a ten year old daughter that he has had full custody of since his divorce 9 years ago. He has a great job and a truck. I swear I couldn't have dreamed him up any better..cheesy huh!

I know already....I am being the cheesiest person ever about this man and the great thing is he is doing the same thing at the same time!

I always said "no one feels the same way you feel about them at the same time" ,well if I was right, please do NOT wake me or pinch me!

Usually at this point in a new relationship if the man brought up the relationship talk I would be running, not walking, but in a full blown run in the opposite direction. So why am I not running from this man? We have had a few conversations about us being exclusive and it doesn't frighten me at all.....I'm serious I am a commitment phobia person!

There is something that is so right about this man! I have not seen not one flag! Usually by now I've found 20 or so things I'm not sure about, that I have to ponder over, or just plain can't get over either way I am usually one foot,or both feet out the door by now!

So this week, face to face we are having the relationship/commitment conversation and I'm smiling about it! What the hell is wrong with me!

I was perfectly happy being single, I love the single life! So why can I not see myself without this man now! I think that little bastard cupid snuck up behind us while we were too busy staring at each other and shot us with those damn tiny arrows of his!


  1. I am happy for you.

    I can't remember that smitten feeling feels like. I think the last time I felt that was when Texas beat USC for the national championship in football.

  2. I think it's great! It is fun to be excited to be with someone. Getting to know them.
    Being alone is great too. I remember loving being single. I know eons ago- but I remember. But sharing your time with another is good too, it's just different.

  3. Oilfield-I too had that same feeling when BAMA won the sec and then the national championship last year, but all together a totally diferent feeling from this, I'm positive! Thank you!
    Ruth- So true I couldn't possible be smiling any bigger or more cheesier about this man! Even my co-workers are commenting about my cheesiness!

  4. It doesn't matter why...just go with it. It looks good on you!

  5. I'm commitmentphobes are dropping like flies...pretty soon I'll be the only one at the meetings! P.S. despite losing a memeber of the club, I'm happy for ya

  6. Thank you! Yes it was the furthest thing from my mind, i have prove read my prev posts lol...Thanks for stopping by

  7. Your posts since you have met D have made me smile and say "awww". I'm happy for you. If you feel this good about it just go with it. I know questioning it is in your dna...but just go with it this time. :-)

  8. Wooohooo! sounds absolutely great! just go with the flow and enjoy it!

  9. Jewels-Thank you! I still can't stop smiling, we are doing great and are on the same page wow...It feels awesome!
    Uninspired-Thank you and we are going with it, it all feels so right and real...and we haven't even had sex yet! lol