Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ex's BFF

Monday I talked to Tim who is my 2nd ex-husbands, best friend. Ok, So it's not the greatest choice for hooking up with someone that's your ex is friends with much less his "best" friend. Ok here's the story.....

Six years ago when I was going through my last divorce, so was Tim. He had tried at that point to date me...awkward! I thought he was just hanging around to get information to relay back to my ex, which would have been logical, but logic with men is scarce. I ignored him, mainly because the friends circle would have been un-broken and my ex would have killed us both! He eventually decided that he couldn't leave his kids and remarried his ex (because that always works, right?).

Tim is a good guy, guy next door type, a great father to his kids and a hard worker. He is so so sweet and would make great boyfriend material except for he's my ex's bff. He is currently going through his second divorce from the same woman whom is the mother of his children (2). I'm not quite sure why he thinks it will work now and not before (the leaving of his marriage). However I do kinda like him and all his cuteness.

Wrong of me? I don't know, since my ex has been remarried for almost as long as we have been divorced. Is there a statue of limitations on an ex mans bff? I'm not sure about this one. He has come by every day this week before going to work to talk to me. Oh and he did buy me a washer and microwave for my new apartment...did I mention he was a good guy!

He came by this morning to chat and just mentioned casually that he had told my ex that we had been talking for a week now and waited for his reaction. I don't know if that was the brightest of ideas but like I mentioned before logic is scarce in men. So my ex apparently said nothing to him about it and changed the subject. odd? Yes I find that very odd, but I think Tim took it as acceptance and approval. I am not quite sure how I feel about that.

To answer your curiosity, NO I have never touched the man. No kisses, no touches, no sex, and or sexual behavior with him or towards him. Just a slow casual kind of brewing relationship, the man is still legally married. So advice anyone how should I proceed with this relationship or lack of? I'm thinking that it will run it's course and he will return to his family, in which case I would be fine with it.

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