Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Survived The Ambush

I survived the ambush with my single-hood intact. Yes I am quite use to the tactics of my younger sister trying to lasso me into a relationship, kicking and screaming lol.

By the time I got to the party after work, it had fizzled down to just a few people. Joe and his wing man Marcell, Julie, Seth, my sister,her husband and myself. While Seth was busy hitting on Julie and smoking every 4 mins, I entertained Joe and had a quite nice conversation. About 20 minutes into the conversation, Tim pulls up. Oh hell now I have two to entertain. So I continue my conversation with Joe. Acknowledged Tim when he walked in and followed Joe out to check out his motorcycle (which is quite nice)and say goodnight. After the goodnight and goodbyes were over I went back inside with Tim.

Tim had just stopped by to check out things and say hi then was headed back out the door to get back to his kids. So I say my goodbyes to Tim who grabs me and hugs me then plants a kiss on my lips just as Joe is walking back in to use the restroom and say goodbye one last time....awkward! So Joe goes by into the restroom, Tim says his goodbyes and walks out the door. Joe comes out of the bathroom and grabs me and hugs me just as Tim walks back in the door to go to the restroom......seriously! This is a dick measuring competition with me in the middle! Joe finally leaves and Tim comes out of the restroom to leave but not before getting the last hug!

With both men gone I can now relax and chill with the birthday man , my sister and Seth who was the last friend left there (staying the night because he had too many to drink). After Julie left he sets his sights on me? OMG So he leans over on the couch and tries to grab my hand and I quickly get up to go get something to drink. I come back and he tries to lay across the couch and lay his head in my lap and asks if he can touch my breasts! Serious! Hell no I don't even know you and I don't care that your drunk that's just rude! I decided I'd had enough fun and left ASAP. Turns out having to work the next morning works well for leaving early. Back home in bed by midnight with it storming (I am terrified of storms!)outside but somehow I felt better in my empty apartment then being tugged apart by feasting lions and men sizing up the competition. lol

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