Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beware of A Sister’s Good Intentions

My sister is ALWAYS trying to set me up with someone. Seriously, she thinks because I’m single I should be lonely, sad, and miserable. I’m NOT! I have tried to explain to her that I’m very happily single. I think her “selective mom hearing” only allows the “single” part to penetrate to her brain.

So tonight is my bro-in-laws birthday party and my sister of course expects me to be there along with all the other people she has invited. Oh did I mention she invited three (3) of them to introduce to me. This is not the worst of it, she also invited three (3) of my ex boyfriends. Why? I think she might be going senile like our mother! This is exactly something she would do if she knew anything about my life. At this point it sounds more like an ambush than a party.

Let me start with the exes.

• S who isn’t an ex; but is the man from the disaster date from a few posts ago will be there. Great and his entire family will be there as well. (Yes he is still texting me and trying to date me and no I’ve not responded). I’m sure he will approach me and ask something stupid and I’ll have to be mean. lol

• C RL will be there, I dated him a few times after I got divorced. It never went anyway because there isn’t an attraction on my part, but he did pursue me for over a year. No kisses or Sexual things just movies and dinners. I do hope he brings his girlfriend.

• Barry is invited but I doubt he will be there. He has been a friend of mine for about 12 yrs; we tried the relationship thing which didn’t work because the chemistry wasn’t there. It ended with me turning down his proposal. He has moved on to another proposal.

Now for the new ones.

• J, who is 30, no kids, going through a divorce and just got out of jail for a probation violation. My sister met him in a bar with her husband and they have been out all together with friends a few times and she thinks he’s perfect for me. LOL He’s a ex-con and he is thirty and technically and legally still hitched, what makes him perfect? I’m guessing she thinks because he is a friend of B’s (my exes) and B gave her the run down on him that he will be fine for me. Now when I say run down I really mean TMI (too much information). B said “oh ya I know that guy he has a ten inch dick”! Ok I don’t know why or how he knows that but I haven’t even met him yet and already have a visual of his manhood! OMG! Oh and did I mention he has a motorcycle!

• Seth, who is a co-worker of my bro-in-laws. Tattoos and piercings and drinks quite a bit and a smoker but has a job and a motorcycle. Not clear on his status but sounds interesting at least.

• T, 36, two kids, separated and owns his own business; you know the ex husbands BFF. Yes he will be there to try to steal a few minutes away from everyone with me.

I’m sure tonight will be interesting at the least. Doesn’t this sound like an ambush?! Got to love the sister!

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