Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boy Toys Need Not Apply!

Why does 20 something boys try and act as if they know what they are doing? Ok I know 26 doesn’t quite count as being a boy but 22 sure seems like it should, even though legal age is 18. I’d be furious if some thirty something woman was trying to pick up my 18 year old son. Then again I’d probably laugh, knowing they would have there hands full with his rowdy class clown attitude and his immature demeanor.

However I have these two nice looking boys who are insistent on being my “boy toys”. One, Evan who is 26 very handsome, sweet, and quite flattering happens to work in the same hospital. The other one Nick is 22 extremely a hottie and very persistent that he only wants me for sex.

Evan, I have known for about 3 years now and he has always asked about dating me and I have just blown him off as if he is joking but lately has become quite persistent. He has liked me since the day he met me. I can’t imagine why, he is such a cutie pie and could get anyone of the young little nurses walking about here, but insists on focusing on me. Now I’m not quite sure how to deal with him just yet, but I’m sure it will come to me.:)

Nick on the other hand is a very well built 22 year old hard body with abs of steel who I met in college a few years back when he was just 18 and trying to get into my bed, is very well hung, (as I can tell by his manhood pictures that he keeps texting me). Now ,however as attempting he might be, I just keep thinking I’m sure his parents wouldn’t approve…and how I’m not sure they make enough condoms for me to be having wild sex with a bartender that looks like this, lol not to mention my conscious knowing he is a growing boy still… man ole man I could definitely teach him a few things, if I weren’t scared of things I couldn’t wash off!

I pretty much shoo’d Nick out the door off as quickly as he came in. After about two weeks of him sexting details of how he wanted me positioned and sending me pixs of his manhood  , he revealed that he had a girlfriend who is unaware of her boyfriends infidelities either that or she is just too young and naive to believe that her gorgeous boyfriend, who is a bartender, is a cheater.

All I keep thinking when I think about these younger boys is how sex wasn’t nearly as good with them when I was their age. All they want is sex and when I say sex, what I really mean is to pleasure themselves in a speedy throwdown that doesn’t involve taking the time to make sure my needs are met! Hello! I’m not into teaching impatient boys how to be my toys. I need an experience and a willingness to pleasure me first, and then I’ll take care of him.