Monday, September 13, 2010

One Hell of A Week!

I got into a damn fight with my middle sister who is a whore and a bitch! yes I said WHORE! She has been in a marriage and a relationship with the same man for 15 years, which at times has been off and on but currently for the past 3 years it has been very "ON". Well She has NEVER been faithful to him! I use to think "poor guy" now I just think "what a dumb ass!".

So Yes this is a rant! We had a girls thing going on this week and against my judgment I invited her. "GIRLS thing" that is the key word here. You see my dear ole sis loves attention from men. She doesn't care who and once she gets it she is like a little puppy dog that follows them around out of desperation. This really pissed me off this week!

When you dump your girlfriends to follow a man (who isn't your husband) around like a little lost puppy, at least be honest about it! Don't get me wrong I knew what was going to happen. I was just hoping the older she gets the less DRAMA QUEEN she would be! HELL NO, that wasn't the case. I was dragging her drunk ass out of a strange man's room at 1 am, kicking and screaming! Yes I know I'm not her mom, but have a little respect for your f-ing self.4 hours after you meet a man at a bar your in his room alone with him! WTF! Yes, apparently she has never heard of Amber Dubois, Chelsea king, or Natalie Holloway! Stupid Bitch, cussed at me all damn week!

I'm so over her damn DRAMA. lj drama queen Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Yeah that is harsh what a girl! you should confront her, and tell her that you are going to tell her husband if she does not smarten up-next time you have a rant send it my way!

  2. WOW. Seriously, you protected her! How can she not see that! And she is married for cryin' out loud!!! Yeah, she needs a good talking to.

  3. I wish talking would help her but she has always been this way! I do try to be a good big sister but she cussed me out everyday of the vacation and wouldn't stop leaving that guy alone. I give up hell if I wasn't her sister I damn well wouldn't be her friend! I give up! I can just imagine if she is that way with me around what she does on her girls trips with her friends! I can say she will never be invited on another of my girls trips!