Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jitters or Signs...Either One Are Sure To Show Their True Colors

Ok, so the first date was bad enough, but the second one was the weirdest yet...well one of the weirdest, anyway. So he calls me up and says "I have a buddy of mine coming in town from the service, I was thinking we might could all go out to dinner this week sometime?". Well it didn't seem like a bad idea although odd for a second to date to not only be with one man, but now its with two men. Ok. I can handle this right? Two men, it's only dinner.. no problem...

Well, He picks me up and yes in that same damn car I spent 5 long hot hours in broke down on the road!!!! We start to dinner and just before pulling into the restaurant, he says "oh by the way his wife (his friend's wife)is in town as well, so she will be joining us". Ok, I can definitely handle a double date that should be a breeze. Right??

We pulled into the parking lot and he continued to say "oh I hope you don't mind my sister and brother-in-law and their daughter and "my son" are joining us as well"! WTF! Ok now I'm confused was this a second make-up date for the first disaster date or was this a Shot-Gun Wedding?! Holy Hell what had I gotten myself into?! Or should I say what had my sister gotten me into?

Ok I'm was beginning to worry, but I was still breathing, I think!

So, we sit down and his friend's wife asks "how long have you two been dating"? What dating? When had that become dating? So I politely say "oh we aren't dating, this is only our second date". My date then says "I figured since you agreed to come on a second date after what happened on the first, that we were on a roll" What? On a roll to where? Ok now I'm confused! So he thought because I wasn't totally mad and disgusted by the first date that it's time I meet the whole damn family? HUH? Ok I needed time to think so I excused myself to the restroom.......

I was still confused but with thoughts gathered I returned to the table. Upon sitting down, his friends wife says "we got married after only 3 dates and we have been together 14 years!" Great for you! I said at that point! I'm happy it has worked out for you guys so well. That is when his sister chimed in and said "yes my husband and I only dated a month when we got married". What exactly are these people trying to tell me and why? So I began to change the subject, because at that point I was ready for him to take me home!

So I asked his friend's wife "where do you work?" Then we continued with small talk for the remainder of dinner, which was a huge relief for me. After dinner we got into his car and he said "that went really well, and my friend wants "us" to go to Florida with them on vacation" WHAT???? OMG! when did we become "US" and why would I go on vacation with a man I've had "2" "not so great dates with?"! What ? Was he being serious? Yes! He was dead serious! OMG just shoot me now!

I said you know, I would really like to get back home and lay down, I've had a long day and I'm not feeling so well. He was disappointed that I didn't feel like going back to his place! Yes! He had plans to take me back to his place! However he dropped me off at my place and said I hope you call me later, I'd really like to hear your voice before going to bed! What, ok this is just about the strangest date I think I have ever been on!

Home sweet home and in bed not a thought in my head was about calling that man. I fell fast asleep from the exhaustion of the entire circus which was dinner. I got up the next day, headed to work and still hadn't talked or texted him. So a few hours go by and I got a text from him that read "I don't think that us dating is a good idea, because I need more attention and our schedules are too conflicting with eath other for us to continue seeing each other, so can we just be friends" WHEWWWWWWW thank goodness, I didn't give him a rope to grasp to think that I had been even remotely interested in seeing him again.

I don't plan on seeing him nor accepting any further date suggestions from my sister. What was I thinking? That was all just a little weird right?

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  1. Ok, that was just a little Norman Bates, in Psycho, weird. I think homeboy is looking for his sister....just sayin'.