Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shapes, Sizes, Colors, and Curves Set Free by Technology!

OK, let me start by saying that men may find naked women attractive and we very well may have "pretty parts"; however male parts aren't attractive! No! No, I'm not into women. I have never been with a woman, but I know we have attractive bodies. :)I have seen my far share of attractive men but lets face it, naked men aren't "main attractions".
Us women don't gather to gaze upon and throw money at men. There aren't naked men at every street corner in strip clubs either. Now don't get me wrong we do enjoy a little "strip tease" from men. Dressed up in "little outfits" gyrating around us with a bit of sexual innuendos; however that doesn't mean we want you to take off the "little outfit" and helicopter your manhood around us! Ewww! Although it is quite humorous it doesn't turn us on!
The site of a naked man isn't a turn on. Now in today's new dawn of technology men seem to think that sending a picture of their dick, is going to get them into our beds?! Really?! Especially a picture of their soft "not hard" but soft hanging manhood! Seriously!
OK, let me clarify a few things: touches, kisses and gestures of even small things are turn on's to women. Not, shall I repeat it! Not hanging or standing pictures of your dick! Yes, I said it, "your dick isn't sexy"!
Now I am a young educated sexual woman and I do thoroughly enjoy sex, the touch, taste, feel, and sensations of a throbbing hardened penis is almost all it takes to get me in the mood. However, looking at it in a picture does absolutely nothing for me!
I have seen all shapes, sizes, colors, and curves of penises and not one of them was a turn on. They weren't pretty, handsome, cute , sexy, nothing just an object in a picture. Now I know men think their "dick" is the grandest thing. I know it is the center of their little world, but it's not ours! Sending a picture of your dick isn't going to get us to sleep with you! No matter how impressed you are with your manhood I promise it's not so impressive to us!
Now on to more advanced technology! A video of you pleasing yourself with one hand and video taping with the other to catch the action and explosion in-which you reach your climax is quite impressive. The action flix and performance are a turn on in some form of my mind and thoughts. :)
Now this blog came about because on my recent birthday I posted on my networking sites that I wanted a sexy picture sent to me via cell phone and lo and behold I was sent all shapes, sizes, colors and curves, of soft hanging, hard standing dicks! I'm serious! Not even one of them was impressive, I do however now have a collection of penises on my computer. ha ha. Not one of them made me want to go masturbate though.
I suppose there is a different set of wiring in a woman's head, or at least in mine.

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  1. I just had an awful visual of a man "helicoptering" his manhood around my head and accidentally getting hit in the head. Ewww.