Friday, July 9, 2010

A Bit of Info on My Future Blog Posts

This blog is at times going to be RATED XXX. If you plan on judging me please just continue on your journey and find someone else to annoy, I haven't the time nor energy to waste upon you. :) On a happier note, I plan to being fairly blunt and completely honest on here because of course it is anonymous for that very purpose.

I enjoy being single, but not always alone. I enjoy men but not always being around them. I'm very opinionated and quite blunt, which some men find humorous and others find quite bizarre, either way that's how I am.

Since I am a grown single woman, I do date grown single men. I have on a couple of occasions dated younger men but not particularly my choice of dating material. I prefer older and more experienced men to fill my desires and fantasies. This is my first blogging experience so I suppose you could say I'm a virgin (at blogging). ha ha ha. So here I go on my blogging journey I hope you find it enjoyable and somewhat entertaining. I know not everyone will agree or even admit they have thought or would ever try things that I may write about, but that is entirely your choice to continue reading and entirely my choice to write about it. Please feel free to comment and or laugh about what I write about.

1 comment:

  1. Don't leave out the gory details on my account! Us old married women have to have something to daydream about!! ;)